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Chapter 18: That Night was just like a Battlefield Liu Wei pursed her lips, inhaled and exhaled a few times to calm her internal emotions. Liu Wei looked at her son and asked abruptly, “Xiao Li, how old are you?” Liu Xiao Li was stunned for a while and replied, “I am four, did you forget mother?” “no [in English], you are five already.” Liu Wei grabbed her son’s shoulders and explained in a serious tone, “From now on, whenever someone asks how old you are, you have to say you are five. Especially the uncle outside, if he asks how old you are in the future, you must say it this way.” “In the future?” Liu Xiao Li did not understand, “Dad, do we need to see this uncle in the future?” “I suppose so.” “Why?” “He wants us to help him with something.” “Can we choose not to help?” “No, we cannot.” “Why not?” Why not. Indeed, why not. Liu Wei explained while fuming with rage between her gritted teeth, “That is because your Uncle Fu is too meddlesome. He insists on giving your mother, me, an official rank. Not only he caused your mother to have to wear male clothes every day, but also shoulder the crime of deceiving the emperor. Besides that, now I have become a low-ranking official that anyone could order around. That person’s official rank is higher than me. I have no powers to refuse when he orders me to do things!” Liu Xiao Li face wrinkled bitterly. Liu Wei sucked in a breath deeply as she tries to organize her chaotic thoughts. She was unsure if she recognizes him correctly, and she does not know if the person outside recognizes her or not. But she has been looking at Xiao Li’s face every day. Comparing his facial features with the man outside, even though they are not identical, there are still some similarities. As of now, Xiao Li is still young, and his face is round with baby fats. They do not look alike at first glance but without a doubt, he would grow up to be more similar in another couple more years. Liu Wei felt vexed. To be honest, when she first transmigrated over to this world, she was struggling at the capital to survive in the Liu residence. With great difficulty, she managed to find an opportunity to escape from the Liu residence. Just as she hastened her escape in the night through walking down a small alley, she encountered the wretched man who was under the influence of an aphrodisiac and fainted at the roadside. Initially, she wanted to earn some money, hence she asked if the man needs a cure, and each cure costs two hundred taels. Her acupuncture skills were passed down by her grandfather, who was a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor before she transmigrated. Liu Wei was extremely confident. She stabbed a few acupuncture points with her needles to cure the man’s poison. Unexpectedly, it did not cure him. Instead, she got into trouble herself and ended up having a one-night stand. On the second day when she woke up, she quickly took a glance at the man’s face and took all the money he had on him. Only leaving twelve fragments of silvers for him and ran off immediately. Since she had money on her, it was easy to hire a carriage to escape. However, the real tragedy began after two months. And that was how Liu Xiao Li came into her stomach. Liu Wei has never expected that she would meet Xiao Li’s father in her lifetime. Mainly because they did not even know each other’s name when they met the first time. That night was just like a battlefield. He was under the strong influence of aphrodisiac and she could not resist him. After that, they were so tired that they did not even manage to talk. Even so that the only conversation they had was limited to her unilaterally shouting for him to be slower, and slower. But now, there is a high possibility that the man outside the door is Xiao Li’s father. Furthermore, in the next few periods, she needs to be in contact with him every day, morning and night. Liu Wei was very fretful. All she could do was to repeatedly remind her son, “Remember, I am your dad. You cannot say it wrongly. And you are five this year, that is your real age, not your nominal age. Your real age is five, understand?” Looking at how his mom was so serious, Liu Xiao Li could only nod his head obediently. Right at this moment, someone was knocking on the door. Liu Wei expression turned cold, “Who is it?” A female voice explained from the outside, “Sir Liu, it is your lowly servant.” Liu Wei breathed a sigh of relief, walked over and opened the door. Standing outside was Yamen’s female servant, she said, “Sir Liu, the lord has summoned you to the front hall. He said that you have to help him no matter what since you are leaving tomorrow to follow the lord from the capital.” Leaving tomorrow? The moment Liu Wei heard that, her face darkened. The voice of the female servant, who saw her mood changed immediately, became hesitant, “Sir, Sir Liu…… The lord also said that about Li Yong’s guilty plea……” “Alright, I will go over right now.” Liu Wei did not look pleased. She turned her head to her son and said, “Xiao Li, stay in the room and keep your luggage. And Zhen Zhu, when he comes back later, don’t let it go out anymore.” Liu Xiao Li was unsatisfied. He heard the name “Li Yong”, “Dad, are you going to the cell room? I want to go too, I want to go too.”

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