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Liu Wei’s lips curved into a smile, “I am training you. Working in this profession, if you are picky with what you eat after seeing a corpse, in the future, you really cannot eat anything.” Seeing how persistent his dad was, Liu XiaoLi pouted and nodded his head despite his reluctance. While they were discussing their breakfast, they heard a sudden burst of chaotic footsteps running towards them from a distance. “Chief, I see it, it’s in front! The body is just in front!” A male voice cried anxiously. Liu Wei massaged her temples unhappily, “Seems like we don’t have time for breakfast now.” Liu XiaoLi sighed a relief even though he does not show it on his face. Great! I don’t need to eat that anymore! Running from afar, was a group of angry villagers, each holding a wooden stick. When they saw the lake was filled with blood water and organs at the lakeside, they immediately linked the murder together with Liu Wei and Liu XiaoLi. “Who and why are you two here outside Li’s village residence. And what are these at the lake?” The one who spoke was a fifty-year-old man who had a dark beard and was standing in front of the group of villagers. Judging his behaviours, he was most likely the village chief. At this moment, a villager found the body in the bushes. He screamed in terror. “Xiao Juan, it is Xiao Juan! Chief, Xiao Juan is…… “ As the villager screamed, the other villagers combed the area, while some ran to investigate the bushes. But when they saw the horrifying state of the body, everyone could not help but covered their mouths and started to vomit. Even though the chief is considered one of the people who had high endurance, his expression blackened the moment he saw the body, which he was shocked too. Liu XiaoLi covered his nose and blurted to the village chief in disgust, “How is the coroner going to examine the body if you all vomit next to the body.” After Liu XiaoLi spoke, people turned and looked at them. One of the villagers shrieked, “Chief, these two are outsiders and we have never seen them before! They are not from the country, so Xiao Juan must have been killed by them!” “That’s right, it must be them! If it wasn’t them, then they must be the murderer’s accomplice!” “Chief, you must avenge for Xiao Juan!” The village chief hesitated and waved his hands, “Guards, capture them and send them to Yamen!” As soon as he ordered, two muscular men came up to capture Liu Wei and Liu XiaoLi. Liu Wei’s expression remained calm. She slightly turned to her side, facing the black bird on her shoulder and called, “ZhenZhu.” The bird, ZhenZhu, immediately spread its huge wings and flew when it received her owner’s command. It rushed and clawed the face of the nearest villager that was standing close to them. Within a few seconds, the villager was bloody with claw marks all over his face. “Ah…… It hurts, it hurts…… My eyes……” The villager fell to the floor, rolling in pain. ZhenZhu turned and rushed towards another villager. But the villager was too agile, avoided ZhenZhu’s attack and ran off. Watching how fast the man was running, ZhenZhu cawed and stopped giving a chase. Instead, it obediently flew onto its owner’s shoulder, giving its owner an intimate rub under her ears. Liu Wei raised her index finger and rubbed ZhenZhu’s head. She plainly warned the chaotic group of villagers, “Just use your mouth if we are going to the Yamen. If you are using violence, don’t blame my ZhenZhu for being unhappy.” A villager who had a pair of sharp eyes looked at ZhenZhu and shouted, “Chief, that bird, that bird is a dark star!” The eyes of the chief changed and spoke in a frightened tone, “The bird that signifies disaster and eats corpses?” Liu Wei long knew that crows in this reign were known to be bad luck. After that planned car accident that transmigrated her six years ago, she woke up and arrived here at Qing Yun dynasty. Surprisingly, her pet, ZhenZhu, also transmigrated together with her. In the present, crows are considered a bird species. They love eating rotted meat and are known to be scavengers. In fact, in the Qing Ming historical era, crows were even considered as a lucky bird that only the royalties could raise. However, Qing Yun dynasty does not have this history and crows are considered as a bad omen. It is even considered as a kind of disaster bird which should be burnt the moment it was seen. Despite so, Liu Wei continued to raise ZhenZhu. In the past, ZhenZhu was only just her pet. Now that she transmigrated to this world, ZhenZhu is her family, as important as her son, Liu XiaoLi, in her heart. Noticing the fears and killing intents in the villagers’ eyes, Liu Wei closed her eyes and whispered to ZhenZhu, “Go and play for a while.” The black crow understood, spread its wings and flew away swiftly. Looking at the villagers whose eyes were still on ZhenZhu, Liu Wei spoke, “Aren’t we going to the Yamen?” The villager recollected their thoughts. To them, the calamity bird is a small matter. Anyway, they would frequently see these crows and burn them, but murdering a person is a big crime. After an hour, Fu Ping state’s court was opened for trials. “Peng!” With a resounding piece of wood, the magistrate in the main hall loudly shouted, “Who’s there, report your name.”

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