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However, Liu Wei showed no reaction. She continued walking towards the big guy. “You think I like a little official?” “Maybe.” The man replied. His hands approached to touch Liu Wei’s face. But before his fingers touched Liu Wei’s collar, his wrist has been locked by her grasp! The burly man wrinkled his brows, he struggled to escape from her grasps but to no avail. This pretty boy looks so young with such a small built. Yet he has such enormous strength! The big guy struggled with great effort. He raised his other hand, trying to catch Liu Wei’s hands. Liu Wei easily avoided. She pulled his hands and tossed him away firmly. Unable to stop in time, he had his face landed onto the wall thrown by Liu Wei. The man’s five features stuck onto the wall. A stream of fresh blood immediately flowed out of his two nostrils. “What the F*k!” The big guy wiped his nose. Rage filled him and he dashed to punch Liu Wei. Liu Wei effortlessly avoided his attack. She agilely scuttled to his back, grabbed a tuft of his hair and pulled him behind. She flung his head to smash another block of wall. Only hearing a loud bang, the burly man felt his skull shook. His head stopped momentarily. Liu Wei took her chance and kicked his lower body. The tip of her shoes hit his jaws. The man’s head fell to his back, thoroughly paralysed on the ground. His whole body hurts so much that he could not even crawl up. Within a few minutes, the whole prison became abnormally silent. Liu Wei looked at the figure of the bulky man lying on the ground. She smirked with disgust, walked to his sides and looked down at him, “Just now, what did you say I looked like?” The man swallowed his saliva and remained silent. “In the future, remember not to utter nonsense. If I were to kick you in another position just now, you can forget about getting a wife in the next half of your lifetime.” Just as she said that her eyes narrowed to the man’s crotch. The bulky man subconsciously covered his little brother as fear seeped out of his facial expression. Watching how the man is, Liu Wei became disinterested. She stepped out of the cell, clicked her tongue and proceeded to go deeper into the prison. This time, both sides of the cells did not dare to make a racket. Looking at how calm and carefree she is, Rong Leng thought of how she managed the situation nimbly in succession. His curiosity increased, “Is that how you discipline whoever was disrespectful, to you, in the past?” Liu Wei replied without looking at him, “Today is an exception.” “Why is it an exception today?” “That is because I feel unhappy today.” Just as she finished, she turned her gaze towards him, “Does the Prince know who made me unhappy?” Rong Leng smirked, “Because of me?” “What does the Prince think?” Liu Wei raised her brows as she gritted her teeth. The man instead closed his eyes, “Since it is our first meeting, I did not know that I hold such importance in Sir’s heart that could manipulate his feelings and thoughts.” The corners of Liu Wei’s lips twitched. This person is shameless. That’s obviously not what she meant! However, Liu Wei was too lazy to explain. She simply just walked two steps faster, distancing herself away from the man. Within a few moments, they have reached Li Yong’s cell. Separated from the fences, Liu Wei saw how that tall burly man curled up and shrank himself in pile of a haystack at the corner. He looked fearful, his body trembled and his face full of dirt. Yet, his pair of eyes looked so innocent. Split personality is a kind of mental disorder. Till now, Liu Wei feels this is the most heart-wrenching disorder. That is because the patient did not even know who they are, and what they did. Li Yong did not know that he murdered someone. He is just an innocent fool who would not speak out about the grievances he had. Even if someone scolded him or hit him, he would not speak out. And because of such grievances and stress he suffered, he longed for someone to help and save him, which is why the other personality was born. Whenever the fool suffered or was grieved, the other personality would come out to take revenge for him, to protect him. Hence, punishing those who insulted the fool. However, it is because of the actions of the other personality that caused the death of the fool. The cell door opened, and Liu Wei walked in. Just as she took a step into the cell, her wrists were grabbed by someone. She turned back and met with Rong Leng’s dark pupils.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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