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“I’ll enter first.” Rong Leng pulled her, allowing him to walk into the cell first. Liu Wei followed behind without any comments. Seeing that so many people had entered the cell, Li Yong became more frightened. He curled up himself warily as if to squeeze himself deeper into the cranny of the wall. “Don’t be afraid.” Liu Wei squatted. She turned to Li Yong with a gentle smile, “Li Yong, do you remember me?” Li Yong’s eyes flickered and replied pouting, “Yes, I remember you… You scolded me……” “Yes, I did scold you. But all I did was to scold you, yet, you wanted to beat me up, and even kill me.” She explained gently. Li Yong anxiously shook his head and stammered, “No, that’s impossible… My dad said it is not good to fight. I, I do not fight.” “You never did fight before?” “No, no fighting.” “What if someone hits you?” “No fighting.” “What if someone wants to kill you?” “No fighting.” The magistrate whispered from the back, “That is how he is from yesterday till now. We have already interrogated him for two days, but he insists on not guilty. Keeps saying that he is a good boy, always listen to instructions and never fights nor murder anyone.” Liu Wei nods and sighed. She raised her hands towards Li Yong’s head. The moment her hands met Li Yong’s hair, a burning line of vision landed on the back of her hands. Liu Wei turned back and noticed Rong Leng glaring coldly at her with his pitched-black pupils. “Is there something wrong Prince?” Rong Leng replied with a heavy stare, “What are you doing?” “Stroking his head to comfort him.” “No touching between man and woman.” Liu Wei's face darkened. And the magistrate at the back suddenly coughed. “I am a man!” Liu Wei gritted her teeth in silent fury. “Maybe he is a female.” Rong Leng remained expressionless. Liu Wei, “……” Lazy to be bothered by him, Liu Wei placed her hands on Li Yong’s head. She does not mind that Li Yong is dirty. After stroking him twice and seeing that he had relaxed, she explained, “Li Yong, you are sick. Is it alright if I help you to cure your illness?” Li Yong looked at her in a complete loss. He stunned for a moment and eventually, he nodded. Liu Wei took a set of silver needles out from her stash and pierced the needle into Li Yong’s Bai Hui acupressure point. Seeing the needlepoint aimed at himself, Li Yong was trembling with fear. His whole body stiffened. However, he did not resist nor cause a ruckus. When the needle pierced into his flesh, Li Yong did not feel any pain. He opened his eyes in amazement, “Not, Not pain.” Observing his reaction, Liu Wei understood that he had been pierced by needles before. However, those only gave him pain. Li Yong most likely has been through many tortures. Liu Wei continued to pierce several needles onto Li Yong’s body. She raised her finger right in front of Li Yong and softly spoke, “Li Yong, look at my finger. Can you see it is moving? Follow it with your eyes.” Li Yong foolishly stared at the slender finger, his pupils followed it to sway left and right. Within a minute, Liu Wei asked, “How are you feeling now?” Li Yong’s eyelids were slightly drooping, “I feel tired…” “Just sleep if you are tired. Close your eyes and empty your mind. It is pitched-black right in front of you. Keep walking forward in the dark. You have walked a long long time. You finally see a flower plain. The flowered plain is very pretty. You love it a lot. You sit on the plains and laid down. You can smell the flowers and feel the sun. At this time, you saw a dog running over. This dog likes you a lot. You carried it up and played with it……” Li Yong fell asleep in a daze as if the flower plain and dog were right in front of him. He foolishly smiled and laugh naively. Liu Wei continued, “The sun is very warm, and the dog is tired too. You carried the dog and accompanied it to sleep. You closed your eyes and obediently laid on the flower plains……” On Li Yong face, showed that he was fast asleep. His breathing becomes evener. The magistrate was anxious, “Sir Liu, this……” “Shhh.” Liu Wei hushed, “Wait awhile.” The magistrate could only shut up. He had no idea what Sir Liu is trying to do. After a few breaths, the Li Yong who was in deep sleep opened his eyes violently. But this time, his eyes were concealed with murderous intent, no longer the gently gaze filled naivety. Rong Leng immediately pulled Liu Wei behind him, using his body as her shield. Li Yong eyes seeped through ominous glint, he howled, “What have you done to me!” Liu Wei walked out from Rong Leng’s back, “Do you mean to ask why you cannot move? That’s easy, I have sealed seven main and sixteen small acupressure points. It would be weird if you can move a single finger.” Li Yong bellowed with rage, “Release me! You Sl*t, Release me!” Liu Wei smiled coldly. A tight slap landed on his face and blood was flowing from the corner of his lips. The murderous intents from Li Yong’s eyes deepened as if he has gone mad. Liu Wei smirked, “From now on, Li Yong the fool no longer exists. There is only Li Yong the serial killer! You have murdered so many people, you should pay the consequences for that.” Li Yong stunned for a moment. He closed his eyes as if he was looking for something. The next time he opened his eyes, it was as if he was a mad man, “What have you done to him? Where is he? What did you do to him?” “He is in a very quiet place sleeping for eternity. You cannot find him, and he would not need to experience the hardship in prison. He no longer needs to fear the lingering moments of death. All these are not what he should bear, you can slowly experience it yourself.” Liu Wei explained, and looked at the magistrate, “Your honour, he has confessed to his sins.” The magistrate was so amazed that he was speechless, “Sir Liu, you… what did you do? How… how did he……” Liu Wei explained easily, “Hypnotized first personality and waking the second personality. It is very easy.” After saying what she needed, she walked out of the prison directly. Rong Leng’s gazes were locked onto the back of her figure. This woman has given him tons of surprises. At that thought, Rong Leng too followed behind. The magistrate did not dare to be alone with a murderer. He ordered the jailer to supervise Li Yong and hurriedly left. Liu Wei walked out of prison. The sun was blazing outside. In comparison to the dark and humid prison, it is like two different worlds. Just as Liu Wei walked two steps to begin her way back to her room, she felt a burning gaze on her. It is irritating her. “Do you need anything else, Prince?” She could no longer tolerate and turned to glare at him. Rong Leng walked to the front, “Nothing.” Liu Wei took a deep breath, “If there is nothing then stop staring at me, Prince. I am not gay.” “I am not either.” “Is it?” “Yes.” He continued, “I am only interested in females. It is alright even if she has small breasts.” He peered down at Liu Wei’s chest without any shame. Liu Wei’s internal anger immediately increased. Rong Leng asked, “Is it fun to cross-dress?” Liu Wei simply did not want to talk to him. She flung her sleeves and walked off. Rong Leng teased, “Are you using chest binder, or are your breasts naturally small? If I remember correctly, they were much bigger previously.”

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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