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Rong Leng nodded firmly, “I mentioned.” “Then what is Sir’s opinion?” Rong Leng took a glance at Liu Wei, “As the case in the capital is rather tricky, he has yet to agree.” “I agree!” Liu Wei blurted out. She immediately bowed with sincerity, “Replying to the Emperor, your humble official has agreed. The general has already explained the case in the capital to me. According to my understanding, it is rather tricky. But since it is Your Majesty’s order, your humble official is definitely willing.” The old man laughed and nodded, “Since the Sir has no objections, then you shall depart tomorrow in the morning. Is that a problem?” “No, of course not.” “Good. Then finish eating first. Afterwards, Ah-Leng will send Sir back to the Ya Men.” Rong Leng nodded and sat on the seat next to Liu Wei. Instead, Liu Wei replied stiffly, “No need to trouble the General. Your humble official has already finished eating. Why not I go back first? Since I have to organize my baggage to avoid delaying tomorrow’s schedule.” The old man agreed amiably, “Then you go ahead.” Liu Wei took her son and walked off swiftly. She let out a deep breath the moment she stepped out of the restaurant. Her heart was still thumping. Not only did she meet Xiao Li’s father, but also met the Emperor. This Fu Ping county is simply a disastrous land. Once she leaves this place, she would never ever come back again. Liu Xiao Li was confused about what he heard in the private room. He tugged his mother’s sleeves, “Dad, just now that Grandpa……” “Shh.” She covered the little child’s mouth. Liu Wei warned, “Don’t call him Grandpa, you have to call him Master.” Liu Xiao Li was confused. Liu Wei sighed and stroked her son’s hair, “Anyways, our luck is unfavourable. Let’s talk after we return.” Liu Wei began packing her belongings when she returns. …… In the early morning the next day, a female servant came to knock on the door. “Sir Liu, Sir……” After two calls, the door opened. The blushing servant saw the neatly dressed gentleman and respectfully informed, “Sir, the carriage has been prepared. The advisor has ordered the servant to check if you have done packing.” “Yes, I am ready.” Liu Wei explained. As Xiao Li was still fast asleep on the bed. She carried him up to her embrace. Liu Xiao Li uncomfortably blinked, making angry moans because of his sleep had been disrupted. Liu Wei comforted her son gently, coaxing, “Be good. Sleep on dad's shoulders.” Recognising the scent of his mother, Liu Xiao Li grumbled and buried his head into his mother’s chest. Within a few moments, he was fast asleep. Liu Wei carried her son while the walked out. The female servant helped to carry their baggage on the table and followed behind. When they reached the entrance of the Ya Men, the carriage was indeed prepared. With a glance, Liu Wei also noticed Rong Leng, who was wearing a purple robe, standing next to the carriage and talking to the magistrate. The man turned his gaze on her when he sees her. Liu Wei slowly walked towards the carriage, unafraid of his burning vision. “Since we need to hurry, we have to leave early. I hope you had a good rest?” Liu Wei smiled insincerely, “You have exaggerated.” “If you are still tired, you can sleep inside the carriage later.” Rong Leng gently said. Liu Wei cannot be bothered with him. She carried her son and got into the carriage, not forgetting to let down the carriage curtain the second she got in. The magistrate looked nervously, he asked carefully, “Prince, Sir Liu……” “People who are hot-tempered always had true capabilities.” The magistrate could only nod in reply. He thought, how can this just be hot-tempered. It obviously is super hot-tempered! In this decade, where can you find an eight-pin official not giving one-pin official respect? However, this one-pin official didn’t seem to mind that he had his dignity stepped on. Hence, as the saying goes, it takes both hands to clap. The carriage left before the time of Chen (7 am-9 am). Liu Wei carried her son and sat in the carriage while Rong Leng rode on the horse and followed outside. Liu Xiao Li only woke up after they left the Fu Ping county. Noticing that he was moving, he tiredly rubbed his eyes, “Dad, where are we going?” “The Capital.” Liu Wei replied casually, and asked, “Do you still remember what dad said to you yesterday?” “Ah?” Liu Xiao Li stunned and did not manage to react. “Your age.” “Oh, I remember. Xiao Li is five years old. Born in the Qian Ling twenty-eighth year.” The little boy wittily answered. Liu Wei breathed a sigh of relief. She stroked his head and said, “Want to sleep longer?” “Mhm.” The small boy softly replied and shrank back to his mother’s embrace. The carriage continued until it stopped for a while at the outskirts. Liu Wei was suspicious. She lifted the curtains to check and noticed that Eunuch Qi, who was riding a black horse, stopped in front of Rong Leng and were conversing. After they talked for a while, they turned and looked at the carriage at the same time. Liu Wei immediately released the curtains. She got a bad premonition. Sure enough, not long later, the curtains were lifted by Rong Leng. He stood outside for a long time. “Yes?” Liu Wei vigilantly asked. Rong Leng did not reply. He simply came into the carriage and sat down nimbly. Liu Wei glared, “I thought the general could simply ride the horse!” The man sat next to the window and coldly replied, “The mountain bandits outside the outskirts are rampant. It is better to stay low-profile.” Liu Wei subconsciously hugged her son tighter. Xiao Li squirmed uncomfortably and she immediately relaxed. Her eyes, however, stared at Rong Leng, not daring to relax. The carriage continued the journey. Liu Wei looked out of the windows to see that Eunuch Qi was no longer around. She assumed that Eunuch Qi and Emperor is travelling separately as the Prince. It is better this way. If the Emperor travelled together with them, she would be so nervous to death. As there was a saying, being close to the sovereign is as perilous as living with a tiger. In this decade, which the imperial power in the world, one single mistake could cost them their lives. She dares not to joke around and sacrifice her son’s and her life. Once the carriage left the outskirts, the speed increased rapidly. Even though Liu Xiao Li was in his mother’s embrace, he eventually woke up because of the vigorous shaking of the carriage. When Liu Xiao Li woke up, he immediately met the eyes of the handsome man. He hesitated for a moment, blushed and tugged onto his mother’s sleeves. “What’s wrong?” Liu Wei peered down and asked. Liu Xiao Li stole a glance at Rong Leng and softly replied, “I want to get down from the carriage.” “You cannot get down now. Is it uncomfortable to sit on the carriage? Dad can carry you.” “No……” The boy awkwardly pouted his cheeks. He continued to insist, “I want to get down.” Liu Wei frowned. Her son hasn’t always been so insensible. Seeing how his mom did not agree, his face reddened. His eyes became more anxious, “Dad, I want to get down. Let me get down. I want to get down please……” “Xiao Li, don’t be willful!” Liu Wei warned lowly. Liu Xiao Li eyes reddened instead. As he blinked his eyes, tears started to drip down his cheeks. Liu Wei started to worry. What exactly was wrong, son? “I will bring him down.” The ice-faced Rong Leng who was sitting aside suddenly said. Liu Wei unhappily looked at him. Liu Xiao Li, too, immediately sunk deeper into his mom’s embrace. Making it even more obvious that he equally disliked this uncle, just like his mother. Even so, Rong Leng ignored the pair’s attitude towards him. He ordered the coachman to stop and extended his palms to Xiao Li, “Come, uncle will bring you to relieve yourself.” Liu Xiao Li’s face was completely flushed. He pressed his lower belly with both of his hands, holding his bladder as if it was going to leak. Rong Leng simply reached out to carry the child. Liu Xiao Li was somewhat unaccustomed. It was only then Liu Wei understood, she hugged her son tightly, “So you wanted to relieve yourself?” The boy’s ears were red in embarrassment. He nodded his head. “Why didn’t you tell dad?” The boy blinked his eyes and pouted his tiny mouth, not wanting to reply. Rong Leng explained, “Your son was probably shy since there is an outsider in the carriage.” Liu Wei flustered and raised her head. She shot a glance at Rong Leng. So, you do know that you are an outsider? Then why not you ride the horse. She thought.

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