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In the end, Liu Wei still carried her son herself down the carriage. The moment he got down; Liu Xiao Li immediately rushed into a bush. Seeing that all the adults are looking at him from the back, he uneasily ran further. When Xiao Li came back, the carriage continued its journey. However, Xiao Li’s attitude to Rong Leng has improved a lot. “Uncle, can I take a look at your sword?” The boy stared at the sword placed on Rong Leng’s side. His eyes flickered with excitement. Rong Leng nodded, “Sure, just be careful not to be hurt.” Liu Xiao Li crawled over with his hands and legs. He wants to carry the scabbard of the sword but no matter how he tried, he could not pick it up. Rong Leng’s eyes gleamed. He picked up the sword and handed it right in front of the boy. Liu Xiao Li held it in his embrace. However, it was too heavy. Within a moment he held it, the weight of the sword was pressing against his whole body. Rong Leng very quickly took away the sword. He told the boy, “This sword is too heavy for you. I will make a wooden sword for you tonight.” “Really?” The boy’s eyes glistened with happiness. Liu Wei was watching the whole scene the whole time. She unhappily called her son, “Come over, Xiao Li! Stop disturbing Uncle.” Liu Xiao Li obediently crawled next to his mother’s side. Rong Leng looked at the eccentric Liu Wei. Suddenly, he said, “I like your son very much.” Liu Wei was extremely sensitive and quickly retorted, “No matter how much you like him, he is still my son. You two have no relations.” Rong Leng sneered, “I will not snatch him away from you.” Liu Wei snorted at him and turned away from him. After a while, she turned back and fiercely replied, “You better remember what you just said!” Rong Leng remained calm, “He is your son. How do I snatch him from you without any legal relations? Unless he becomes my son in the future.” Liu Wei felt her heart thud. She swallowed her saliva and no longer continued the conversation with the Prince. Liu Xiao Li did not understand the complications between adults. All he knew was that after tonight, he would have his own wooden sword. At that thought, he felt extremely excited. At night, they stopped at an inn to rest. Rong Leng really ordered the waiter to retrieve a few pieces of wood. He then used his dagger to carve an entire set of sword, knife, and spear. Liu Xiao Li immediately ran to his room after he finished his dinner. Seeing how he carved out different weapons out of solid wood, Xiao Li's eyes glimmered in adoration. “Uncle, you are good at this!” The boy sincerely exclaimed. He had already long forgotten that he had disliked this man before. Rong Leng was flattered by his compliments. He quickly carved out another two odd-looking double-edged swords and passed it over to him. Liu Xiao Li hugged the little sword. His mouth pursed, “Uncle, what is this?” “Double-edged sword, both sides are blades.” Liu Xiao Li touched the left side, and then the right. He raised his head, “But it doesn’t prick my hands.” “We will change it into real blades when you know how to use it.” Liu Xiao Li nodded. He took the double-edged sword and inserted it into his belt; Striding forward and the back of the room just like how he learnt it in the plays. Liu Wei went to find the waiter for some boiling water. But when she came back, she saw her son and the “outsider” become so chummy as if like a family! Being a mother, she immediately frowned, “Xiao Li, how many times have I said not to disturb uncle, return to your room now.” Liu Xiao Li took out his sword and showed it off to his mother, flaunting with a sword dance, “Look at my sword, Dad! Uncle made it for me.” “Return it to uncle!” Liu Xiao Li stunned, he pouted, almost going to cry. Rong Leng raised his head, his eyes were cold, “I gave it to him.” As he said, Rong Leng stroked the boy’s head, “Take it back to the room. I will send the best to you when I finish them.” Liu Xiao Li sucked his nose. He looked at his mother, and then at the uncle, unsure who he should listen to. Liu Wei let out a gasp of air. She knew that she was too strict. She calmly said, “Listen to me, go back to the room.” Liu Xiao Li immediately smiled. He hugged his sword and happily squirmed from his mother’s side and ran back to his room. Just as she wanted to leave after her son left, the man behind faintly said, “Don’t be so fierce to your son.” Liu Wei snorted. She turned back and emphasized, “He is my son!” Rong Leng, “Yea?” Liu Wei, “I know how to discipline my own son. No need to trouble your honour.” Rong Leng, “Oh.” Liu Wei, “……” This feels like I am punching a bag of cotton…… Liu Wei sincerely felt that talking too much to this man will damage the gastric. Because right now, her gastric is in pain. After returning to the room, Liu Xiao Li had already buried himself into the bed. She saw him concealing the two swords into his chest. Liu Wei raised her brows, “Take it out.” Liu Xiao Li did not obey, he hugged it even tighter. “Do you want dad or the swords?” Liu Xiao Li was in a dilemma. He wants mom and the sword. He is just a four-year-old kid and did not understand why he must make such a decision. He looked at his mom and looked at the sword. In the end, tears rolled down his cheeks as he handed over the swords trembling. “I want dad.” He muttered faintly. When Liu Wei heard him, she felt her heart aching. She knew that she should not deprive him of the new toy that he had gotten. However, the thought that the swords were made by his biological father made her want to throw these toys as far as possible. She sighed and placed the sword on the bedside. She went up the bed and cuddled her son, “Since you like it so much, why not dad make you one?” “Mhm.” The boy stuffily nodded. Liu Wei stroked his hair, “The ones I make are comparable to the uncle. Tell me what else you want; I will make it too. Do you want a scalpel? Didn’t you say you wanted one? Why not dad get someone to make one for you?” Liu Xiao Li did not reply, he buried himself in her clothes. “Why are you not talking? Do you not want them?” The boy still did not respond. “Xiao Li?” She lifted her son’s face. Only then Liu Wei saw that his face was full of tears. “What’s wrong? You don’t like it? Then what do you like? Tell me.” The boy grabbed tightly on his mother’s jacket. He softly said, “I want the sword.” Liu Wei frowned, “Why do you insist on having the sword, you didn’t like them in the past.” The boy did not respond, but the tears continued to roll down from his cheeks. Liu Wei became soft-hearted, “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll give them to you.” As she said, she took the two swords and squeezed into his embrace. Liu Xiao Li stopped crying the moment he hugged the swords. After sniffing and sobbing a while, he continued, “I… After I learn sword arts, I will be able to protect dad.” Liu Wei initially was slightly pissed. But after hearing that, she was stunned and remained silent for a while. She stroked her son’s hair and replied gently, “You are so young, how are you going to protect dad? Even on longer journeys, you would always want me to carry you.” Liu Xiao Li rebutted unsatisfactorily, “I… I can walk by myself……” He hesitated, “I will walk by myself next time.” “That’s what you said? Next time, you cannot complain about being exhausted. No matter how far it is, you would have to walk by yourself.” The boy struggled. He felt that once he agreed, he would lose a huge privilege. However, looking at his mom’s narrowed eyes, he clenched his teeth and nodded, “Mhm!” Liu Wei smiled and teased his nose, “Then dad shall wait and see.” “Mhm……” His reply this time no longer had the confidence he had. Next to the room, Rong Leng was lying on the bed with his clothes. He had overheard the whole conversation between the pair of mother and son. The edge of his mouth slightly lifted. To be honest, he felt that the name ‘Rong Xiao Li’ sounds much better than ‘Liu Xiao Li’.

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