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“Observe more and you will get used to it. Cutting open the chest and brain is the most basic step to inspect the corpse. The only way to return justice to the dead is to properly dissect and analyse the body, not leaving out any evidence. This way, the knife in the hands of the coroner would not be wasted.” Rong Leng moved away from his sight and looked at the side of Liu Wei’s face. Under the dimmed candlelight, Liu Wei’s five features were delicate. Her silhouette swayed and her forehead looked especially peaceful and soft. This kind of woman that should be staying at home to be pampered and loved. Instead, she uses such an eccentric coroner’s knife to cut apart dead bodies, something that even men would be disgusted to do. Yet, she still finds joy in this. Rong Leng lifted his brows. What is this woman thinking? Or maybe, is she forced to do this? He first saw her was at the outskirts of the capital. This time was at Qu Jiang. One south and one north separated by a majestic big river. This made him doubt, who is this woman? Where is she from? Does she have any family? To go as far as to work under the imperial household and receive an official position in the court. Does she have no fear that once she is accused of the crime of deceiving the emperor for crossdressing a man, all it awaits her is her execution! Rong Leng slightly shut his eyes. This woman has too many secrets. He wants to uncover them but as of now, he does not want to alarm her. Or maybe, just being like this would be better. Both do not intrude each other too deeply; he just needs to secretly observe and make decisions along the way. And while he was thinking about all that stuff, Liu Wei had already lifted open the skull of the dead, revealing the structure of the insides. The human brain is the most mysterious organ inside a human. How a person thinks, acts and feels comes from this organ. The ancient times do not have X-ray to photograph the brain area. Hence, Liu Wei could only carefully avoid the brain juice, blood vessels and blood to check the other areas. “The frontal and temporal lobes are atrophied. The surrounding areas have traces of chewing……” Liu Wei said as she became more distracted. Rong Leng frowned instead. He still did not get what central nervous system is, and now there are two new vocabularies that he does not understand. As if Liu Wei knew his questions, she seriously explained, “The frontal and temporal lobes mainly control a person’s thinking, memory, feelings and judgement. Normally, ordinary people would have normal-sized lobes. However, abnormal people, which are also commonly referred to as people suffering from mental illness, will have smaller lobes than ordinary people. However, this person’s frontal and temporal lobe not only degenerated, but its surrounding areas have evidence of chewing. In between the crevices of blood vessels, there are small granules. This is as if someone has placed a small worm into their brains, allowing the worm to rampage in their brain. But something is weird. Other than the frontal and temporal lobes, the other areas of the brain have no damages. If so, how do these worms determine the location of their ravages?” As Liu Wei explained, she quickly opened the other skull of the corpse. This time wound, she found a dead worm sized like an adult fingernail around the pineal gland. “This is it!” Rong Leng leaned in closer to look, other than smelling the human brain juice, he could see a black caterpillar. “What is this?” “I do not know; I need to bring it back to examine. This worm is already dead. I do not know if I can research something out of this. But one thing for sure is that this is the culprit for making these people crazy and dead.” Rong Leng expression turned grave. Liu Wei placed the worm properly, raised her head and looked at him, “You are right Prince. Someone is indeed targeting Zhen Ge. I suggest you not to let your subordinates sacrifice unnecessarily. The best thing to do is to call them back to assemble.” “What do you mean?” Rong Leng did not understand. Liu Wei pointed at the corpses’ brain, “The sizes of the chewing wounds are both big and small. I suspect that the worm only ate a small area. Once they become bigger, they then cruelly destroy the victim’s consciousness. This kind of worm has an incubation period. Very likely, the rest of the people had also been targeted by this thing. I need to undergo a checkup for them, if not, within a few days, they would become insane and die.” Men with power always disliked this kind of passiveness and restrictions. “Tomorrow.” Rong Leng said solemnly, “Tomorrow morning I will bring them to you.” Liu Wei nodded, “These three men aided us in finding the truth. They are your men. You must not want to see them in such a sorry state. I will sew them up. Do you want to continue to stay here?” The man replied softly with an “Mhm” in agreement, he had his thoughts wandering somewhere else. Liu Wei could not be bothered with him. She threaded the needle, placed the internal organs back into their abdomen, then sewed up their belly. The sharp and fine needle poke through the skin and flesh, letting out a soft ‘pu chi’ sound. Rong Leng’s train of thought got disrupted. He raised his eyes and saw Liu Wei had finished sewing up the abdomen of the three bodies. Now, she is sewing the skull. Because the corpses’ brain juices oxidized, a large volume of starch water mixed with blood water dripped all over the place. Liu Wei’s gloves no longer serve its purpose. In the end, she removed her gloves and continued to sew the skull with her bare hands. Those white slender fingers were beautiful. The naturally white hands were drenched in brain juices, red and white. By contrast, it looked eerily frightening but at the same time, it looked somewhat graceful. Rong Leng thoughtlessly entranced at that sight. Only after Liu Wei sewed finished the men and covered them with the white cloth, Rong Leng then moved away from his eyes. However, Liu Wei did not even notice his gazes, she already packed her things and walked out of Yi Zhuang. Rong Leng followed behind. After the two of them left, they saw the coachman guarding the carriage and waiting for them outside. The coachman is Rong Leng’s subordinate. Rong Leng did not mention but Liu Wei could see that he is a martial artist, so it should be Rong Leng’s subordinate. Lifting the carriage’s curtains, Liu Wei could see that Xiao Li was hugging a quilt in deep sleep. His body was small, so he could stretch his legs and sleep comfortably. Liu Wei’s body had a bad smell. Seeing her son sleeping comfortably, she released the curtains and did not go in. She asked Rong Leng, “Are we entering the city now?” She looked at the sky, it is completely dark right now. Unsure whether the city gates are still open. He remained silent and got onto the back of the horse. Leaning back, offering Liu Wei his big hands. Liu Wei raised her brows, “What do you want?” Rong Leng explained, “Unless you want to walk?” Liu Wei pursed her lips; she did not want the smell of corpses from her body to wake her child. But that tiny shaft does not seem to be able to hold the weight of the coachman and her. Finally, even though she was not willing, she still took Rong Leng's hands and got pulled up onto the back of the horse. Her body leapt and she softly landed behind the man’s back, not the front. The space on the horse was limited, Liu Wei’s body could not help but lean close to him. However, she leaned too closely, and could even smell the faint grass scent on his body. She immediately felt very uneasy. “Speaking of which, isn’t it weird to see two men sitting on a horse.” She touched her nose awkwardly as she mentioned. Rong Leng did not reply, evidently already immune to her ways of deceiving herself. Liu Wei instead became even more awkward, “Forget it. I’ll return to the carriage. My son wouldn’t be disgusted with me.” Without letting Liu Wei finish, Rong Leng had already grabbed her hands, placing her white and tender hands around his well-built waist and tightly secured it. Being forced to hug him, her cheeks were tightly stuck onto his back. The scent of the man once again surrounded her, firmly occupying her breath with the scent. “What are you doing?” Her tone was not good. The man slightly loosened her grip, not forgetting to remind her, “It is bumpy on horseback, hug my waist.” Liu Wei sucked a breath of air. No matter how bumpy there is no need to hug so tightly right!

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