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At this moment, Rong Leng’s face had turned black. After Liu Wei arranged neatly her equipment on the table, she raised her head and saw that no one was moving. She frowned, “Do you all need me to help to take off your pants?” The four men instantly felt oppressed. No one replied. Instead, Rong Leng replied without any warmness or coldness, “I called them back to do proper business and not for sir’s personal needs.” Liu Wei slanted her head and replied to the man who had thorns in his words, “What do you mean?” Rong Leng walked two steps forward and stood right in front of the petite woman. The man’s height brought an oppressive aura to the woman. He lowered his head and whispered next to her ear with a voice only she could hear, “If you want to look at a man’s body, I can show you after this.” Liu Wei was shocked. Then, she realized that he was teasing her. Immediately, she unwillingly said, “What do you mean? I am also a man, what can I do with them?” Rong Leng sneered. Liu Wei gritted her teeth, “General Rong, Third Prince, is there something wrong with you?” “Yes, can you help to cure me?” The man twitched his eyelids. His voice was neither strong nor weak, but it was extremely cold. Liu Wei, “……” I have never met such an irritable man before! In the end, the four bodyguards’ pants were safe on themselves. To be honest, Liu Wei didn’t need them to be naked. She just wanted to inspect and make sure that she did not miss any spot. But since men of this period see greater importance in their chastity than a woman like her, then she could not force them to do it. The four men were orderly seated. Among the four men, she chose one of them that looks slightly skinnier. She took her surgical knife and stood beside him. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” She said. She lifted the man’s eyelids and asked, “Can you see clearly? Are there times when things are unclear?” “No.” The man honestly replied. Liu Wei opened his mouth and checked his tongue, “How about your mouth and teeth, always good?” “Yes.” “Did you have any headaches before? The kind of involuntary pain that occurs suddenly but after a while it’s gone?” The man gave a thought and shook his head, “No.” Nothing abnormal. Looks like either the worm has not been implanted into the brain. Or the implantation period is still too short, hence there are no symptoms yet. Liu Wei continued to ask a barrage of different questions. For example, if they had gone to any specific places, or did they come into contact with the three bodies yesterday. In the end, she collected all the information about their journeys starting ten days prior; Like where they went, what they ate. Nothing abnormal from their answers. At the side, Liu Xiao Li was obediently passing various items to his mother. His small body was busily walking here and there. While the four men replied to Liu Wei’s questions with much concentration, their concentration continuously disrupted by the small figure walking here and there. They felt that their sight became blurry and their concentration gradually decreased. Liu Wei noticed that. She purposely lengthened the duration of the examination and repeatedly asked the same questions. Initially, the four men could maintain their keep. Slowly, their answers became hazier. Within thirty minutes, the four men were confused. Many of their answers did not link, and even contradict. Just as the four men became more dazzled, Liu Wei calmly said, “Alright.” The four men immediately regained their concentration. Everyone looked at her. Liu Wei had understood the general situation of the problem. She stroked her son’s head and told him he did not need to walk back and forth anymore. She turned to Rong Leng and said, “I want to open their brain.” Rong Leng’s eyes turned cold, his expression solemnly looked at her, “Theirs?” “Yes.” “Alive?” “Yes.” Liu Wei knew what he was thinking and explained, “Their body has no problems and has no signs of something injected into their body. So, if the worm had entered their body, most likely is through their five sense organs. I need to open their brain to check if their brain has any worms. What we found yesterday was dead. A live worm offers more research opportunities.” As she finishes, she added, “Opening their brain won’t kill them.” Rong Leng remained silent, but his brows were tightly knitted. After quite a while, he said, “You are a coroner, not a doctor.” Furthermore, no one has ever heard a doctor know how to open a live person’s brain. Liu Wei was slightly pissed, “My medical skills and coroner skills are on par with each other, both are professional standard.” “They all have their families, wives and children. Not solitary.” He pointed to the four bodyguards as he inwardly reminds her that her mistake could ruin a family or families. Liu Wei was slightly angry. In the modern era, her family has generations of doctors. Even her parents were medical professors. Her paternal grandfather was a world-renowned Chinese medical practitioner. Her maternal grandfather was a surgeon known for his godly surgical capabilities. Since she was young, she had a natural talent as a surgeon. Hence, both of her grandfathers had multiple disputes endlessly. In the end, to appease both sides, she had no choice but to choose the forensic doctor profession, which she found interest in after pursuing the studies. Even so, her grandfathers were unwilling to give up. They would instigate her to change her career path. In the end, she could only learn both western and eastern medicines from her grandfather while keeping mum from another. During her free time, she would pursue forensic studies. She could use all three medical skills interchangeably. Even though she had suffered other people's doubts when she wandered around the world, she could always prove them otherwise with her professional knowledge. But in the ancient era, these are like obstacles on her path, blocking her way! The people of the olden era are conservative. They believe in gods, prayed to gods, yet they are unwilling to trust the knife in her hands. When she was at Qu Jiang, she tried to persuade a patient who had a brain tumour to remove the tumour by surgery and removing the tumour. However, it failed. The patient’s family did not agree no matter what and even relocated to hide away from her. Liu Wei could force upon the others. Just like now, she cannot force these four people. It is just that she feels unhappy in her heart. She walked to the table and packed her equipment, “Since you don’t believe, then forget about it. But let me remind you, no one knows the duration of the incubation period of the worm. If I don’t have a sample, I can’t find a cure to it. There will only be more people who will die because of this. You should reconsider.” The two voices of the conversation were not loud. But since the room was small, the four bodyguards did not get what they were saying. Now, they understood there was something wrong. One of them nervously asked, “General, is there something wrong with us?” Rong Leng remained silent. The person became more nervous, “General, if there is something wrong with us, please tell us. Is this sir, you invited over, doctor? Are-are we sick?” Without waiting for Rong Leng to reply, Liu Wei replied, “The men who died from Zhen Ge did not die because of attacks from wild beasts. They were poisoned, and I believe that you men are also poisoned by this poison too.” She could not say that it is a worm, so the best answer is poison. Just as she finished, Rong Leng’s coldly glared at her. The four men were immediately stunned. Every one of them turned green, “We, we are poisoned?” “Not sure, it is just a wild guess.” Rong Leng pacified.

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