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Even so, the four men did not feel pacified. They peered at each other blankly. At last, one of them asked, “Then… will we die?” “Highly possible, yes.” Liu Wei interrupted. The surroundings fell into dead silence. Suddenly, the skinniest bodyguard long-windedly said, “My mother is still waiting for me to marry a wife. Seems like I am destined to be unfilial. Luckily, I still have a younger brother, so he can continue with the family line. General, if I die, please take all the silver I have and send it to my mother. Tell her that I am unfilial and I am unable to look after her.” (TN: In ancient times, it was important for a man to continue with the family line because their children will follow the father’s family name. That’s why he said he is unfilial.) After he finished, the surroundings fell into dead silence again. From the moment they join Zhen Ge as a vanguard, they are the frontline of the army. Hence, they have long been prepared for death. Even though they can take lightly of their deaths, they cannot help but be slightly depressed. Rong Leng looked at them, his facial expression darkened. He secretly raged at Liu Wei for speaking irresponsibly. He believed that she is intelligent and decisive. But, she is still a woman, and she does not understand the feelings of men in the military. Instead, what Liu Wei thought was very simple. She did not concern herself with their distressed and terrified attitude, she only said, “I can save you all. However, this procedure is slightly dangerous. Your general does not allow me to proceed with it.” The four men instantly raised and looked at her. Can he save us? We can be saved? There is a chance that we do not need to die? No one does not fear death, especially those that knew it beforehand. The pain of sitting around to wait for death to come is like the pain of cutting flesh, extremely torturing. And now there is a chance to survive, naturally, they would want to obtain it. “Sir, can you really save us?” One of them looked at her full of hope. Liu Wei nodded, “Yes.” The four of their faces immediately showed happiness. Instead, Rong Leng obstinately said, “Not guaranteed.” The four of them looked at him and immediately became gloomy. Liu Wei understood that Rong Leng was a man with power, he was unwilling to let his subordinates take risks. However, she had to tell him, “Opening the brain, which is also known as Craniotomy or Medulla surgery. This procedure has been used, by many great practitioners, since two thousand years ago to open the skull and rearrange the human brain to cure the patient. Since the general is short-sighted, my humble self shall not bicker with you. But I have the power to let my patients understand and make their decisions based on their medical condition. So, people that are unrelated like General, please respect the decisions of the patient.” Rong Leng, who had been labelled as unrelated, “……” To be honest, what she said were half-truths and half-lies. What she lied was about two thousand ago. And what is the truth is that in the history of her world, the Historical Records of Bian Que had indeed recorded that he had opened the patient’s skull and rearranged the brain during 150 BC. 150 BC, which is also during the Qin Dynasty. And afterwards, Luo Guan Zhong of the Three Kingdoms had narrated that a generation of the ambitious Cao Cao had suffered terrible headaches. The medical god Hua Tuo said the medical procedure needed a sharp axe to open the head to capture the “wind” to cure the illness. However, Cao Cao had suspicions with his methodology and thought that Hua Tuo wanted to harm him. Therefore, he had him killed. Not long later, Cao Cao died from his headache. Of course, this cannot imply that Hua Tuo is the founder of Craniotomy, but it can represent that Luo Guan Zhong of the 14th century did hear about the medical procedure of opening the brain. This also meant that in the ancient era, Craniotomy exists. Liu Wei came from the modern era; Unlike the coarse medical equipment and knowledge from the ancient era. With both western and eastern medical knowledge together with meticulous surgical equipment, she believes that she can succeed in operating the brain. This is not mindless confidence, but purely because she can do it. She looked at Rong Leng without a single fear from the intense cold stare from his eyes. Instead, the other four people were dumbfounded. Opening the brain? Breaking the skull? This sir who looks so delicate and graceful wants to open their brain to save them? Won’t a person die once their brain gets opened? They can still be alive? Immediately, the four of them turned pale and green. As compared to their disbelief knowing that their death was coming, their feelings right now are even more complicated. Rong Leng did not want to argue with Liu Wei. Liu Wei quietly looked at him, her face did not look great either. In the end, the skinniest bodyguard came forward, carefully said, “Doctor, can you really cure me?” Liu Wei looked at him and nodded her head seriously. That person moistened his lips, “You need to open my whole head?” “Not your whole head. Only a part of it using medical puncture.” That person did not understand what medical puncture was. He subconsciously touched his head, his hands turned numb, “Open it for me, as long as it can cure me!” His lips turned pale just as he finished. It is obvious that he was extremely scared but tried to remain calm. Liu Wei gave a gentle smile, “I will definitely cure you.” That person weakly nodded his head. He was already dazzled. Liu Wei pulled his hand to sit on the chair and asked, “What is your name?” “Qin Zhong” “That’s a very nice name.” Liu Wei gently said, “Before the surgery, I will give you some knockout drops. You will fall into a deep sleep and you will not feel anything during the procedure. Once everything ends, you will wake up and then it is done.” Qin Zhong’s eyes widened in shock, “That’s all?” “That’s all.” “No pain?” “Of course, there will be no pain.” “I won’t feel a single thing?” “Yes.” The effectiveness of her knockout drops is not for show. Qin Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. He thought that the procedure needed a knife to chop open his head, that would be painful to death. Unexpected, it would not be painful. Liu Wei stroked his head. She felt that this man is really cute. Rong Leng quietly stood behind. Seeing how gently and softly she talked to another man instantly made him feel worse. The other three men became hesitant when they heard their conversation. If it does not hurt and they could live, then it seems like opening the skull is not a big matter. The three people started to get restless. All humans fear death. And there is a way to survive without any pain. Though it sounds dangerous, since one was willing to explain the procedure, it means that the person has confidence in succeeding. Why would they be scared if the doctor isn’t scared? “That……” One of them tactfully stood up and walked over. “Doctor, please open mine too. I don’t want to die.” The other person also followed, “Since either way is death, then I should die when I am on the battlefield. I do not want to die because of poison!” “Me too. If I die, I would not choose to be poisoned to death. It is too silly.” The other person immediately continued. Liu Wei’s mood immediately became good. She repeatedly nodded her head. These four men were especially pleasing to her eyes. At last, she remembered the Rong Leng who was forgotten at one side. She turned and asked, “General Rong, do you have any questions now?” “When are you starting?” The man coldly asked. Liu Wei beamed, “As soon as possible! I will prepare the equipment immediately. We will begin in the afternoon after lunch!” …… The rest of the morning, Liu Wei brought her son to cheer in the room. During lunch, Rong Leng came over to have a look. He saw that the room had been refurnished, and on the table, there were many odd-looking pieces of equipment that he had never seen before. He gave a glance to the woman who was busy with the preparation and asked, “Are you confident?” Liu Wei knew it’s a certain Prince who came when she heard the footsteps. She replied without lifting her head, “I never do things that I have no confidence in.” Liu Xiao Li sat at the side wiping the surgical knives. He indifferently added, “My dad is the strongest!” Liu Wei happily stroked her son’s head. Liu Xiao Li raised his head and gave her a silly laugh. Looking at both of their gentle interactions, Rong Leng frowned. He thought to himself that if someone really died under her knife, he would also cover it up secretly. Opening the head of a live person. This kind of inhumane activity definitely cannot be leaked out.

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