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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ None of them, other than Liu Wei and Liu Xiao Li, had a good lunch. After lunch, Liu Wei warmed up her hands and brought the first person into the room. Qin Zhong nervously sat on the soft bed covered with a white cloth. He felt his heart thump harder; his palms were sweaty. Liu Xiao Li brought over a bowl of specially brewed anaesthesia and passed it to him, “Drink this!” Qin Zhong took the small bowl. His hands trembled uncontrollably. Liu Xiao Li’s small hands patted on his back. He softly said, “Don’t be scared. This is sweetened. I added sugar into it so it is not bitter!” Qin Zhong did not know to cry or to laugh. As expected, a child will always be a child. In this situation where someone wants to open a hole in his head, is whether the medicine bitter…… the main issue? But thanks to that, Qin Zhong felt more relaxed than before. He took a deep breath and drank the bowl of medicine. The sweet and sour medicine, which tasted like jasmine, slowly slipped into his throat, making him raise his brows. After drinking the bowl of medicine, Qin Zhong did not feel anything. But within thirty minutes, he started to feel dizzy and light-headed. After another thirty minutes, his eyes became misty and started to be tired. “Almost done.” Liu Wei said as he laid him down on the bed. Qin Zhong has not been completely anaesthetized yet. Even though his consciousness was muddled and four limbs were numbed, he still had some consciousness. He wanted to open his eyes to tell them that he had not passed out yet and he could still feel. But the white-robed doctor had started to shave his hair with the shaver. After his hair had been shaved, Qin Zhong found out that he still had not passed out yet. He wants to cry. Didn’t they say he would be in deep sleep, and he would feel nothing? Why hasn’t he slept? He wanted to talk but he realized that he could not open his mouth. He wanted to stop but he could not raise his hands. It felt like his whole body had no feeling, but his consciousness remained clear. Qin Zhong was very terrified. He knew that only interrogation under torture to extort a confession would allow the criminal to look at themselves being cut slice by slice. This was to give the criminal a mental trauma. But now, he had suspicions about the doctor. Maybe this doctor was a spy from the enemy’s troops. Or maybe they were silly, and the General trusted the wrong person. This person was not a good person at all. Their body had not been poisoned. The doctor purposely said that only to torture them or to use such a reason to kill them in broad daylight. That is too evil. The thought of having his three other comrades suffer under the hands of the doctor, after him, made the flame in his heart raged. His rage ravaged his mind. And while Qin Zhong was busy having wild imaginations, Liu Wei had already started to cut his scalp. After an hour, with the aid of the sunlight outside, Liu Wei could clearly see the black worm in his brain wriggling and swimming around his brain. As expected, it has been implanted. This worm was still small. Previously, the worm’s body was about a fingernail long. However, this live worm was only a quarter of that. Liu Wei thought of using a pair of forceps to catch the satiny small worm. However, its movement was agile. As if it had felt some sort of danger, it swam even faster. Liu Xiao Li had never seen any parasitic worm inside a live human. He instantly became excited. With a small bottle in his hands, he exhilarated, “Dad! Give me, Give me! I want it……” Liu Wei remained focused and calm. When the worm turned again, she accurately used the pair of forceps and captured it. She quickly placed it into the small bottle. Liu Xiao Li jumped excitedly. He quickly blocked the entrance of the bottle. His face was full of smiles. Liu Wei also heaved a sigh of relief. She inspected Qin Zhong’s frontal and temporal lobes for any evidence of injuries again. After confirming nothing was too serious, she sewed his skull back together with the substitute catgut she made herself. Then, she bandaged his wounds. Her movements were very slow because she wants to make sure that everything is perfect. When everything was over, three hours had passed unknowingly. Outside the room, Rong Leng was waiting with his cold expression. The rest of the three bodyguards were also anxious and worried. The only thing that comforted them was that there were no piercing cries of pain from the opposite side of the door. Does that mean that it really doesn’t hurt? Even so, no one would comfort themselves that way. After all, it was a procedure that opens the brain. How can it not hurt? Plus, will one still be alive after opening their brain? Their minds were in confusion. They could no longer remain calm. In the end, only by striding back and forth could give them the peace they were searching for. “General, that doctor… Can he really succeed?” At last, someone carefully moved next to Rong Leng and asked. This one question caught the attention of the other two men too. Rong Leng coldly explained, “He is not a doctor.” The three people were dumbfounded. They widened their eyes the next second. “Not a doctor?” “He is a coroner.” The three of them were stunned. Coroner? Isn’t a coroner for the dead? That person treats them like the dead to cut them up? They are all alive! “General, can Qin Zhong still live?” Before he finished, the door in front of them opened. Liu Xiao Li’s pinkish baby face popped out of the room. Rong Leng immediately collected his concentration, “How is it?” Liu Xiao Li said, “My dad told you all to go in.” After he finished, he hopped back into the room. The four people quickly went into the room. When they went in, they saw Qin Zhong on the soft bed laying down. His head was bandaged with white bandages all over his head. He has yet to wake up since he still was delirious and could not open his eyes. But he was not dead. Yes, he was breathing, and his chest was moving. The three comrades immediately surround them. Making sure again and again to ensure that Qin Zhong was alive. Suddenly, they looked over at the doctor…… no, coroner, who was washing his hands. “How is he?” While Liu Wei wiped her hands, she indifferently explained, “The poison has been neutralized. However, the effect of the medicine is not over. You all bring him back to the room. Be careful not to touch his head. Let him have a good rest. He will most likely be awake tonight. Oh right, he now has consciousness. If you talk to him, he can hear you.” This type of medicine was specially developed by Liu Wei. She had successfully developed this medicine very long ago for craniotomy surgery. Once human consciousness goes into a total deep sleep, the possibility of waking up is only fifty per cent. Since the ancient medical conditions are insufficient, she does not dare to take such a big risk. Therefore, with a combination of Chinese medicines and special herbs from this era, she refined the type of medicine that would numb the whole body yet allow the user to remain conscious. Speaking of this, she needs to talk about these herbs. Initially, she never thought that in this era, which doesn’t exist in history, have, in fact, so many herbs that had been long extinct. Anyone of these herbs brought back to the modern era could overturn the Chinese medical world; making those eight-ninety-year-old Chinese medicine practitioners crazy with adoration. Although she possessed these herbs now, she would use the rest of her life to slowly research its medicinal properties. With the combination of western and eastern medical techniques, she could unearth the efficacy of these herbs. The thought of it makes it so exciting! After the three men carefully carried Qin Zhong out, the only people left are Liu Wei, Liu Xiao Li and Rong Leng. Since coming into the room, Rong Leng did not say a single word. Liu Xiao Li obediently packed the tools. Liu Wei was tired because she just had a three hours operation. Hence, she sat at the stool and poured herself a cup of tea. She drank half a cup of the cooled tea. Then she raised her head and peered at Rong Leng, “General Rong, you keep staring at my humble self, have you stared enough yet?” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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