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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ Rong Leng tried hard to contain the fire in his heart. He walked to her side, sat down, “No, not enough yet.” Rong Leng indeed had not seen enough. This woman could always surprise him; never-ending surprises. Opening the brain and then sewed it up. All these unheard methods of medical treatment. Rong Leng felt that as long as it is Liu Wei, a miracle would no longer be a miracle. She has a natural talent for attracting people’s attention. Not because of her looks nor her body figure, but because of her eccentricity and her stomach full of knowledge that normal humans would not be able to understand. This woman is a treasure. He faintly knew that whoever uncovered this treasure would reap its benefits for their whole life. And as a man who is adept with control, he would not allow the treasure in his hands to escape. Liu Wei did not know what he was thinking. All she knew was that she felt very good. She placed the cup on the table and crossed her arms, “How? Convinced by my exquisite medical abilities? Guilty for doubting my capabilities previously?” Her arrogant tone was mixed with content which made Rong Leng’s heart numbed. He felt that someone used a feather to tickle his chest. “Mhm, convinced, guilty and falling for you.” Rong Leng thoughtfully complies with her statements. Liu Wei replied with disdain, “Don’t need to fall for me. I am not homosexual.” He laughed at her constant denial. Liu Wei’s mouth twitched. Didn’t she just slap his face with her words, why is he still laughing. He got issues. …… Qin Zhong’s felt very complicated; an indescribable feeling of complication. Until he had been brought to his room and properly laid down, he then regained his thoughts. So, he had finished his operation! But when did all those things happen? He could vividly remember everything. The only thing he did not know was when Liu Wei opened his brain. He only remembered that he shaved his head. Then he saw his hair slowly fell from his head. But apart from that…… Seems like nothing happened. So, just as his inner demon judged doctor Liu that he was not a good person and came close to them with a motive, doctor Liu had already helped him to extract the poison in his brain, saved his life, and he did not feel a single pain? Suddenly, Qin Zhong felt extremely guilty. He wants to cover his face and bury his expressive face. However, he could not move. His limbs were still numb and do not have any sense of feel yet. He wants to speak, apologise to doctor Liu and then sincerely thank him. However, he could not even open his mouth. His throat could not make a single sound. The only thing he could do was to wait patiently, until tonight. Doctor Liu said that tonight he would regain his full consciousness. He could not wait for that moment to come. When he finally was done waiting, Qin Zhong slowly felt his four limbs regain its strength. Following it instead, was the sharp pain from his head. Initially, the pain was very mild. But as the medicine dissipates, the pain made him want to kill someone. His comrade, who had been taking care of him, was shocked by his complexion and immediately called for help. Liu Wei rushed over. When the time was up, Qin Zhong had already sat up. His whole face was distorted because of the pain. “Doctor, doctor Liu……” He stammered. Just speaking three words made him sweat. “Lie down quickly.” Liu Wei walked over. She first checked Qin Zhong’s wound, confirmed that it was not bleeding and said, “Do not sit up. Your wound on your head needs a few days to recover. You have to lay down these few days.” “I……” “Do not speak. The medicine has just dissipated, so your head should be very painful now. A single movement or mouth would link to your nerves, making your pain even worse. I have sent Xiao Li to brew medicine. You will feel much better after you drink the painkiller.” Qin Zhong weakly looked at her. In the end, he braced his headache and hoarsely said, “Thank, Thank you……” After all, this is her first craniotomy surgery patient. Liu Wei has a special relationship with Qin Zhong. She stroked his head and smiled, “You, recovering well, is my best repayment.” The patient’s health is the best encouragement to a doctor. Qin Zhong felt that soft and tender hand lightly brushed on his forehead. Soft and Tender, very comforting. Qin Zhong's heart thumped; his face slowly flushed. When he noticed that he blushed in front of a man, the red from his awkwardness quickly changed into green, rather embarrassing. Rong Leng who was standing at the door was quietly looking at the whole scene. His black pupil in his eyes turned dangerous. Qin Zhong who was laying on the bed suddenly felt an eerily cold aura from the surroundings. He looked over and saw General Rong who was at the door, coldly looking at him with a terrifying gaze. Qin Zhong suddenly trembled. The feeling of enchantment immediately disappeared. After leaving Qin Zhong’s room, Liu Wei returned to her room and saw her son playing with the small caterpillar. “Dad, something is wrong with this thing.” Liu Wei went over and sat. She looked at the motionless worm on the small plate in a puddle of brain juice. “What happened? Wasn’t it alright a while ago?” Liu Xiao Li pouted, “I'm scared that it may be hungry. So, I prepared some food for it. Who knew that after he ate, it is as if it died.” This puddle of brain juice was from Qin Zhong’s brain, mixed with only a little fresh blood. Supposedly, since the worm eats the brain, it should love to eat this. But why did it become like this? Liu Wei took out a pair of chopsticks and poked the worm. She also does not get its biological characteristics. Now, she cannot judge whether this is an undead worm. If it is, does it not have any extraordinary appearance and skills? Don’t caterpillars metamorphosis into butterflies? But at this critical moment, it still doesn’t change. What exactly is this plaything? “Dad, what do we do now?” Liu Wei pursed her lips, “Call Rong Leng over.” Liu Xiao Li’s short legs immediately jumped and quickly ran out of the room. The moment he went out, he directly knocked onto a figure standing upright. When he finally stood up again, he realized it was Uncle Rong. He hurriedly pulled onto his sleeves and explained, “Uncle Rong, my dad called you to go in.” Rong Leng followed the child into the room. Liu Wei directly said, “Help me prepare some items.” As she said, she took a paper and brush at the side and quickly wrote a long list of herbs. Rong Leng took a glance over at the list and said, “This season do not have Sui Hui Zi and Yang Gan.” Liu Wei raised her brows, “You know these herbs?” “Only a little. Afterall I am short-sighted.” Liu Wei was speechless. This morning, he did not allow her to do the surgery. So, she was pissed and said that he was short-sighted. Now, this man had unexpectedly held a grudge. So petty. Liu Wei’s mouth twitched, “Quickly prepare them as soon as possible. I don’t think this worm can live in the outside environment for long.” Previously it was okay. But now it became motionless. She worries that it may die the next second. Rong Leng took the list and turned. He walked two steps forward and suddenly turned back, “You have been getting too used to ordering me to do things.” Running around to buy stuff. Is this something the third prince with a one-pin general should do? Liu Wei smiled at that person, “I am saving your people. Does the general think that I want to talk to you so much?” She never hid the fact that she doesn’t like him! Rong Leng restrained his gaze, “Next time, you can order me for your own purposes too.” Liu Wei coldly snorted, “Don’t worry. I will not be shy with the prince.” No matter what, Rong Leng is still someone with status. He collected all the herbs on the list within fifteen minutes; even those herbs that were seasonal. Even though they were dried and the efficacy of the herbs was not that good as compared to fresh ones, at least everything was collected. Liu Wei looked at the small basket of rare herbs. Immediately, her eyes glistened. She quickly raised her head and looked at Rong Leng like he is a moving gold ingot. As expected of a prince! He is very rich! VERY RICH! The market price of some stalks of all these herbs is about two thousand silvers and above. When she wrote the list, she did not expect that all herbs could be found. After all, some are priceless without any sellers, so finding them requires luck. But he actually managed to find all of the herbs. Liu Wei was very touched. This is the first that he felt that Rong Leng is so pleasing to her eyes. Rong Leng also saw the fiery gaze she had on him. Taking a glance at the basket of herbs, the man quietly thought. Seems like he had found the woman's Achilles’ heel. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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