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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ Until past midnight, she started to feel her neck sore. She could not bear but to raise her head to massage her shoulders. But her hands were full of juices from the herbs and could not free her hands. “Tired?” The man at the side leaned in, looked at her and asked. “Slightly sore.” The man stood up and walked up behind her. His big warm palms touched her fair neck, “Is it here?” Liu Wei felt uneasy. She pursed her lips and sensitively struggled, “No need.” “Don’t move.” Rong Leng’s voice was slightly low. He plainly said, “Continue with what you are doing.” Liu Wei still wanted to reject. But she immediately felt better after a few massages. The words of refusal from her throat stopped in that instance and backed down. However, she did not forget to be reluctant about it, “I stayed up late to save your people. This is what you should do to repay me.” The man chuckled softly and replied lightly, “Right.” Liu Wei’s mouth twitched as she accepted the special benefit of taking on this job with no qualms. Developing medicine is not an easy task. Although she knows the method of cultivation and diet of the caterpillar, the whole purpose was not to kill the caterpillar; It is to research a compound to let people be immune to it. Also known as 'vaccine'. No one knows when the caterpillar got implanted, or who implanted it. Therefore, she not only needs to remove the implanted caterpillars from the infected people but also to provide immunity to those uninfected. That is the main point! She was extremely concentrated as her adrenaline surges. Until the day brightened when she finally had some success. Rong Leng was massaging her shoulders all along. Liu Wei felt very comfortable. Her prejudice, in her heart, for this person was slightly reduced; So slightly, just like a fingernail tip! The next day, while Qin Zhong was still recovering, the rest of the three people were called into the room. Since they saw what happened with Qin Zhong, their heart right now felt much more relaxed. Isn’t it just opening the brain? Since Sir Liu is so capable, it would be alright. The three men quietly queued up. The second guy who was waiting to be operated on is Fang Cheng. The moment they enter the room, he stood out from the crowd. He had his head high and chest out solemnly as if he was preparing to enter a war. Liu Wei did not look at them. Her hands were still shaking the medicine bottle. Seeing that the three men were here, she waved the bottle and said, “It may slightly hurt later. Just bear with it.” Fang Cheng’s chest immediately sank. Hurt? Isn’t it painless? Qin Zhong mentioned it is painless. Rong Leng accompanied Liu Wei the whole night. Noticing her deep eye bags under her, he could not help but frown, “You don’t look well. Do it tomorrow.” “This doesn’t need much effort.” Liu Wei leisurely said. She applied the medicinal juice onto a stalk of the grass stem. She lifted her head and look at the three people, “Which one of you guys wants to be the first?” The other two men looked at Fang Cheng. Fang Cheng deeply sucked a breath of air. He firmly walked a step forward with determination. Even if it does hurt, if Qin Zhong could take it, there is no reason he could not. The other two people were planning to leave since they were also waiting outside, the day before, during the surgery. Rong Leng also planned to leave. Instead, Liu Wei asked, “Where are you all going?” The four people looked at her. Suddenly, Liu Wei realised and facepalmed, “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you all it is no longer necessary to open up the brain. I have developed the medicine to extract the poison out. Opening the brain takes too long to recover.” After all, that is a major operation, and there are definitely risks. Even if she can minimise the risks to the minimum, she still had to expend her vitality. Several days of intense concentration for the few days would no doubt weaken her vigour. Fang Cheng trembled his lips. He could not believe and asked, “No, no need to open the brain?” “No need.” “Really?” “Mhm. Very real.” Fang Cheng was overwhelmed with his emotions. Immediately, the other two men felt as if their whole body was burning as whatever they had been worrying about, for the past two days, completely disappeared. Standing aside, Rong Leng had a gentle smile. He had underestimated this woman the whole time. He has seen many scholars from the royal physician’s academy who was unachieved in their lifetime, yet this woman could do so much in just a matter of a night. Even though she is still so young. This person is no doubt a genius ‘Genius Liu’ had no clue that Rong Leng gave her such a high evaluation just a moment ago. She instructed Fang Cheng to sit on the stool and placed the stalk of the herb, which she had dipped into the medicine, next to his ear. The smell on the stalk was very strange; Fishy and stinky. Even the look of it is extremely disgusting. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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