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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ Initially, Fang Cheng did not feel any abnormalities. Suddenly, ten minutes later, he felt pain in his head. It was as if there was something in his brain crawling around. This kind of feeling sent a chill down his spine. Goosebumps ran through the back of his palms. After a while, he could feel the pain intensified; As if something in his brain was crawling around in confusion, moving more and more rapidly. His lips turned pale. By the end of it, the pain had caused his forehead water down with cold sweat. But no matter what, he is still a man. Hence, he bore with the pain. Liu Wei could see that he was in terrible pain. She coaxed, “Bear with it a little more. It will be alright soon.” Fang Cheng took a deep breath. His eyes shone with determination again. This sort of pain, I can still bear it! Past another thirty minutes, Fang Cheng finally felt that the pain had abruptly reduced. And at that moment, a black caterpillar was crawling out from his ear. The caterpillar was drenched with human blood. Even though it is small, it looked very ugly. At the sight of it, the two guards felt their whole body went numb. Rong Leng, instead, was completely calm. However, at the thought of the origin of the worm, the expression on his face sank. When the whole body of the worm crawled out, Liu Wei used a pair of forceps to capture the struggling worm. She threw it into a bottle and blocked the opening. When Fang Cheng finally felt the pain in his head stopped, he heaved a sigh of relief. The next thing he heard was a clear and graceful voice ringing, “Alright. You are cured.” Fang Cheng stunned for a bit and touched his ears. From his position, he did not manage to see that worm crawling out of his ear. Fang Cheng was still slightly confused. He touched his ears unknowingly. Until Liu Wei extracted the worm from the other two men, he then realized what was going on. The process of extracting the worm was extremely short. Within two hours, the three men were pulled back from death’s grasp. When Liu Xiao Li woke up and ran over to realise that he had missed the main pain of the big show, he was super unhappy. But the little boy became elated once Liu Wei passed him the three tiny worms. And when Qin Zhong knew that only he had been operated on, while the other three people were so easily cured, he felt extremely unjust. Looking at each of their smiling faces made him gritted his teeth; especially when the three men were loitering at his bedside taking joy in his misfortune. However, when Liu Wei personally went down to feed him his medicine in the afternoon, Qin Zhong’s unfairness dissipated. His condition was much better than the day before since he could manage to weakly talk a few sentences. Even though it was just “thank you” again and again, at least he could communicate. Liu Wei treated Qin Zhong very well. Within a day, she had visited him several times. At one time, she would ask if he had any discomfort. On the other, she would ask if his head hurts. In short, she gave him her utmost care and attention. Qin Zhong’s initial unhappiness in his heart disappears into thin air after a while. Even though Physician Liu is a man, he is so gentle and caring. He is well-tempered with a good personality. Plus, his medical skills are top-notched. It is an honour to his patient with such a person as a caregiver. But, if only the general would not follow behind every time…… During the afternoon just after Qing Zhong finished his medicine, Liu Wei was going to feed him some sweet dates. But the moment he raised his eyes, he could see his general standing right outside next to the door with an indescribable cold glare looking at him. At that instant, he no longer had an appetite and awkwardly rejected, “Sir Liu, a man like me is not afraid of the bitterness of the medicine.” Liu Wei, as a physician cared for her patients like how parents cared for their children, gently stroked his head and smiled, “You did not eat much these few days. So, you should eat something sweet for your stomach.” Qin Zhong felt comfort when he had been stroked. He could not help but to rub himself against her hands. But right at that moment, a piercing vision shot at him, as if a torrential rain of needles were shooting towards him. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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