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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/ As before, they left with little baggage. Rong Leng, Liu Wei and Liu Xiao Li continued their journey low-profile; with only a horse carriage, a horse and a coachman. The vanguards in Lin An prefecture had to stay behind to settle their stuff. Since these are Zheng Ge Department top-secret missions, Liu Wei took no interest and did not ask further. But just as they left, someone had also left in full speed in the opposite direction. Five days later, at the Ya Men of the official government in Qu Jiang prefecture. An old man with a majestic aura was sitting on a side of the chessboard. He had a smiling expression while holding onto a black chess piece. His face was filled with gentleness, “Can Ah Chen solve this chess?” Sitting on the opposite side was a handsome man wearing a five-pin official robe. He submissively cupped his hands politely, “Your humble official is not skilful enough and is not the lord’s opponent.” The old man laughed, “You let me win.” (T/N: the ‘me’ here is only for the emperor to use.) He said with certainty without a doubt. Fu Zi Chen immediately stood and bowed respectfully, but he did not deny the old man’s words. Emperor Qian Ling waved his hands and did not argue, “Forget it. This temperament of yours is just like your father’s.” Fu Zi Chen was silent for a moment, and asked, “How is he doing?” “Good, very good. I saw him before I left the palace. He has even become fatter.” Fu Zi Chen did not say anything else. Silence filled the whole room. Emperor Qian Ling looked at him a short while, “You are going to be transferred in a few more months. Are you willing to be transferred to the capital?” A mighty monarch of a country seeking the opinion of his subject regarding the transfer of his post. This is an extremely rare sight. Fu Zi Chen was slightly terrified. He quickly lowered his head and replied seriously, “Whatever the lord wishes.” Emperor Qian Ling sighed, “I am not concerned with your family matters. Such a small government in Qu Jiang cannot cage you here anyway. You, returning to the capital, is just a matter of time.” It was not that Fu Zi Chen was unaware of that fact. However, he had been too used to being carefree and relaxed. And returning to the capital would be a totally different scenario. Right at this moment, Qi Fu came in from the outside and carefully whispered into Emperor Qian Ling’s ear. Emperor Qian Ling raised his brows and groaned, “Bring him in.” Fu Zi Chen knew that they had something on and wanted to leave discreetly. Instead, the emperor said, “You do not need to back away. Stay here.” Fu Zi Chen could only stay behind. The person who entered was a bearded middle-aged man wearing a simple piece of clothing. Fu Zi Chen took a glance at him and found him familiar. But when he took another glance, he could not recall who he was. The man did not drag the time any longer. He entered, bowed and reported, “Lord, Official Rong had left Lin An prefecture. The physician that was following him, had the people in the vanguard……” What the man had reported was summarised. After he finished, Qi Fu led the man away. Only two people, Emperor Qian Ling and Fu Zi Chen were in the room again. However, this time, Fu Zi Chen’s complexion was not great. He repeatedly pondered the identity of the “physician” that was mentioned by the man. The more he thought, the deeper his eyes sank. Emperor Qian Ling played with the chess piece in his hands. Suddenly, he heedlessly said, “Rumours have it that your Qu Jiang prefecture, no matter young or old, man or woman, knew of this Sir Liu, who is nicknamed as a living god. Regardless of who, everyone agreed and praised him without cease. I have been curious about him since long ago. Sure enough, he did live up to his reputation when I saw him the other time.” Fu Zi Chen’s heart sank. His handsome face now had some solemness. No doubt, that person is Liu Wei. But why did Liu Wei encounter Rong Leng? Furthermore, the Emperor met her too? Fu Zi Chen felt as if there was a hammer drumming his heart. For a moment, he did not know what to reply. Emperor Qian Ling saw how nervous he was and smiled, “I am not blaming you for hiding such a talent. What are you so nervous about?” “Lord……” Emperor Qian Ling waved, “You told me your Qu Jiang prefecture has a new coroner; who could solve uncountable numbers of mystery cases and is wittier than the average. But you did not mention that he knew how to cure too. But then again, who would have thought that a coroner could even do what a physician does. I, too, recognised his abilities in examining corpses, the other day I met him. Hence, I thought of letting Ah Leng take him back to the capital to help him with one or two issues. Unexpectedly, he had already resolved the problem in the vanguards’ barracks. He is indeed a capable person.” Fu Zi Chen was extremely embarrassed, “Lord, you met him already?” “He is pretty carefree.” Emperor Qian Ling smiled, “He looks so gentle and weak. Unexpectedly, he does have some skills. Just that he is slightly cold. If I did not make known of my status, perhaps he would not even give Ah Leng ‘face’.” (T/N: The actual text is ‘face’. The ‘face’ here is like a person’s dignity/ego. For those who aren’t aware, the Chinese cared a lot about how others view them, especially people with high statuses. Unless I find another word/phrase to replace it, I will be using ‘face’ so that the translation remains true to the original novel.) http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort/

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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