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Fu Zi Chen smiled dryly. He knew exactly how eccentric Liu Wei was. But Rong Leng…… His head hurts at the thought of how Xiao Li’s striking resemblance appearance is just like Rong Leng when he was young. He could vividly remember how he asked Liu Wei who the child’s father was when he saw Xiao Li the very first time. However, Liu Wei was indifferent and explained that she did not know who that person was, and that person had nothing to do with her since it was a one-night stand. Liu Wei is his lifesaver. Since she claimed she had nothing to do with him, he did not want to meddle either. Furthermore, he and Rong Leng were just acquaintances with an ordinary relationship. Hence, he had never thought of telling Liu Wei Rong Leng’s identity. But now, they have once again entangled with each other. So much so that even the Emperor had seen Liu Wei. Does that mean that he saw Xiao Li too? Did the Emperor notice anything regarding Xiao Li’s appearance? Perhaps he did not notice anything since Liu Wei was in male clothing when she went out. Plus, Rong Leng’s mother was not a prominent consort until he was fourteen. It was only then Rong Leng went into the eyes of the emperor and was placed at the Emperor’s side to be educated personally. At that time, Rong Leng had already shed his child-like appearance and was a graceful and elegant young man. Instead, Xiao Li is so cute, weak and loves to be spoilt. Hence, the emperor would not be able to connect these two people with so different personalities that easily. But no matter how much Fu Zi Chen tried to comfort himself, he still felt uneasy. He felt he had to go into the capital as soon as possible. Especially since Liu Wei is in the capital and maybe in big trouble. …… The journey from Lin An prefecture to the capital took about a whole month. Liu Wei peered out and looked at the scenery of the outskirts of the capital. The emotions in her eyes were extremely complicated. Five years ago, she escaped from this place. Yet five years later, she is back here once again. This place has tons of troublesome matters that she does not want to attract. The reason she left the last time was so that she could be free and unfettered. Coming back to this place is purely like a lamb entering the tiger’s den. All she could do was to pray that her so-called ‘family’ assumed that she died during the five years and would not rekindle the desire of searching for her. The carriage was moving neither fast nor slow. And since it was raining cats and dogs consecutively for the past few days, the roads were slippery and did not have many people. Liu Wei looked up to the gloomy skies and guessed that it could rain again. She said to the person outside, “Look for a place to take a rest. It will be dark soon anyway. And I reckon we would not be able to enter the capital tonight. We might as well stay overnight outside.” Rong Leng, who was riding on the horse, took a glance at her and asked the coachman, “Are there anywhere we could rest nearby?” The coachman thought a while and replied, “There is only a worn-out temple three miles ahead, and no inn nearby.” “Let’s go over.” The coachman agreed, turned and moved towards the fork of the road of the hill. When they just reached the dilapidated temple, the outside had indeed started to rain. Liu Wei looked up and down and checked out the old temple. The temple was certainly dilapidated. It was leaking everywhere. Only the centre spot was considered dry. Since it was raining outside, the sky darkened and looked as if it was already nighttime. Liu Wei searched for a place and sat down. The coachman was making a fire while Rong Leng was dragged by Liu Xiao Li to look at the raindrops under the roof. Liu Xiao Li loves the rain and the sounds of muffled thunders. He excitedly jumped around, pulling Rong Leng to be crazy together with him. Rong Leng indulged with his commands. No matter what the little boy asked for, he agreed; absolutely do not have any discipline of an adult. Liu Wei saw and snorted, “Seducer.” The coachman heard and naively buried his head; acting like he did not hear her. After the coachman ignited the fire, the old temple was finally warm. Liu Wei called out, “Xiao Li, come over.” The little boy jumped and bounced as he ran over. Within a few seconds, he had already jumped into his mother’s embrace. Liu Wei pulled him out and felt that his clothes were slightly wet. She told him to sit next to the fire to dry his clothes. Liu Xiao Li obediently sat down. At this moment, Rong Leng walked over and sat down next to Liu Wei in an extremely natural manner. Rong Leng snapped a piece of firewood in his hands and threw it into the fire, making the fire burn more intensely. While the four people were eating, a burst of footsteps followed by the rain pour could be heard.

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