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“There is a temple here! Quick, quick!” “People behind follow quickly. The chests cannot be wet. Use your clothes to cover them.” After a racket, a group of people reached the temple’s main door. Liu Wei looked and vaguely estimated that there were about eight people. There were seven to eight chests stacked up high on top of two handcarts and protected by the group. The chests on the top were covered with several pieces of clothing. Liu Wei guessed that they were most likely armed escorts for goods. And because it rained while they were travelling, they could only search for a place to avoid the rain. However, after some observation, she did not see the armed escort’s flag. The group did not expect that there were people in the temple. But since they had walked very long to find a place to stop over, they definitely would not leave. One of them cupped his hands and politely said, “Since it is raining outside, I apologise for inconveniencing my fellow brothers and take a rest here.” (T/N: The man referred to Rong Leng’s group as brothers.) Rong Leng replied plainly, “No worries.” The group quickly carried the chests into the temple. It was only then Liu Wei realized that they not only have seven to eight people. They had a dozen-plus of people and a continuous chain of people was slowly following behind. And the last person who came in was a stiff and rigid man with above-average five features. His clothes were drenched, and his hair was pathetically dangling. However, it was obvious that he was their leader because of his extravagant clothing, which was different from the group. The moment he entered, a few men gathered around him; passing him a new set of clothes and handkerchief. Liu Wei initially did not bother about him. But the minute she saw his appearance, she immediately dodged her vision and turned her head away. Rong Leng, who was at her side, saw her reactions and asked, “You know him?” “No.” Liu Wei’s voice was not loud. As she finished, she pulled her son and said, “We will go to the carriage.” Rong Leng narrowed his eyes as she looked like she was fleeing in defeat. He took another glance at that faraway group; His black pupils shone with complex. The coachman was also silently observing. He observed for a while, moved closer and said, “My lord, these people are not ordinary people.” Rong Leng nodded, “They are soldiers.” Regardless of their actions, manners, or even their standing position, it shows that they are a regular army. But which division are they from? The coachman hesitated for a moment, “My lord, have you noticed that the gracefully dressed man in the middle looks a little familiar?” Rong Leng took another glance and saw that the escorted man had changed a new set of clothing. His appearance was impressive. And while he was drying his hair, he checked the chests worriedly. “No.” Rong Leng had always been stingy with his memory towards irrelevant people. The coachman carefully explained, “That gracefully dressed man looks very alike to the lord prime minister.” “Liu Cheng?” Rong Leng tried to recall and looked over. Sure enough, that man looks somewhat similar to the wily old fox. As he thought, he could guess the identity of that person. Everyone knew the prime minister, Liu Cheng, had three extremely talented sons. The first-born, Liu Yu, is the same as his father. He learned the Book of Songs and History with great erudition; At a young age of fourteen, he was the number one scholar for three consecutive years and was known as the genius by everyone in the capital. Now twenty-eight, he had long entered the government and is the most outstanding official amongst all the younger generation of the government. The second-born, Liu Kun, has loved martial arts since young. When he was seven, the marshal of the army, Hu Wen, took him under his wings; When he was eleven, he participated in the battle at the frontier; When he was fourteen, he returned, victoriously, together with Marshal Hu Wen; And now sixteen, he is the youngest deputy general in the government known since history. The third-born, Liu Yi, have two outstanding older brothers which one excels in literature and the other excels in military affairs. Everyone thought highly of his capabilities. But unexpectedly, he is more interested in the affairs of civilians than governance. Hence, he had entered the doors of merchanting. Amongst the four classes (Scholars, farmers, artisans and merchants), merchants are considered low class. However, he never feels inferior. He paid thousands of taels for taxes in his first year as a merchant. The Ministry of Appointments was extremely elated that year. And in the following years, all shops in the capital, big or small, have gradually hung the family logo ‘Liu’. Now, Liu Yi is a wealthy and distinguished person in the capital.

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