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Now that he observes, the person in front is no doubt Liu Cheng’s third son, Liu Yi. Rong Leng retracted his gaze and looked towards the direction of the carriage. Liu Cheng, Liu Yu, Liu Kun, Liu Yi…… Looks like he knows what Liu Wei is hiding for. There are not many people with the surname ‘Liu’ in the capital. Rong Leng ate the last rations he held. He stood up and walked towards the carriage. The moment the curtains were raised, Rong Leng could clearly feel the cold glare shot out from the inside. He raised his brows. He stared at the cold expression of the ‘man’ as he hugged his son. No one said anything in that instance. Seeing that the man was Rong Leng, Liu Wei heaved a sigh of relief. She continued, irritated “Is something the matter Prince?” “It is noisy outside. So, I came in to sit.” He explained as he came aboard the carriage and next to the opening. Liu Wei did not argue with him. She kept quiet and asked, “The people outside are going to stay overnight here?” Rong Leng crossed his arms, “Most probably.” “Then we will leave.” Rong Leng looked at her, “It is still raining outside.” Liu Wei pursed her lips and pondered, “Then once the rain stops, we leave immediately.” “Are we leaving too if the rain stops after midnight?” Liu Wei sighed. Her expression did not look good. Rong Leng stopped for a while. Without waiting for her to continue, he asked, “You know them?” “No.” She still had the same answer, almost like a conditioned reflex. Rong Leng could see that she was unwilling to explain. He felt displeased. At this juncture, what does she still want to hide from him? Crossdressing and entered the government as an official. Right now, her family are right outside. Anytime it gets exposed, it is a crime of deceiving the emperor and death penalty. Doesn’t she know that right now, the only one that could help her is only him? Persistently refuse to admit. Even if he wants to help, she doesn't even want to cooperate. This woman really is…… After much thought, Rong Leng could only use a word to describe her – stubborn. Liu Wei did not know that Rong Leng was already pissed with her. She was still thinking about Liu Yi. Yes, at first glance, she recognized that that is her third brother Liu Yi. To be precise, as long as it is someone from the Liu family, she could easily recognize them even if they turned into ashes. The only reason for that is because this is the Liu family that she wants to escape from with every possible means. The moment she recalls that she would already be married to the seventh Prince, which she has no clue who he is if she did not escape, she feels gloomy and vexed. She would have never expected that when she transmigrated five years ago, her transmigration had supplemented an arranged marriage. She had been notified of her marriage seven days later not even after three days of her transmigration. Her partner was a Prince and it is said to be older than her by a year; only sixteen. But he already had four concubines, two side consorts and a concubine born son. In Liu Wei’s mindset, sixteen is still considered a minor. And the minor already had six wives with a son. Then what for she marries over? To become the seventh wife? When Liu Wei first heard of that news, she laughed. And after she finished laughing, she must leave. At that time, the only one at her side was Zhen Zhu and nothing else. In the end, she used the worst tactic, which was to climb over the walls at midnight. She sent out Zhen Zhu to scout while she searched for almost an hour in that massive Prime Minister’s manor to find an escape route. Finally, danger after danger, she managed to flee from that place. After she left, Liu Wei had never had the thought of meeting people from the Liu family. Not only the Liu family, but even the capital is also recorded in her blacklist. But now, she had not only returned to the capital but also met her third brother Liu Yi. What if the Liu family discovers her existence again? Liu Wei thought, does she need to be forcefully married again?

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Editor: AdhocWizard

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