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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort This is an era of revering and abiding marriage arranged by parents. There are no human rights. If she is the daughter of the first wife, anything could still be resolved. Throw a little tantrum and there could still be a solution. However, she is an unfavoured daughter of a concubine. Marriage is simply not something she could decide herself. Liu Wei hates to be passive. Furthermore, she is not the real ‘Liu Wei’. Hence, she is even more unwilling to put her happiness into the hands of these ‘strangers’. After Liu Wei escaped, she considered herself parentless. Even when she met Fu Zi Chen, she mentioned that she is an orphan because she never thought of acknowledging this ‘family’. But after all, the blood ties are still there. Right now, she is wearing men's clothes and Liu Yi may not be able to recognize her for a moment. However, after a period, there would inevitably be suspicions and she dared not to take such risks. Right now, all she wants to do is to leave. But unfortunately, it is raining outside. She is trapped here and could not go anywhere. The feeling of being powerless always makes one anxious. Liu Wei lost all the calmness she had. Her brows knitted tightly. Listening to all the commotion outside of the carriage increasingly darkened the expression on her face. Liu Xiao Li shrunk into his mother’s embrace. Because the carriage was too quiet and he had just eaten, he innocently went into sleep. Rong Leng accompanied Liu Wei a while. Seeing how she did not talk at all, he paused and opened his mouth, “That is Liu Yi, Prime Minister Liu Cheng’s third son. He is a very reputable rich merchant from the capital.” Liu Wei raised her eyes and peered at him, “You know him?” “No.” Rong Leng replied, “I heard about him. The third son from Liu family is famous and has been the nobility’s exemplar all year round through word of mouth.” Liu Wei pursed her lips and remained silent. The atmosphere in the carriage was abnormal. After a while, Rong Leng had confirmed that Liu Wei had indeed decided to keep mum all the way. He planned to leave indignantly. Right at that moment, a voice from the outside exclaimed, “Wang Hu, Wang Hu……” Rong Leng lifted the curtains and immediately noticed the man leaning at the side of the dilapidated temple. His face was pale, and his lips were black. While his body was trembling and twitching, white foam came out from his mouth, as if he was just a step away into death’s door. Many people began to crowd around the man, even Liu Yi went over too. But no matter how much they called out to the man, Wang Hu, he continued to shake. The white foam from his mouth slowly turned to yellow and foul-smelling. His eyes slowly turned white, almost as if he was dying. Rong Leng frowned. Is this one of the symptoms of poisoning? Liu Wei saw the whole situation since Rong Leng lifted the curtains. As she observed and moved, Xiao Li who was in her embrace woke up. Liu Wei took a glance and immediately knew the cause of it. Xiao Li rubbed his eyes and peered over. With only a glance, he knew the symptom. “It is epilepsy.” Xiao Li’s soft and gentle voice mixed with nasal sounds explained. Rong Leng turned towards him, “Epilepsy?” The little boy sucked his nose as he was feeling cold. He conveniently crawled into Rong Leng’s embrace and sat on his legs, “Which is also called Yang Jiao Feng.” (T/N: It is also epilepsy, just that the former is the modernized term and the latter is what it is known during that era.) Oh, so it is Yang Jiao Feng. Rong Leng understood, he put down his curtains and did not bother. Instead, Liu Xiao Li was extremely interested and lifted a corner of the curtains. He curiously peered outside and after a short observation, he started to panic, “Aiya! These people do not know how to treat him. He is going to die!” In the countryside, Yang Jiao Feng is an occasional symptom. Hence, people usually would have some cures as emergency treatment. But obviously these people have no clue. Initially, Liu Xiao Li wanted to just watch as an audience. However, seeing that the man is almost dying, his sleepiness immediately flew away. His small body jumped down off the carriage with a thud. “Xiao Li.” Rong Leng called out. But the little boy had already run far. He frowned. He turned his head only to discover that Liu Wei was unperturbed and still sitting at the same spot with no plans to move. “You are not worried?” She dared to let Xiao Li run down like that. Isn’t she worried about being seen by Liu Yi? Liu Wei nonchalantly groaned, totally paying no attention to it. As compared to her, Xiao Li looks more similar to his dad, who is also the man seated right in front of her. Hence, just Xiao Li alone would not be able to link her with Xiao Li together, which is why she need not worry. Plus, saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda. Xiao Li has been taught by her since young. His medicinal abilities are much better than her when she was at that same age. Merely epilepsy would not challenge her son. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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