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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Rong Leng, instead, was worried that the patient hurt Xiao Li. He raised the curtains and closely followed behind. It was raining cats and dogs outside the dilapidated temple, with no signs of stopping. After Liu Xiao Li jumped down from the carriage, he burrowed himself into the crowd of people. He shouted to the people inside, “Quickly disperse yourselves. He is going to suffocate to death if you all crowd around him.” That young, soft and delicate voice make one jolt as the voice reaches the eardrum. The dozen-plus people did not know where the little boy from the back came from. One of them said unhappily, “Where did this kid come from? Quickly move away!” As he said, a hand wanted to push Liu Xiao Li away. But before the hand even touched the corners of the boy’s clothes, a pair of cold and strong hands swiftly intercepted. That man lifted his head and looked. He immediately saw a cold glare piercing from the pair of black eyes. That man shook and wanted to withdraw his hands, but he realized that he could not move at all. “What do you want?” That man’s temper was bad and howled. Rong Leng shook off the man’s hands and picked up Liu Xiao Li and said into the boy’s ears, “Ungrateful people. You need not bother about them.” “But……” Liu Xiao Li tugged the sleeves of Uncle Rong’s clothes. Because he was sitting on the arms of an adult, he could see far and wide. He looked down and immediately saw the man who was becoming breathless. His small face crumpled, “Uncle Rong……” After all, a child's nature is soft-hearted. Rong Leng saw that he really wanted to save the person, hence, he carried him and walked forward. Ten plus people immediately stood and blocked their path. Even though they are avoiding the rain in the same temple, they are after all just strangers. Their seven chests of goods were right behind them which is why they naturally must not allow anyone who wants to come closer. Rong Leng narrowed his eyes. His sight immediately turned to Liu Yi, who was standing at the back. Liu Yi was also silently observing Rong Leng. When the two gazes met, Liu Yi suddenly understood. His face immediately turned, “Rong……” Rong Leng did not make a sound. He knew that Liu Yi recognized him. As expected, Liu Yi immediately withdrew his escorts and quickly came forward, “Lord General, it has been a long time.” As he said, he cupped his hands politely, his posture was as low as possible. Rong Leng could not be bothered with his superfluous words. He walked past him and put Xiao Li down next to the man called Wang Hu, gently stroking his tiny head. Liu Xiao Li knelt on the floor when he touched the ground. He flipped Wang Hu’s eyelids and confirmed that he was still breathing. He quickly ordered the crowd, “Quickly disperse the crowd. Anyone can take off their clothes and pass them to me?” Everyone looked at Liu Yi. Instead, Liu Yi looked at Rong Leng’s cold and proud back. His gaze was complexed, after a while, he nodded. The man nearest to the patient immediately took off his clothes and passed to Xiao Li. Xiao Li took the clothes and tore the sleeves. He crumbled into a ball and stuffed it into Wang Hu’s mouth. As he undid his clothes, he explained to the others, “He is now having Yang Jiao Feng. If this symptom was not treated properly, the patient would die. I am going to explain once how to treat it, you all should note it down and remember.” He said, and paused, “Firstly, you all should not crowd together. Right now, he is having difficulty breathing. If you all crowd together, it will only fasten his death.” The crowd was stunned when they heard the word death. Some of them were even scared. The crowd looked at each other. Finally, people standing inside the circle moved back two steps. Liu Xiao Li continued, “Secondly when someone has Yang Jiao Feng, the first person who discovers should immediately place something in his mouth in between the upper and lower teeth to prevent him from biting his tongue.” As he explained, he demonstrated. “Thirdly, immediately undo his collar so that he could better breathe in and out.” “Fourth, turn his head to the side so that whatever he puked could flow out. If these things backflow into his throat, he could suffocate anytime.” “Fifth, prop up his lower jaw to stop him from nestling his neck which could squeeze his air passage.” “Sixth, if he was unconscious, press his ren Zhong acupuncture point, which is located below the nose and above the lips. This is how you can treat him in times of emergency. Everyone understood?” The small and delicate voice without any power, yet his words made the surrounding people stunned. Without knowing who, someone first murmured, “Un-understood……” The rest of the people immediately turned to that person. Being lectured by a kid who hasn’t even reached the height of your knee, and you still agreed? Don’t you find it disgraceful? http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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