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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The man's face turned red instantly. He rubbed his nose and quickly diverted the topic, “Is he alright now?” “Of course. That’s because I am here.” Liu Xiao Li exclaimed; He had his chest out and his face proud. After a few breaths, under Xiao Li’s professional emergency treatment, Wang Hu slowly calmed down. In the end, he finally stopped shaking and slowly became better. The crowd felt miraculous and curiously gazed at Liu Xiao Li. He is truly not that simple. Considering all these, the men looked at the cold and stern-looking man who was accompanying Xiao Li. This must be the boy’s father. He is so fortunate to have such an intelligent and nimble child. At this moment, Liu Xiao Li also stood up. He raised his filthy hands as he looked at Rong Leng innocently. Rong Leng stooped to carry him up. The little boy purposely raised his hands far from him so that he would not dirty Rong Leng’s clothes. Rong Leng brought Xiao Li under the roof to wash his hands. After he was done washing, the two people turned around and saw that a gracefully dressed man with distinctive five features had been waiting and standing behind for some time. Liu Yi had never thought that he would chance upon someone as honourable as the Third Prince in such a place. He is the main general of Zheng Ge Department. Liu Yi was not acquainted with Rong Leng. But he is still considered as one of the noblemen in the capital, hence there have been some occasions where he bumps into him. Tonight’s encounter was purely a coincidence. So, even if it was because of courtesy, he still ought to have a conversation with him. But socializing with the royalty is not an easy task. All the three brothers from the Liu family had pretty good relationships with the fourth, seventh and ninth Prince. But they had never been in contact with the third Prince. It was not because they are unwilling to contact. Instead, they had no means to be acquainted and socialize. But since they met coincidentally, regardless of whether it was fate or destiny, it is a rare opportunity and Liu Yi naturally wants to grasp it. Rong Leng lightly glanced at Liu Yi and saw that he was trying to express goodwill. Surprisingly, he did not show any impatience and only stroked Xiao Li’s head, “Return to the carriage and take a rest.” Xiao Li agreed and bounced and jumped back to the carriage. After the child left, Rong Leng then looked at Liu Yi. Liu Yi was tactful and politely cupped his hands, “I did not know it was the Lord General. I sincerely hope the lord does not take the actions of my bodyguards into an offence.” Rong Leng looked at the dozen-plus men at the side. Every one of them had an aura of a soldier with big and bulky figures. Are they merely bodyguards? The second-born of the Liu family is part of the army. Now the third-born of the Liu family, who is merely a merchant, have servants with a standard of a regular soldier in the army; which is unexpectedly more capable than some of the dukes in the capital. Rong Leng’s tone was light, “Third Childe is too polite.” “No, no. I dare not.” Liu Yi could hear his displeased tone and immediately had cold shivers. He pondered in his heart, where did I make this person unhappy? No matter much how he wondered, the only reason he could think of is because of what happened earlier. He could only try to explain again. “The reason I came down personally to Yang prefecture was because of this batch of silk. The servants understood the importance of this matter, which was why they protected the goods excessively. I hope for the lord's understanding.” As he said, he gave another big bow. Looking at the shadow of the man whose whole waist was going to break, Rong Leng leisurely said, “Out of the city, having a few more bodyguards are also part of your responsibilities. I do not blame you.” Liu Yi heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “The rain today is turbulent. I fear that we would need to share the same roof for the night. I have a few good wines with me. I am unsure if the lord is keen to have a few drinks with me in this wet weather so that we could also warm ourselves?” “Alright.” Rong Leng agreed plainly and walked towards the fire. Liu Yi quickly followed behind. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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