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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Soon, some servants served wine and meat. Rong Leng took the wine cup but did not drink, instead, he looked at the direction of the carriage and slowly asked, “Third Childe, is that batch of silk sky cloud satin from Qin Shan prefecture?” “The Lord knows about sky cloud satin?” Liu Yi was still worried about how to socialize. He was elated immediately, “Qin Shan prefecture is known for its sky silkworm. These sky cloud satins are indeed weaved from the silk spat by the special fire sky silkworms. IF the lord likes it, I can send a few rolls to the Prince residence after I return.” Rong Leng indifferently sipped a mouth of wine, and asked, “How many silvers per rule?” (T/N: A ruler is about a third of a meter.) “The lord must be joking. It is fate that we can have a few drinks and talk. If the lord does not mind, you can consider it as a present for the little prince.” “Little prince?” Rong Leng peered at him. Liu Yi smiled. He had a face of ‘I understand’ and lowered his voice, “I have yet heard of the lord’s marriage. The little prince must have been birthed by your beloved concubine. Rest assured my lord, my mouth is sealed tightly. I will not say whatever it should not be said.” After all, having a four-year-old son when he has yet to marry an official consort would not be good for the reputation. Furthermore, Rong Leng is a member of royalty and he is prudent about his whereabouts. If this matter were to be known to the public, those government officials who had nothing better to do would spread nonsense and send unnecessary reports to the Emperor. Liu Yi thought that he was very considerate about Rong Leng’s interests. After he finished, he raised his wine cup to and respectfully toast in the air. Instead, Rong Leng put down his wine cup. His black pupils had a trace of a smile, “You mean the boy from before?” Liu Yi was stunned and immediately understood. Could it be that that was not Rong Leng’s son? But they look very alike. Even though the child’s face still had baby fats, their appearances still have some resemblance. If they are not father and son, then it could only mean that they are close relatives. Liu Yi anxiously tried to recall if he was the son of any prince, or if he was the son of any dukes. But no matter how he tried to recollect, he could not recall anyone alike. He subconsciously overwhelmed with nervousness. “My lord……” “Do you think that the boy from before is my child?” Rong Leng high-spiritedly asked. Liu Yi rubbed his nose and felt very awkward. “You can speak out your opinions without worry.” With that sentence, Liu Yi finally had the courage and he pondered, “The boy from before indeed looked alike to the lord. But it seems like I have made a mistake. Especially since it is nighttime and pitched dark everywhere. My eyes were blurred probably.” “Your eyes were not blurred.” Rong Leng lifted his wine cup. He took another sip as his mood turned much better, “He is indeed my son.” Liu Yi laughed dryly. In his heart, he wondered if Rong Leng was crazy or not. Didn’t I keep saying that he is your son? When so, you had a face saying “You are wrong. He is not.” And in the end, when I say he isn’t, you said: “He is indeed my son.” You are playing with me deliberately, aren’t you? Liu Yi let out a sigh again. As expected, members of royalty are profound and mysterious. Not to mention socializing, even conversing a few sentences would evoke suspicions; Don’t even know what they are thinking. Rong Leng did not know the train of thoughts that Liu Yi had. Instead, he was thinking that even the outsiders could see their resemblance – that he is the father of the child. So, his predictions were right? From the moment he recognized Liu Wei, Rong Leng's love for Xiao Li came out extremely naturally. This kind of natural feeling is as if he is his son, and ought for Liu Wei to birth for him. This kind of mentality does not make any sense, but that is what he feels. That one night with Liu Wei – it was her first; but when was it not for him too? Liu Wei gave birth to the child and the child is good-looking and intelligent. If one was to say that it was not because of his genes, he would definitely not believe. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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