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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Therefore, even though Rong Leng was already confident, there is someone now that agrees with his point of view. The all-mighty Lord General felt that the glib-tongued merchant in front of him is no longer that loathsome. At least Liu Yi’s eyes were not bad. And on the other hand, in the horse carriage, Liu Wei who was carrying her son suddenly sneezed. Liu Xiao Li turned his body and tugged the sleeves of his mother’s clothes, “Dad, did you catch a cold?” “No.” Liu Wei shook her head. She thought for a while and then took a bottle of flu medicine from her baggage. She raised her head and drank it. Maybe she had really caught a cold because of the unsettling awful weather. …… The next day, Liu Wei specially waited for Liu Yi’s group to leave before they left the temple. The rain had already stopped. But the ground was still wet. Hence, they did not dare to move quickly. Their journey was very slow. By the time they entered the capital, it was already evening. At that time, the sun had already set. Liu Wei initially wanted to stay in the inn with her son but both of the inns they enquired were full. She then understood that the imperial examinations, which only occurs every three years, are around the corner. The capital during that period is extremely bustling. Especially so because wealthy families of examinable students had long booked a good inn or rented a decent courtyard. Even those in poor family backgrounds leave their hometown early just to ensure that they have accommodation during the period. Hence, Liu Wei is homeless now. Rong Leng, who accompanied her side, patiently followed her as she enquired another two inns. In the end, he saw that the sky was getting darker and said, “How about I lend you an independent courtyard in my manor?” Liu Wei unhappily pursed her lips. They may have stayed in the same place while they travelled but why should they still stay together when they have reached the capital? She was unwilling but when Liu Xiao Li heard that they were going to live in Uncle Rong’s residence, he was elated. After the whole trip, his relationship with Rong Leng had practically skyrocketed. Upon seeing that, Liu Wei was even more unwilling. At this rate, her son is going to be abducted by his biological father. What is she going to do if that happens? “No need, I will search again. The capital is so big. I do not believe that I cannot even manage to get an empty room.” As Liu Wei proclaimed, she pulled her son’s little hand and continued walking forward. Rong Leng followed behind and plainly said, “Even if you manage to find one, it would be a dubious location. Not to mention if it is safe, such a chaotic environment would not be good for Xiao Li.” Liu Wei paused and hesitated. “Or does the Sir feel that living in the prince’s manor dishonour you?” Liu Wei’s mouth twitched. Rigidly emphasizing his prince status by calling himself ‘the prince’- who is he putting on airs to show? Anyway, it is not a big deal to stay in the prince’s residence tonight temporarily. I can find a room again tomorrow. After resolving the issue of accommodation, all that was left was about their meals. This is the first time Xiao Li came to the capital ever since he was born. So, everything was new to him and every fragrant he smells makes him want to have a taste. And since it would be late for the prince’s residence to prepare their meals if they return, they might as well settle their meals outside. Rong Leng was familiar with the routes. He rode on the carriage and very quickly, the three of them reached the entrance of a first-rate restaurant in the whole capital at the main street. The local dishes they serve are known to be the best in the whole capital. When they entered the restaurant, they could see that it was buzzing with activity. No doubt that it is a famous restaurant. It was obvious that Rong Leng was a regular. the shopkeeper personally welcomed him immediately the moment he entered. His mouth went on non-stop as he invited them in, “You have not been visiting, Third Prince. I thought you have forgotten about our restaurant. Our restaurant has a few new dishes on the menu these few months. Would the third prince want to try them? We have Drunken Chicken, Lotus Roll, Kingfisher with Radish Dumplings and Yearning Cake. Oh yes, we still have two pots of the new Sparrow immortal wine. Those were freshly brewed by our owner. We only sell fifty pots in the afternoon and night every day; once sold out, we won’t have any left.” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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