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Liu Wei stopped moving and looked foward. She saw that the magistrate laid on the chair slanted with his eye whites. She got impatient. If this continues to drag, how long will it take for her to get a meal? She stood up and walked towards the hall. The advisor quivered in shock, “What do you want to do? Guards, capture him!” Unfortunately, the bailiffs no longer have the strength after all that ordeal. Every one of them was sick and giddy, not even have the strength to stand upright. Liu Wei facial expression remained calm as she walked up. She held the magistrate’s limp hands and pressed hard on his HuKou acupoint. The advisor was shocked. He thought that she wanted to assassinate the lord and was about to dash out to call for guards to capture the assassin. Instead, he saw the magistrate tremble and opened his eyes suddenly. Liu Wei released his hands and returned to the side of the corpse. The advisor was shocked and happy at the same time, he assisted the magistrate, “Lord, Lord are you feeling better now?” The magistrate weakly nodded his head. He felt his hands were wet and raised it. Instead, he saw that his hands were full of blood together with its putrid stench rushing his nostrils. “Th-this……” The magistrate fainted again without completing his sentence. Liu XiaoLi watched. His small palms covered his face. In his entire life, he has never seen such a timid magistrate. Liu Wei was too very unsatisfied. She felt that she would have to work overtime. Not only for breakfast, maybe she would not be able to have her lunch. Li Ping stared at the man in front as if he was a monster. He lowered his gaze and looked at the tragic sight of Xiao Juan’s body. His body shuddered. After an incense, the physician finally came. The magistrate finally woke up after he smelled some herbs. However, he no longer had energy. All he wanted to do was to postpone the trial and rest in his room. But, the people below at the court did not want to let him leave. “Lord, do you believe that I am innocent now?” How is it believable! Everyone who saw the corpse was scared, other than you, do you think it is reasonable? You obviously are the murderer! That is why you can remain so calm and composed! However, the magistrate did not say that. He was tired and waved his hands, ordered, “We will discuss this case again. Guards, place the body at the courtyard, take the suspects to the prison temporarily.” “Lord, you don’t believe me?” Liu Wei raised her brows and squatted next to the body again and begun to take out the organs, “No problem, I can slowly explain to the lord.” The magistrate was almost crazy! “I said to discuss again later! Guards, take him down!” “Where do you not believe? Do you not believe the knife injury length on the heart, or do you not believe that the victim’s organs were pulled apart?” Liu Wei took the heart with a hand and the organs with the other, walking towards the magistrate. The magistrate retreated behind the back of the advisor. The advisor again retreated to the back of the physician, pushing the physician to the front. As the handsome man with bloody red hands carrying the organs walked closer and closer, he stopped abruptly. “May I know if you are Sir Liu?” Liu Wei stopped her steps. The physician exclaimed, “Are you really Sir Liu, Qu Jiang residence Sir Liu? I have once seen you at the Qu Jiang courtroom. You were helping the Lin family’s widow to give birth by cutting open her abdomen. I was watching the whole process!” The advisor listened and shivered suddenly, “Qu Jiang residence Sir Liu? That Qu Jiang residence’s living god doctor?” “Yes, that is him, that is him.” The physician was so agitated that he repeated his words. He grabbed the advisor’s hands and exclaimed excitedly, “This Sir Liu is Qu Jiang’s living buddha, not only can he cure illnesses, but he can also examine corpses. He is Qu Jiang’s biggest coroner. He is conferred by the imperial household as the eight-pin government official. You all said that Sir Liu murdered but that is impossible. Sir Liu’s medical capabilities are top-notch, he can cure the living and examine the dead. But I have never heard that he murders.” The advisor, has too, heard about the wonders in Qu Jiang residence. He gazed at Liu Wei strangely, why would someone from the Qu Jiang residence come to the Fu Ping country? Instead, the magistrate muttered and looked at Liu Wei. However, he only dared to look at her face and not her hands, and asked, “Are you Sir Liu?” Liu Wei did not think that there are fans of hers here despite Qu Jiang residence being so far away. But since someone is willing to be her witness for her personality, she is happy to have it. “Yes.” She answered. “I received an official letter from Qu Jiang stating that many bandits are roaming around, killing and stealing. In Qu Jiang, many were murdered, and the imperial court is pursuing them with all their might. Are you perhaps……?” Liu Wei saw that he knows the fact and admitted without fear, “That is right. I am here to capture all those evil bandits. And if I am not wrong, Xiao Juan was murdered by the same bandits.” …… Because of her position as a government official, even though she was still the suspect, she does not need to go into the prison. Inside the room, the magistrate ordered some snacks. Liu XiaoLi looked at those colourful cakes. He wants to eat them. Instead, he secretly shot a glance at his ‘dad’, not daring to move rashly. Liu Wei quietly nodded her head. Liu XiaoLi immediately hugged the cakes and nibbled them.

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