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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei felt their pulse, pressed down several parts of their abdomen and listened to the different groans they made. After confirming their injuries, she turned to Xiao Li behind, “Injured internal organs. Kidneys were mildly ruptured. Slight signs of bleeding.” Liu Xiao Li was already hugging his mini backpack and taking out some vitality, haemostatic and several other kinds of pills. But as he listened to his mother’s words, he paused a moment and asked, “So serious? Do they need an operation?” Xiao Li knew that internal organs cannot be ruptured. Once ruptured, the kidneys would never be the same even if cured. “Their pulse is too weak now. They would never get through if I forcibly operate. Conservative treatment first.” The moment Liu Xiao Li heard conservative treatment, he immediately passed her the silver needles and brought over a lighted candle from the table. Liu Wei laid out the needle bag; took a thin and sharp silver needle and placed it in the candle flame to sterilize it. She then pierced the needle onto the injured hu kou acupoint. She started piercing from the acupoint in their hands to their chest. By the end, the surrounding people continued to stand around and watch even though Liu Wei was so busy that her forehead was sweating. Liu Wei discontentedly frowned, “I need someone to help me to remove their clothes.” This had brought back their senses and someone immediately shouted, “Do you think just piercing needles on their body they can be cured? What if they die under your hands!” Even those physicians from the royal pharmacy never dared to use acupuncture. Everyone knows that the human acupoints are peculiar and weird. A single mistake would cost a person's life. And because of that, the study of acupuncture has been extinct with the previous dynasty. Though some physicians know the art of acupuncture, those are just big talk. Even labelling them as a joke is not an understatement. All they do is to brag and con others under the guise of acupuncture. Never did they think that their military camp would have a conman. That person replied with so much indignance that even the rest were provoked too. They all looked at Liu Wei full of condemnation. But considering that this person was brought in by the lord general, they could only stare with rage without speaking. Liu Wei raised her head and looked at those people. In the end, she softly scoffed at them. She was too lazy to even explain to them. Liu Wei turned and looked at Rong Leng, “Come and help me.” Rong Leng coldly hmph, “You don’t think of me as a hindrance this time?” Liu Wei’s mouth twitched. She felt hopeless about this person’s ‘pettiness’. Rong Leng walked over. He opened the two men’s clothes and showed their abdomen but did not reveal anything lower. Liu Wei, by default, only needed the acupoints around that area, and therefore did not mind about a certain man’s action. Liu Wei used the needle and stabbed into the determined acupoint. Her hands were very quick. After a few gestures to visualize, she could accurately determine the acupoint. Rong Leng observed her petite hands touching male strangers. He restrained himself over and over to contain his discontentment into himself. After fifteen minutes, she was done. Liu Wei wiped the sweat on her forehead and asked the two injured, “How are you two feeling?” At that point, their complexion had become much rosier. Even though their lips were still pale, their eyes have much more vitality. “Much better.” “Thank you, physician.” Liu Wei gave them an agreeing nod and then took two bottles of pills. She placed them beside their pillows, “The blue one is to stop bleeding. The yellow one is for nourishment. A pill a day for after dinner. I will visit you two again five days later. After that, we will decide whether to use medication or operation depending on your recovery.” The two of them nodded. Their head was still slightly dazzled. Physician Fang said that they had one foot into the coffin and therefore they had already resigned to their fate. They could not say that they were not upset. No one is willing to accept death; better a bad life than a good death. That was what everyone thought. The two men were moved. If not for their injuries, they would stand and properly give a bow. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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