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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Instead, those people who were standing around watching immediately felt their face scorching hot. They did not expect that this fair-skinned physician who looked like a scholar knows acupuncture. Especially the man who had questioned that person’s ability, he felt that his face had been given ten big slaps. A person popped up in front of them is someone who knows the arts of acupuncture. And he is a live person! How could they not be shocked and doubtful? As expected, the lord general is amazing. They do not even know where he discovers such a talented being. Once known to the rest, those old physicians in the royal physician would be shocked too. Liu Wei did not know what those people were thinking. There was only one thing she was thinking about. Liu Wei ordered Xiao Li to pack the things in the room. She then pulled the sleeve corner of Rong Leng’s clothes and dragged him out. Rong Leng peered at the white and slender hands that were pulling on his cuffs. The corners of his lips slightly raised and he willingly followed her out. When they reached the quiet area outside, Liu Wei wanted to pull back her hands. Instead, Rong Leng was a step faster than her; he kneaded her fingertips and massaged it in his palms. Liu Wei squinted her eyes and looked at him. She did not speak but the words were very clear. During this whole journey, this man had been stealing and eating her ‘tofu’. Even though she is cross-dressing now and would be weird for her to bicker about it, that does not mean that she would agree to it. (TN: Eat ‘tofu’ means taking advantage of someone physically.) Rong Leng ignored the warning from her eyes. He grabbed her petite hands and felt the soft and smooth skin again. When he saw the rage in Liu Wei’s eyes almost bursting, he reluctantly released. The moment Liu Wei could withdraw her hands, she furiously rubbed it against her clothes as if she was going to rub away the outer layer of her skin. Rong Leng dangerously narrowed his eyes as he saw her reaction! Finally, the two people did not wait any longer. Liu Wei coldly said, “The treatment fee, research fee and examining corpse fee. We are already in the capital. When is the lord general going to pay the bill?” Rong Leng looked at her fuming face and absent-mindedly raised his brows, “Mhm?” Liu Wei gave a cold smile and simply listed out, “The three corpses in Lin An prefecture vanguard camp. After that, seven caterpillar-implanted patients. And also, the vaccination for your entire Lin An prefecture’s vanguard camp. Adding on to the two men’s acupuncture treatment and their medicines. All these, no matter researching, operation or examining corpses are all extremely demanding tasks! I do not intend to do free labour. I trust that the honourable lord general would also not renege on his debts!” Rong Leng heard clearly. His pupils shone a tinge of delight, “Between us, do we still need to be so calculative?” “What kind of relationship do we have? Should I not be calculative with you?” Liu Wei raised her brows and refuted. The man murmured and slowly had a smirk on his face. Suddenly, he took a step forward closing into Liu Wei. Liu Wei did not know why he suddenly came closer and uneasily moved half a step back. However, she did not consider that when she moved back, he would move another step closer. Within a short while, she had been cornered by the man with a wall behind her. Rong Leng moved his body closer and peered at the delicate girl in front of him who was acting calm. He softly asked, “Then, how much should I give you?” Liu Wei swallowed her saliva and replied, “Considering that you are my superior, I will give you a discount. Five thousand tael.” The man let out a tiny moan; his dark pupils held in laughter, “Is five thousand taels enough?” Liu Wei felt something weird about his tone but continued, “Even though I am making a little loss, that is the market rate. Five thousand tael is the lowest it can go!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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