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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort "I don’t think it is enough.” The man lowered his voice filled with huskiness, “Your value, should not be worth as low as five thousand taels.” Liu Wei was already annoyed by his eccentricity and knitted her brows, “Then what does the prince mean? Are you paying or not?” “Yes, of course.” Rong Leng smiled, “Whatever you want, I will give you. Liu Wei doubtfully squinted her eyes, “When are you paying?” “After returning to my manor!” Seeing that he did not seem like duping her, Liu Wei nodded, “Then let’s return.” She walked past the man as she said. She walked away quickly and escaped out of the coiling scent of a male. Liu Wei slowly heaved a sigh of relief. Even so, she could still feel a scorching stare behind her. Liu Wei briefly took a glance sideways and noticed that Rong Leng was indeed staring at her. She bit her lips and unknowingly picked up her pace. This man is extremely dangerous. Even though he usually is easy to talk to, look approachable and friendly, Liu Wei knows that he is very dangerous! No matter whether he is the mighty general of the Zheng Ge department, a prince of the present dynasty, or even his identity as Xiao Li’s biological father; all those are not something she wants to mess with. Liu Wei thought. Once she receives the money, she must quickly buy a house in the capital. She would likely have to stay in the capital for a period. Staying long in the prince’s residence is definitely impossible; Living in the inn would be inconvenient with people coming in and out; Hence, having her own residence would be the best solution. According to the current economy in the capital, even though expensive, taking a thousand from the five thousand taels would be enough to buy a decent Er Jin house. https://kknews.cc/home/8m5a534.html (TN: For those who are curious about how it looks like.) She was planning while walking into the bedroom. Xiao Li had already finished packing. When he saw his mother returned, he naturally walked forward and pulled on his mother’s sleeves – his actions were obviously dependent on his mother. They directly returned to the prince’s manor after leaving the main military camp. The horse carriage stopped. Liu Wei got down the carriage and immediately saw a board hanging on the entrance. On the board, there were simply three big words “Third Prince Manor” carved in gold. She took a glance and then walked in holding onto her son – unaware of the inappropriateness. When she was at Lin An prefecture, she had conveniently heard many things about the capital. She could not help it since Fu Zi Chen is a native of the capital and whenever they chat, it would all lead to the happenings in the capital. Therefore, Liu Wei had heard of many stories of the imperial household even if she did not deliberately ask about it. For example, the current emperor is very suspicious. Although he looks like a benevolent old man, he always had deep plans for future schemes. The emperor was not the official crown prince conferred by the previous emperor. When the previous emperor was still on the throne, there was already a crown prince chosen. However, when the previous emperor was on his sickbed, the crown prince had met with a mishap and died under the sword of a bandit. An honourable crown prince who died under the sword of a bandit – what happened to his bodyguards? What about his personal troops that accompanied him? Why did everyone disappear? The crown prince death was full of coincidences and mysteries. The news of his death made everyone ponder deeply. However, even if they wanted to give it a thought, it was already too late; When the previous emperor, who was holding onto his last breath, heard about the death of the crown prince, his eyes turned and passed away. The whole country mourned for the passing of the emperor. But the main issue came out, who is to be the emperor of the country since the emperor and the crown prince died? Based on the ranking of the wives, the person to succeed the throne should be the second prince, Rong Shi, because he is the crown prince’s blood-kin brother. Furthermore, he is birthed by the early demised first empress and he is the favourite of the emperor since he was young. At that time, there were chancellors calling for the second prince. However, there was a sudden shift in the trend of the events. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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