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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort She peered sideways towards Rong Leng. In her heart she thought, this person obviously is shrewd but why is he so brainless in the furnishings of his manor? Living under the eyes of the emperor would have many taboos. The emperor is known to be overly suspicious and you have military powers in your hands. How come you do not understand the importance of being low profile. As if he knew what she was thinking, the man at her side muttered looking unintentionally, “This manor is bestowed by my royal father.” “Hm?” Liu Wei looked at him. Rong Leng's tone was calm, “This manor was the previous Second Prince manor. After Second Prince Uncle passed on, this manor was empty. My royal father took charge and bestowed it to me.” A cold shiver ran down Liu Wei’s spine. She immediately understood what that represented. Postwar of trying to seize the throne, the Second Prince that time had fallen seriously ill. After that, he held on a few more years and then died due to his illness. These are also what she heard. But, never would she have thought that the Qian Ling emperor would bestow the previous Second Prince’s manor to Rong Leng. As expected of the regent’s scheme, what about the emperor’s second throne? Although Rong Leng looks as if well-off, he is just another nail pinned because of the suspicion of the Qian Ling emperor. This bestowed manor is precisely a warning to him. All the sudden, Liu Wei became quiet. She already knew that the capital was dangerous. But she never expected that it would be so dangerous. She could encounter members of Liu family anytime; She herself has a crime of deceiving the emperor. The emperor is the law. Everyone is merely a chess piece for the higher-ups, like ants. She comes from the modern era, and therefore she understood the dictatorial and the scariness of this kind of regime. Liu Wei felt that if she was not more cautious, her head would fall anytime, especially after she met such a suspicious, intelligent and not a little bit muddleheaded emperor. At that thought, her mood became even gloomier. She thought that the best solution is to quickly finish up the things she had to do and leave immediately. This capital, she would avoid at all cost in the future and never to come back again. With such a thought, she asked, “You said you needed my help for the case. What is it? When can we start?” Rong Leng raised his brows, “Why are in such a hurry suddenly?” “Since we have reached the capital, settling official matters naturally come first.” She said it with devotion. Rong Leng did not comment, he continued to lead the way, “I have to prepare. Once preparations are done, we can start.” “Hurry.” “Mhm.” The man agreed. The two walked a while more. Then, Liu Wei noticed that there were not many servants in the surrounding. She thought to herself that it seemed like Rong Leng is not all that dumb. Even though the emperor bestowed him a gracious and luxurious manor, he understood the hidden meaning behind it. Additionally, he did not become decadent. Regardless of whether it is the household management or his way of doing things, everything is mainly managed with simplicity. Indeed. he is intelligent; neither arrogant nor proud; neither servile nor overbearing. Knowing when to appropriately advance or to retreat; profound and think of the bigger picture. If it was someone who had a narrower and shallower mindset, he would have thought that he had been thought highly by the emperor and treated himself as something valuable. This kind of person usually only has a kind of ending, tragic. They entered the Er Jin main courtyard. The housekeeper came out to welcome them. Rong Leng waved at him and ordered, “Go and tidy up the Xi Long courtyard. The baggage is on the carriage outside, properly tidy them. Then bring out four trunks of chests from the storeroom.” “Yes.” The housekeeper keenly replied and left the courtyard. The three people entered the main hall and immediately the servant girl served them tea. Xiao Li picked up the cup of tea and drank a sip. Suddenly, he put down the cup, his small body jumped down the stool and ran out to the courtyard. “Xiao Li.” Rong Leng called out. Xiao Li did not stop. Within a blink of an eye, his tiny silhouette has disappeared. “Follow the boy, do not let anyone hurt him.” Rong Leng hurriedly ordered the servant girl. The servant girl immediately lifted her skirt and chased behind. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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