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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Rong Leng picked up his tea and had a sip, “This thing is worth much more than five thousand taels.” “Whatever price this thing is, do you think I dare to take it? An honourable lord general like yourself using whatever methods just to renege on your debt. A grown man such as yourself. Are you not ashamed?” “Relax. I am only temporarily mortgaging.” Liu Wei’s brows tightly locked as she stared at him. Rong Leng took the envelope, took out the thing inside and laid it on the table. White paper, black ink; two blinding words “land deed” were written on top. Liu Wei stared at the two words as her eyelids continuously twitched, “You mortgage your third prince manor to me? Just because of five thousand taels?” Rong Leng had a face of proper and to be expected, “Calling you over to the capital to settle official matters was me. But these are official matters. You asked me for five thousand taels as salary. Of course, naturally, I should give you. But even so, these taels should not be paid by me, but to be reported to the higher-ups. Once the emperor ascertains, it would be distributed by the ministry of revenue. Now, that the emperor is not at the capital, the memorial could not be sent. So, I can only mortgage something to you. And this object of mortgage, of course, should be as precious as possible. Hence, I mortgage half the manor to you. To say something unpleasant, if this manor is to be sold, it would be worth at least eighty million taels of silvers. You would be distributed forty million taels, isn’t it enough?” Is this a matter of whether it is enough or not? It is the prince manor, the prince manor! The prince manor bestowed by the emperor! Mortgaging the manor to her and saying nicely that it is worth forty million taels, does she even dare to sell it? Even if she wants to bring out a single flower pot from this manor, outside would say she stole a valuable item from the palace. Unforgivable. Liu Wei felt Rong Leng is indeed powerful; Not only his ability is outstanding, but he is also brilliant in his official duties. Even his skill in reneging debts is top-notched, self-taught without a teacher. She had really underestimated him! “The procedures are slightly tedious. I will leave this land deed with you first.” He said and pushed the land deed together with the envelope towards her. As if her eyes were soaked in poison, Liu Wei gave him a death glare. Rong Leng then turned to the housekeeper, “Uncle Ming, in the future, Sir Liu and the little boy are members of the manor. Treat them as if they were another prince. Instruct that to the rest. Do not slight them. Treat them in such a way that you all treat me.” Even though Uncle Ming did not understand the deep thoughts of his master, he still sincerely bent down and agreed, “Yes, I understand.” “Has the Xi Long courtyard been tidied yet?” Uncle Ming nodded, “The Xi Long courtyard is master’s favourite. It has been consistently tidied and kept clean. They can move in after we change a few mattresses and sort a few things.” “Mhm.” Rong Leng nodded and looked at Liu Wei again, “From now on, you can be at ease living in ‘your’ house.” Liu Wei, “……” How is it possible that this prince manor become hers in a blink of an eye? Just then, Liu Xiao Li brought in Zhen Zhu. There was a cry of “caw” as the jet-black bird fluttered its wings and flew into the main hall towards the white-clothed man who was enduring his rage. “Cr-crow……” The housekeeper opened his eyes wide, startled. He pointed at the jet-black bird full of shock as he backed away. Liu Wei shot a glance at the housekeeper as Zhen Zhu hung on her index finger. She plainly said, “His name is Zhen Zhu. He would not attack people but if someone wants to hurt him, he knows how to take revenge and I would not know.” Uncle Ming’s whole body trembled and was speechless instantly. This, this gentleman that the master brought back unexpectedly is raising a crow. A bird of disaster. Does, does he not want his life? “Uncle Ming, you leave first.” Rong Leng said. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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