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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Uncle Ming clutched his trembling heart, agreed and then left the hall faltering. Liu Wei did not bother about Uncle Ming’s fear. She looked at Rong Leng, picked up the land deed and the envelope, and gnashed her teeth, “Don’t blame me for holding onto your house jewels since you are giving half of your assets to me.” Rong Leng was stunned for a while. Immediately, there was laughter in his pupils. Liu Wei was baffled, “What are you laughing at?” Rong Leng shook his head, his voice was obviously delightful, “Haven’t you already held it before, my family jewels?” Liu Wei brows were wrinkled. After a while, then she realized it was a play on words. She has been teased by this man! (TN: I really love this part.) Immediately, she raged, swung her sleeves and left furiously. Liu Xiao Li stood behind. Noticing how his mother left the main hall full of rage, he puzzledly scratched his head, “Uncle Rong, what happened to my dad?” Rong Leng waved his hand to call him over. Xiao Li walked towards him. The man helped him to tidy his hair which had been messed by Zhen Zhu. He softly explained, “Your dad is stubborn with uncle. After a while, he would be alright.” Xiao Li was confused, “Uncle made my dad angry?” “Your dad is petty.” Rong Leng said. He noticed the little boy was upset and was going to refute him. Hence, he quickly asked, “Does Xiao Li like the prince manor?” Liu Xiao Li pouted his tiny mouth. He wanted to not reply because uncle Rong said bad things about dad. He does not want to answer uncle Rong. But thinking that uncle Rong usually treats him very well, he hesitated a while and decided to be lenient and forgive him, “I like it.” “Do you want to live here in the future?” Liu Xiao Li stared at him with his big eyes, “Dad said we will have our own house.” Rong Leng smiled. He thought, as expected. No wonder Liu Wei was so anxious about asking him for taels. As expected, it was to move out. You finally came to the capital; do you think you can still leave? “This is you and your dad’s house.” He said. He extended his arms and pulled the little boy into his hug, “Since Xiao Li likes it, live here together with uncle from now onwards okay?” “I want to live with dad.” Xiao Li blurted out. “Dad lives with us too.” Xiao Li gave a thought, and asked with uncertainty, “Dad, uncle and I live here together?” “Yes.” The little boy blinked his eyes and slowly nodded, “Okay.” The corners of Rong Leng's lips curved and he asked, “Do you like uncle?” This time, Xiao Li did not even give a thought and nodded vigorously, “Yes!” Rong Leng was elated. He gave a tighter hug. Liu Xiao Li likes to act like a spoilt child in front of the uncle. His small body softly leaned in the uncle’s embrace. He thought that as expected, the uncle’s embrace is firmer than his mother’s. His mom is too slim, and her skin is too thin – after hugging for long it would feel like her bones are stabbing into his body. Instead, uncle Rong’s embrace is much better – harder and firmer. He could even lay down and roll about. The two people were playing around energetically. Outside, uncle Ming suddenly entered. He carefully opened his mouth, “Master, Sir Liu called Childe Liu to come out.” The moment Liu Xiao Li heard that his mother was calling for him, he immediately bounced down from uncle Rong’s body, lifted his clothes and ran outside. Uncle Ming was worried that he may fall. Just as he wanted to follow, a steady male voice suddenly rang from behind, “Uncle Ming.” Uncle Ming turned back and sincerely dropped his head, “Does the master have something else to command?” Rong Leng stood and tidied his clothes. He said while walking out, “In the future, do not call him Sir Liu. Call him Gentleman Liu.” Uncle Ming was stunned for a while. He did not feel any difference between the two ways of addressing. Instead, he heard his master continue as if it was natural, “Gentleman Liu from the House of Rong.” Uncle Ming, “……” What is Gentleman Liu from the House of Rong? He had only heard that after the wife marries the husband, she follows the family name of the husband. Example when the wife is from the Liu clan and married to a man with the family name Wang, they would call her Liu clan from the House of Wang. But never has he heard that a tenant needs to follow the family name of the owner. Uncle Ming found it extremely ridiculous. But his master had already left the main hall and was heading towards the direction of Xi Long courtyard. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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