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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Rong Leng muttered to himself awhile then ordered Lin Sheng, “Send someone to the Duke of Yue state to give a message. Say that I want to open the coffin to examine the corpse.” As he said, he looked at Liu Wei, “Can you examine a corpse that was buried half a month ago?” “Yes.” Even though there would be a serious decomposition of the corpse buried half a month ago because of the climate in the capital at present, it is still better than nothing. Instead, Lin Sheng was suddenly alarmed and flurriedly explained, “My lord, the Duke of the Yue state would never agree. Opening the coffin to examine the corpse would disturb the tranquillity of the dead. Not to mention the duke, even the duke’s house old lady……” “I will bear any consequences.” “But, my lord……” “Go!” Lin Sheng still wanted to say something. However, seeing the persistency in the lord general’s expression, he could only shut up. Coincidentally, someone hurriedly entered to report, “My lord, my lord, something bad happened! The prime minister manor, the prime minister manor’s fifth young master has gone missing too…...” Lin Sheng could only feel his eyes blurred, and almost fainted, “Another, another went missing again?” The person gasped for his breath, “My lord, the servant from the prime minister's manor is waiting outside. Would you like to meet him?” He definitely has to meet him. But even so, what is the point of it? In the last three years, there were eighteen to twenty missing children; and he can never offend anyone of the families. Right now, another is from the prime minister manor. This is really killing him. Lin Sheng turned back and bowed politely at Rong Leng. Rong Leng waved his hands, “You can go ahead first.” Lin Sheng busily led his subordinates and hurriedly left. Until the main hall was left with only Liu Wei and Rong Leng, Rong Leng then turned to the one beside him. That expression was obviously not great. He went closer and asked, “Any problems?” Liu Wei then came back to her senses. She shook her head, but her lips were pursed extremely tightly. Rong Leng stood up, “If there are no problems, then let’s go and have a look too.” “What?” “The prime minister manor.” “No……” Liu Wei blurted out. As she finished, she felt she was overly sensitive. She then continued, “I have to stay here and look at the records. I am not free. Xiao Li is playing with Zhen Zhu outside. You can bring him along and let him have a look.” Instead, Rong Leng said, “You can look at the records anytime. This missing child would probably lead to new pieces of evidence.” “Xiao Li has been taught by me. It would be the same if he went.” “What if he missed out on the evidence?” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “He wouldn’t miss out.” “What if.” Liu Wei went silent. Although she trusts her own son, Xiao Li is after all still a child at heart; it is inevitable that he would miss some observations. But if she went, how would she be able to go? As long as it is someone who had served in the prime minister manor for more than five years, she would take the risk of being recognized. She is just a lamb entering the tiger’s den if she takes her chances. The atmosphere immediately fell into dead silence. A few moments later, Rong Leng then asked, “You are not willing to enter the prime minister manor?” “No.” She denied, but she could not explain a reason. After another silence, she gritted her teeth and continued, “Alright, I will go. But I have a condition.” Rong Leng raised his brows, “A condition?” …… After two-quarters of the clock, Lin Sheng brought along the capital patrol guards at the entrance of the Yamen and patiently waited. However, the servant from the prime minister manor was so anxious that he was drenched in sweat, “My lord, why are we not leaving yet? Our house, prime minister, is still waiting at the manor.” Lin Sheng shot a glance at him, “How do we leave if not all are present yet!” The servant still wanted to say something, but someone came out from the Yamen. Standing beside the man was an energetic boy which was four or five-year-old; rosy cheeks with distinctive features. And behind the boy’s right side, there was another one following…… Is that a man? The servant did not quite understand. If he just looked at the person's clothes, that is indeed male clothing. But if he looked at the person’s figure, this person is slender and petite. His steps were light and gentle. The more he observed, the more the person looked like a lady. Especially so since the person was wearing a feathered hat. Since long ago, such accessories like the feathered hat are worn by young ladies from affluent families who leave their manor due to fear that a profane man would dishonour her appearance. Hence, they would wear to cover their appearance. He has never seen before which normal man would wear a feathered hat. So, it really is a woman? But then again, which family’s lady would enter and leave the capital magistrate Yamen as she pleases? As he saw the three people walking closer, the servant quickly dropped his head, fearing that if he looked too much, he would be rude to the young lady. Liu Wei fiddled with the veil on the feathered hat. Her face hiding behind the veil was extremely unpleasant. “I said I want a bamboo hat, not a feathered hat.” She said as she gritted her teeth! Rong Leng shot her a glance, “It is too sudden. Where can I find a bamboo hat?” “You can’t find a bamboo hat, but you managed to find a feathered hat? Do you dare to say that the clothes shop only sells the feathered hat and not the bamboo hat?” “That’s right!” Rong Leng confidently refuted, “Coincidentally, that shop has sold all its bamboo hats.” “Was it that coincident?” “Then how are you sure it wasn’t so coincident?” “General Rong Leng indeed has the gift of the gab.” “Sir Liu is pretty good too.” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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