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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The two of them battled lines after lines. Even though their voices were not loud, it was filled with the smell of gunpowder. Liu Xiao Li was sandwiched between them. He nervously grabbed his backpack tighter, extremely tensed. Rong Leng noticed his actions and extended his arms and rubbed the boy’s head. He shot a glance at Liu Wei, “The child is here, stop arguing.” Liu Wei was stunned. A breath of air choked her throat suddenly. She could neither swallow nor let it out. That is her child; that should be said by her right?! No matter how unhappy Liu Wei was, she is still a “grown man” that walked on the streets wearing a feathered hat for ladies. Luckily, it was already late night and not many people saw. The prime minister manor was only two streets away from the capital magistrate Yamen. Hence, they reached without walking for long. The entrance of the prime minister manor was crowded with people. Seeing them approaching. The housekeeper, Liu Tong, immediately went up to welcome them, “Aiyo, Lord Lin! You finally came! The prime minister is anxiously waiting for you inside the manor.” Towards the people from Liu residence, even if he is just a housekeeper, Lin Sheng did not dare to pressure him. He politely cupped his hands, “Indeed it was not timely. When the servant from your manor came to report, the Lord General was supervising the work in the yamen. It was not my intention for the delay.” Liu Tong immediately looked towards a dark figure beside. When his eyes met the gold token hanging at the other party’s waist, he immediately gave a big bow, “I did not know it was the Zheng Ge department’s Lord General arrival. I will go and inform the prime minister this instant.” “No need. Official matters are more important.” Liu Tong hurriedly nodded. Just as he was welcoming them to the manor, he saw a slender and petite figure wearing a feathered hat behind General Rong. And because the sky was too dark, he could not see clearly the design of the clothes. He asked, “This lady behind is the Lord General’s friend? Would it be better for the house lady to receive the guest?” Lady? Liu Wei took a quick glimpse and awkwardly coughed. She lowered her voice and said, “How would I dare to inconvenience the house lady!” When Liu Tong heard it was a male voice, he was also slightly shocked, “My eyes were blind. My eyes were blind which hence mistook the gentleman. I plead for the gentleman’s forgiveness. Please come inside, come inside……” Within the group of people led by Lin Sheng, some of them could not endure and laughed out loud. Liu Wei's expression immediately turned sullen. When she entered, Liu Wei who was walking behind Rong Leng dropped her head. She peered at the steady-paced man in front. Her eyes narrowed, she raised her leg and gave a kick. She wanted to kick the man once as revenge. But never did she know, when she raised her legs, the man changed his pace as if he had eyes on his back. Liu Wei was caught off-guard. Not to mention that she missed; she nearly fell! Luckily, Xiao Li, who was walking beside her, had good eyes. He quickly supported his mother but asked worriedly, “Dad, are you unwell?” Liu Wei had her stomach full of rage, but could only trap it in, “No worries.” Instead, her eyes furiously stared at the dark figure in front. The land of the prime minister manor is extremely big. The group of people only reached after walking a moment. “This is the fifth young master Qing Tu courtyard. The prime minister is waiting inside.” Liu Tong pointed to the front led by a secluded and quiet path. Rong Leng took a quick glimpse and asked, “Your family’s young master went missing here?” Liu Tong let out a deep sigh, “That’s right. Poor fifth young master. Our fifth young master is the lifeblood of master and lady, and he had just turned two. What kind of sin have they done to suffer such a tragedy? When our lady heard of this news, she cried so hard that she almost fainted. Although the master did not say anything on the surface, he must be anxious deep down. Including the young masters and ladies, they had always loved the fifth young master dearly. Now that he went missing in front of the eyes of everyone, I sincerely plead to Lord Lin and Lord General. You must definitely find our fifth young master. If not, many people of the manor could no longer live.” Liu Wei does not know how loved this fifth young master is to everyone since when she left, he was not born yet. But based on her understanding of the people in Liu residence, if something happened to the fifth young master, many people would indeed be considered dead. The first people to bear the brunt would no doubt be those personal servant girls and boys that served him. Inside the courtyard, she could see the whole area brightly lit up and filled with lanterns. Liu Wei scanned the area. In the centre of the courtyard, she saw a handsome and straight figure talking to the servants. When the other party heard footsteps, he turned his head. Immediately, there was a young-looking face, which shared some resemblance as Liu Wei’s, appeared in front. Liu Yu. Liu manor’s first young master, which is also Liu Wei’s eldest brother. Her eldest brother of the same father; but a different mother. The moment she thought how Liu Yu was already a three-pin official in the court with his extraordinary talents at such a young age, Liu Wei unknowingly lowered the ledge of her hat. She was slightly unconfident ultimately. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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