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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort When Liu Yu saw Rong Leng come over, he was stunned for a bit. But he reacted quickly and immediately greeted him as he cupped his hands politely, “It has been a long time, Lord General!” They are government officials of the same court. Even though they had never socialized, they still are inevitably nodding acquaintances. Rong Leng “mhm” in agreement. His gaze was calm as he spoke, “It has been a long time, vice-minister.” “My brother had just informed me yesterday that he had a chance encounter with the lord at the outskirts of the capital a few days ago. Additionally, he mentioned that thanks to the young child from the Lord’s manor, they managed to save the life of that disappointing bodyguard. On behalf of my brother, I once again thank the Lord for lending a helping hand!” As Liu Yu spoke, he saw Liu Xiao Li who was beside Rong Leng, “This must be the young child? His appearance and behaviour are indeed conspicuous; such an endearing child.” Liu Wei’s heart tightened and subconsciously, she blocked her son’s small face. Rong Leng casually said, “It was just a child’s act before thinking. No need for praise.” “I do not think so. I think a child should be praised after doing good. Especially so, since the child is so knowledgeable at such a young age. I believe he would be the country’s main pillar of support in the future. Hence, we should not dishonour his talent at present.” Liu Yu said and then saw Liu Wei who was beside Liu Xiao Li. He was stunned for a while, “Oh, this lady is……” Liu Wei barely contained her temper, “Vice minister is mistaken.” The moment Liu Yu heard it was a male voice, he changed his address, “Look at me. The sky is so dark now that I could not even see properly. I hope the gentleman does not take it as an offence.” Liu Wei waved her hands and remained silent. Rong Leng introduced, “This is my important guest, Sir Liu. Speaking of which, it is such a coincidence that you two share the same family name.” Liu Wei did not know if it was her hallucination that she heard Rong Leng emphasized the phrase “same family name”. “That is indeed a coincidence.” Liu Yu agreed and began to observe Liu Wei. His identity must not be simple since he is the important guest of the mighty Lord General of the Zheng Ge department. Liu Wei did not like to be stared at by him. She uncomfortably spoke out, “Let us settle official matters first.” Liu Yu let out a sigh, “Let’s talk inside. My father is inside the room.” The few of them walked along the long corridor and reached the entrance of the main room. Inside the room, a middle-aged man was sitting on the chair looking spiritless while grabbing two small wooden balls. His eyes stopped at the toy basket inside the room, looking distraught. “Father, the capital magistrate and General Rong from the Zheng Ge department have arrived.” Liu Yu said. The middle-aged man then turned his head and scanned the people at the entrance. Lin Sheng greeted as he bowed, “Greetings to the prime minister.” Liu Cheng waved his hands and looked at Rong Leng, “It must have been troublesome for General Rong to come even though it is already this late.” “That is not true, prime minister.” Rong Leng said. He observed the surroundings, “This is the fifth young master’s room?” “Yes, this is Feng Er’s room.” Liu Cheng’s expression was extremely bad, “Whatever the Lord General wants to check, go ahead. As long as we can find Feng Er, I will definitely cooperate.” Rong Leng nodded and looked towards Liu Wei. Liu Wei lowered her feathered hat again and then walked into the room while holding on to her son. Since Liu Xiao Li already knew what he needed to do while on the way when he entered the room, he instinctively began to observe the surroundings. Liu Wei simply took a glimpse and asked Liu Cheng, “May I ask the prime minister who the first person to find out the fifth young master went missing is? Are the servants still here? Can I ask them a few questions?” Liu Cheng with a solemn expression stared at her deeply. He asked after sizing her up, “You are?” “This is Sir Liu. General Rong specially invited him to aid in the investigation in the death of the missing children.” Liu Yu explained. Liu Cheng nodded, but his eyes were deep in thought, “Family name is Liu too?” “Just the same family name.” Rong Leng did not explain further. Liu Cheng took another glance at Liu Wei. His brows raised, “Why did Sir Liu wear the feathered hat? This is only something the ladies wear.” Liu Wei chuckled, “You may not know my lord. I had just caught a cold and my complexion is not good. Hence, to not offend the lord with my haggard appearance, I am wearing the hat as a cover. Initially, I wanted to buy a bamboo hat but who knew that the servant’s eyes were so bad that he bought a feathered hat for ladies. But since it has already been bought, and it is not good to be wasteful, I might as well just wear it for now. My cold would get better after two to three more days anyway so it is unnecessary to waste more taels.” When she explained, she purposely emphasized the phrase “servant’s eyes were so bad”. Rong Leng’s dark pupils faintly twitched while standing beside her. “Oh, I see.” Liu Cheng muttered and turned to Liu Yu, “Bring all those people over.” At this point, Liu Xiao Li had walked to his mother’s side. Liu Wei looked at him and Xiao Li shook his head – which means that there was nothing suspicious. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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