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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort After a short while, Liu Yu brought over ten to twenty people. Among them, half were injured, and two of them were carried over. The room was too small. Hence, they stopped at the corridor. Liu Wei walked over and sized each of them up. Her face was glum, “Executed torture on them?” Liu Yu replied from the side, “We just simply questioned them on a few things. Please do not think too much about it, Sir.” The current emperor extremely discourages the usage of torture for personal purposes. Therefore, Liu Yu said that to remind Liu Wei not to blabber nonsense. Liu Wei understood. She did not say anything, squatted and asked the badly battered young servant boy who was the closest to her, “Are you one of the fifth young master’s servants?” That young servant boy nodded frightenedly and stammered, “My lord, my lord! I am wronged! I did not abduct the fifth young master. I really do not know how the fifth young master went missing. My lord, my lord, you must believe me!” Liu Wei’s ears hurt from the noise. She then asked another servant girl who was beside him, “Who was the first to discover it?” The servant girl had her head beaten up. Her forehead still had dried bloodstains and her eyes were swollen red. Even now, she stammered, “I… I really do not know anything. I do not know where the fifth young master went…… I have never seen any outsider come into the Qing Tu courtyard either. I really do not know anything……” Liu Wei sighed and stood up. She patrolled among these people another time. Finally, her eyes stopped at a paled lip servant girl with rosy cheeks, but her forehead was drenched in sweat. Liu Wei wanted to ask but just then, that servant girl suddenly fell forward. Liu Wei quickly supported her. However, she felt that the servant girl was scorching hot – she was obviously having a high fever. “Yue Er……” The other servant girl who was standing beside her blurted out. Liu Wei supported the servant girl named Yue Er. She turned to Liu Yu and coldly proclaimed, “The methods used by the prime minister manor to question their servants has indeed opened my horizons!” Liu Yu frowned and gave a meaningful glance to the housekeeper, Liu Tong. Liu Tong accepted the order and wanted to drag Yue Er away. Instead, Liu Wei avoided his hands, “What does the Lord General think about this?” Rong Leng initially did not want to be involved in these shameful matters of other households. But since Liu Wei called him, he could not simply ignore. And so, he asked, “What is the intention of Sir?” Liu Wei continued, “Doesn’t the Lord General think that before getting the bottom of things, suspects are just suspects and they are not guilty of the crime just yet?” “That is what I thought.” Rong Leng looked at Liu Cheng and shot another glance at Liu Yu. Liu Yu cupped his hands, politely and sincerely, “What the Lord said is right. I will immediately bring a physician over.” Based on the shitty nature of Liu manor, this physician would not reach even after tomorrow’s morning. Liu Wei coldly humphed and called, “Xiao Li, come over.” Liu Xiao Li ran over with his short legs. Liu Wei opened her hands towards him. The small boy fished out a small bottle with the plum blossom sigil from his backpack. He opened the plug, shook out two small pills and passed it to his mother. Liu Wei took one and squeezed it into Yue Er’s mouth. The pill melts in contact, hence it would be effective without swallowing. Yue Er could only feel her throat instantly become cool and refreshing. Until she hazily regained her consciousness, she felt someone squeezing another something in her mouth. Instantly, she felt another wave of coolness slowly spreading in her mouth once again. She weakly opened her eyes. This time, she noticed her consciousness slowly became clearer. “Awake?” Liu Wei softly asked. Yue Er could only hear the swaying but gentle voice. She gasped for air and tried harder to open her eyes wider. Instead, behind the thin veil, there was an extremely familiar face which she knows very well. “First…… first young lady?” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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