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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Yue Er's voice was very soft – as if a fleeting dream, so no one heard her. But Liu Wei heard her. Her heart jumped and her complexion slightly changed. Have I been recognized by her? No, that’s impossible. The housekeeper, Liu Cheng, Liu Yu, and so many people did not recognize me. How is it possible that this sick and dazed little servant girl recognizes me? She stood up and pretended to tidy her clothes calmly, “I have already given her medicine. Send her back to properly rest. Once she wakes up and her fever subsides, give her some porridge. After two days of rest, she will be well.” “I did not expect that Sir is skilled in medicines too.” Liu Cheng suddenly spoke. His voice was especially calm, “Liu Tong, why haven’t you brought this girl back to rest. Do not let others think that the prime minister manor ill-treats our servants.” “Yes.” Liu Tong hurriedly agreed and personally supported Yue Er to walk. Liu Wei took a glance at Liu Cheng. Liu Cheng had already turned away his eyes and walked back into the room. Liu Yu knew his father seemed unconcerned. But deep down, he is extremely concerned about the fifth brother. Hence, he rushed, “Sir Liu, are you done examining these people?” Liu Wei’s tone was calm, “Why is the vice minister so anxious? If I do not question them properly, how am I supposed to bring back the fifth young master?” Bring back? What a big talker. Liu Yu did not say anything, but he half-heartedly continued, “Then we shall follow the ways of Sir.” Liu Tu did not totally trust that Liu Wei could investigate something from the disappearance of Liu Feng. After all, there were many disappearances of children these three years but none of them managed to come back. Of course, other than their corpses. Based on how the things were, Liu Yu himself knew very well that this case itself is most likely done by the unfathomable and mysterious thief. But because the Liu manor is still a family of high status, when the residence has lost a master and the culprit has not been caught, the manor would need to have some behaviours. And these behaviours, firstly, is to let the servants pay with their lives. But in actual fact, there is no point in making them pay with their lives. At most, it was just to vent their anger and that was all. Liu Yu was randomly pondering. He planned to return and urged his own mother – properly tell her that his fifth brother had most likely met with a mishap; especially after seeing how his father looked like he was giving up. After all, his mother is a woman and being in deep sorrow would make her body ill; so ill that she would not recover even if she treated it. Hence, the best way now is to accept that fact and overcome it. And while the first young master, Liu Yu, was planning for his future troubles, Liu Wei’s pupils concentrated on a servant girl who was kneeling beside Yue Er…… This person did not have any injuries, nor did she weep. Hence, she was likely to be communicable. “What is your name?” She asked. That servant girl’s voice was extremely calm, “Replying to the lord, my name is Yi Hui.” “You are one of the fifth young master personal servants?” Yi Hui nodded, “Initially, I am the lady’s second-rate servant girl. After the fifth young master was born, the lady trusted me and hence sent me to the fifth young master’s courtyard to work.” As she explained, she purposely emphasized, “I watched the fifth young master grow up. Therefore, I definitely do not have any intention to harm the fifth young master. I plead with the lord to investigate thoroughly.” Liu Wei did not respond to that. She continued to ask, “When the fifth young master went missing, where were you?” Yi Hui explained, “I was not in the room that time. I was in the courtyard. It was Xi Que’s loud scream that I rushed into the room, only to find out the fifth young master was missing.” “Which one of you is Xi Que?” Liu Wei looked at the rest. The surroundings fell into dead silence. No one spoke. Liu Wei frowned, “Xi Que is not here?” Yi Hui bit her lips and secretly glanced at the first young master. Noticing that the first young master did not look at her, she was unsure if she could explain. In the end, she hesitated and softly said, “Xi, Xi Que had already been beaten to death by the lady……” Liu Wei narrowed her eyes, “Dead?” Her gaze turned and looked towards Liu Yu. Liu Yu had felt something, but he did not know how to explain. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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