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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The capital magistrate wiped his sweat. At an appropriate timing, he spoke out to resolve the awkwardness, “Could it be possible that Xi Que is the mole of the mysterious thief inside the manor? The prime minister’s madam must have discovered this and therefore executed this sinner to death. It is just that this method of execution…… is unavoidably careless. I plead the vice-minister to return and inform your mother that this kind of thing is supposed to be in the capital magistrate’s charge. In the future, nobilities of the manor ought not to perform execution for personal purposes.” Lin Sheng had defused the situation. Liu Yu pursed his lips and naturally continued, “This time, my mother lost her son and has indeed lost control over her emotions. Please be assured, Lord Lin. These kinds of things would never……” “Let us stop with these courtesy words. Give me Xi Que’s corpse.” Without waiting for Liu Yu to finish, Liu Wei has already interrupted. “Corpse?” Liu Yu stunned for a bit. Liu Wei looked at Rong Leng. Evidently, explaining her identity was not something she would patiently do. The hardworking General Rong could only continue, “Seems like I have forgotten to mention that Sir Liu is a coroner. Vice-minister, I trust that you still have Xi Que’s corpse?” Liu Yu opened his mouth startled. In his heart he thought, your courage is admirable Rong Leng. Our manor has simply lost a child and you brought a coroner over. What were you thinking? Who are you cursing? Even though he was thinking these in his heart, he would not say it out. He could only coldly look at the servant boy at his side. His personal servant boy shuddered and quickly ran out to the Qing Tu courtyard. Within a short while, the servant boy returned. He did not bring the corpse, but he brought a person over. This person is none other than the Liu residence; prime minister manor’s lady, Liu Lyu clan. This was the third time Liu Wei saw Liu Lyu clan in her lifetime. The first time was just when she transmigrated over. That time, her consciousness was hazy because she was ill. Liu Lyu clan came to visit her, bestowed a few medications and left a physician. However, she hated the stuffiness of the room and stayed for no more than fifteen minutes. The second time was after Liu Wei recovered and was urged by servant girls and aunties to thank Liu Lyu clan. However, when she reached the main hall, the family’s merchant shopkeeper was reporting to Liu Lyu clan, and hence she was not free to entertain Liu Wei. Liu Wei was docile and waited in the courtyard for up to two hours. When Liu Lyu clan was finally free to call her in before she could sit down, Liu Lyu clan gave her a sentence, “Wei Er had just recovered. Why did you walk about? Quickly return to your room and rest” and then nimbly called her to leave. Later, Liu Wei did not want to step into the main courtyard no matter what. And then again, she escaped. Even though she sees her nominal mother after five years, her impression of her was still not good. And right now, this prime minister’s madam was glowering at her. Behind her was a crowd like a flock of shrimp soldiers and crab generals – which was obvious that they came to find trouble. Liu Yu was shocked too when he saw his mother’s arrival. By right, with so many outsider males, womenfolk should not come. He walked up and greeted in a good tone, “Mother, what are you……” “Is it the capital magistrate that wants that lowly servant’s corpse?” Liu Lyu clan had her back straight. Even though her eyes were swollen from all the tears and in low vitality, she still persevered to look revitalized and carry the bearings of the house’s lady. Liu Yu was in a difficult situation. He reprimanded the servants who were standing aside, “How do you all tend to the lady? The lady is not well, and you all did not persuade her to rest inside her chamber! And now you all allowed the lady to come out to catch a cold! If anything happens to the lady, can you all bear the consequences?” Immediately, the servants knelt to the ground with a thud. Liu Lyu clan disliked the actions of her son, “What are you howling at them for? I asked you, is it the capital magistrate who wants Xi Que, that lowly servant's corpse?” Liu Yu softly coaxed, “Mother, the court officials have their procedures. If they want the corpse, just give them. It is just a dead servant. Is it necessary for Mother to personally come here?” “I personally came here just to tell you, I will not give them Xi Que’s corpse!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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