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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort While waiting, Liu Lyu clan was not willing to leave. However, she is still a woman and the courtyard is full of outsider males, for example, the magistrate patrol guards. In the end, Liu Yu could only let her wait inside the room. Prime minister Liu was inside the room too as the couple met each other's eyes. When Liu Lyu clan saw the small ball in Liu Cheng’s palm, she immediately knew that it was the favourite toy of Liu Feng. Uncontrollably, her tears flowed out. The servant girl beside, Qiao Xin, comforted, “Please take care of yourself, my lady.” Liu Lyu clan waved her hands and let the servant girls leave. Until the room was empty, she then sat next to her husband. Her tears continued to flow as she choked with sobs, “We really can’t find Feng Er anymore?” Liu Cheng let out a breath. Under the candlelight, his eyes were muddled instead of the usual shrewd, “Don't know you the ways of the thief.” Liu Lyu clan raged, “Then what is the person outside trying to do! My Feng Er would not be back anyway……” Liu Cheng looked at her, “When a crime occurs, we would have to report to the authorities. If we do not make a report, they would not know where to send the body when it is found.” This was said too explicitly. Liu Lyu clan’s heart trembled, her mind was dizzy and nearly fainted. “Do you really need to say it like that? Feng Er is your son!” Liu Cheng did not respond. His complexion changed quickly as he held his first wife’s hands. At this moment, Liu Lyu clan became soft-hearted. She pounced into the embrace of her husband and properly cried again. After she had cried a while, she asked as she breathed deeply, “That Sir Liu wanted Xi Que’s corpse. He said he can find the truth and maybe he could manage to find our Feng Er……” Even though she knew that it was a dead-end, as a mother, she has never thought of giving up a single opportunity. Liu Cheng patted her back while he remained silent. The two of them quietly hugged each other as their silhouette showed their distraught. Liu Xiao Li’s short figure leaned on the side of the door. He saw the two big grown-ups hugging each other. His big round eyes immediately shone when he noticed the small toy basket next to the bed. When he was checking the room just now, he did not find any abnormalities but he had instinctively felt something was not right. Now, he recalled – it is that toy basket! He needed to take a closer look now to further analyse what is the issue with that basket! But now that the room had people, it would not be nice to enter. Just when Liu Xiao Li was contemplating to enter the room, Liu Lyu clan was already out of Liu Cheng’s embrace. She raised her head and saw the evasive little silhouette at the door. Immediately, she shouted, “Feng Er!” This scream had shocked Liu Cheng who was beside her; and Liu Xiao Li who was sneakily peeping at the door. Liu Cheng swiftly turned, and Liu Xiao Li suddenly stood straight. The three of them looked at each other in dismay and baffled. Liu Cheng came back to his senses first. He firmly held the shoulders of his wife and explained, “You saw wrongly. This is the young child from Rong Leng’s manor.” Liu Lyu also knew that she recognized wrongly. Her gaze gradually scattered while tiredness shone on her face which she had been maintaining. Liu Xiao Li glanced at the toy basket. He dawdled awhile and asked, “Can I go in and play?” “No!” Liu Lyu clan coldly said, “No one can enter my Feng Er’s room!” Liu Xiao Li pouted his lips, slightly unhappy. Liu Cheng still had better conduct than his grieving wife. This boy is after all the illegitimate child of the Third Prince – they should not offend him as much as possible. “Why are you holding it against a child?” He said to Liu Lyu clan, then turned to Liu Xiao Li and waved, “Come in and play. What do you want to play?” The moment Liu Xiao Li had given consent, he ran into the room grinning. He did not bother about Liu Cheng and ran straight for the toy basket. Without saying anything, he overturned the basket. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Liu Lyu clan uncannily screamed and dashed to Liu Xiao Li back to kick him. Fortunately, Liu Xiao Li moved away quickly and avoided the attack. He stood at a side and frowned, “You are really strange! Your husband had already agreed to let me come in to play. All I did was to move these little toys and you wanted to kick me. If you are not a woman, I would have definitely let you have a taste of my prowess.” “YOU –!” Liu Lyu clan was extremely furious and loudly shrieked, “YOU THIS SON OF A BASTARD! I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO BUTCHER YOU INTO PIECES!” Just as she finished, she dashed over to catch Liu Xiao Li. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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