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Instead, the magistrate smiled, “Sir Liu’s reputation is so well-known across the country. But I never knew that Sir Liu has such as young pleasant-looking brother.” “You are too polite, Lord. Xiao Li is my son.” “Oh, so this is your son. He does look like you.” As he finished, the magistrate took a glance at the advisor. The advisor took the hint and he carefully explained, “Sir Liu, we have sent someone to deliver a letter to the Qu Jiang residence. Once they have confirmed your identity, you can leave. However, as of now, we would have to trouble you to stay in the Yamen for a while.” Both, the magistrate and the advisor, do not want to offend Liu Wei. Firstly, she came from Qu Jiang residence. Not to be disrespectful, Qu Jiang residence is in the Jiang Nan imperial capital. Presently, the official capital is in the north. The north and the south are separated by a river. And Qu Jiang is the biggest prefectural seat in the south. Not only it occupies a large area, but it is also more populous and affluent than the other smaller prefectures. Furthermore, the position of the prefect, within the Qu Jiang residence, is the emperor’s most favoured confidant because he held the jurisdiction over the important lands in the south. Therefore, even though the other party is just an eight-pin coroner, they cannot afford to neglect them since they are from the Qu Jiang government. Even the Fu Ping district magistrate only has seven-pin. Additionally, in all regions of the Qing Yun country, coroners were always no pin. If the coroner made it big, they could be promoted to nine-pin. However, in the whole history of Qing Yun country, there are no coroners who receive a government position as high as eight-pin. But this man, Sir Liu, broke all rules and received an imperial edict by the emperor as an eight-pin coroner. This incident shook the southern part of the country, which was also the reason why they knew the reputation of Sir Liu even though the Fu Ping county is remote. Liu Wei smiled uncaringly. Seeing how nervous the district magistrate is, she felt bad, “No worries. The murderer’s location is lost within the Fu Ping county anyways. I will rest for a bit since I do not have any leads to follow up in this short period.” As he is so easy-going, the magistrate sighed a relief. He sent the advisor to arrange accommodation. The advisor swiftly moved. Just as he reached the doorsteps, he shouted in shock. He turned and ran back, “Crow, it’s a crow!” At this moment, a warbling came from the outside of the room, “Caw.” Liu XiaoLi’s ears moved. He threw the cakes and ran out happily. He raised his head and shouted, “ZhenZhu, I’m right here! Quick, come down.” After calling, the pitched black crow dived down quickly. His shiny beak was so sharp that it terrifies people. The advisor screamed, “That bird will hurt people!” Just as he finished his words, he saw the bird, that was diving down, dexterously landed on the boy’s shoulder, rubbing its head on the boy’s ear. The advisor was shocked. The magistrate was stunned too. Liu Wei explained, “This little guy is domesticated. Its name is ZhenZhu.” “You are raising a crow?” The advisor swallowed his saliva, his face paled. In his whole life, he had never seen anyone raise a calamity bird. The aura of the bird is ominous, live in graves and eats corpses. People who see it will run and hide. Instead, he is raising one. ZhenZhu heard that his owner is calling for him. He fluttered his wings to fly, scuttled into the room and obediently stood on Liu Wei’s arm. The advisor just stared at the scene unbelievably while the magistrate was more insightful. He recollected his thoughts, “Sir Liu is indeed unique.” Coroners had to be in contact with corpses every day. Raising this type of bird seems logical. Even though this is out of the norm, but there are no regulations that people cannot raise crows. Furthermore, this bird even has a name. No doubt the prefect in Qu Jiang had allowed it. He, of course, has no rights to say no. Following the next few days, Liu Wei stayed in the Yamen. Since they travelled for the past month from Qu Jiang to Fu Ping county, Liu XiaoLi was tired too. Hence, it was better for them to rest and be comfortable. However, after a few days, he was unhappy. Every day, he was held in the Yamen and was bored to death. “Mom, when can we leave?” In the room, Liu XiaoLi climbed up to his mother’s bed, pulling and nudging on her sleeves. Liu Wei was doing some light reading. She ignores him, pretending not to hear. Li XiaoLi was very unhappy. He pouted his mouth and pounced himself into her embrace. He shook her body, not letting go, “Mom, mom, mom. When are we leaving, when are we leaving!” He called too loudly. Liu Wei raised her brows, she curled her fingers and knocked his forehead. This time round, she did not hold back her strength. Liu XiaoLi released his grasped and covered his head with his hands in pain. Liu Wei shot him a glance, “Try calling louder again. How many times have I told you, what should you call me when we are outside? If you call me ‘mom’ again, I will punish you, not allowing you to talk for a month.” Liu XiaoLi quickly covered his mouth. His dark pupils looked pitiful, almost seeping with tears. He feels so bitter to have such a fierce mother. Seeing that he is well-behaved, Liu Wei turned and continue reading her book. Liu XiaoLi did not dare to cause trouble. He squatted next to the bedside, teasing ZhenZhu. He offered his unfinished minced meat to ZhenZhu as a meal. Both old and young were abnormally quiet. After a while, a call came from the outside. “Is Sir Liu inside?” Liu Wei raised her brows, she threw her book aside. She turned her head towards her sulky son who was back-facing her, hugging Zhenzhu and sniffling. She walked towards him and used her toe to nudge her son’s back, asking, “I’m going out to play, are you joining?” “You scolded me just now, dad!” The boy does not turn back. He complained sadly, but still obediently changed the way he calls Liu Wei.

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