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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Xiao Li dodged, hid behind Liu Cheng and gave Liu Lyu clan a big wry face. Before Liu Lyu clan catch him, he dashed towards the other side of the room. Liu Lyu clan chased him until she was battered and exhausted as Liu Xiao Li bounced up and down in front of her. Liu Cheng’s face turned solemn when he saw this whole chaotic scene. He grabbed his wife and shouted, “Enough! Look at how you look right now!” Liu Lyu clan was so angry that she paled. Her finger trembled as she pointed at Liu Xiao Li, “I want to catch this son of a bastard!” “He is the young child of General Rong! Stop acting like a crazed woman!” “I DON’T CARE!” The couple was busy arguing. Liu Xiao Li had stirred things up. Plus, he had run twice around the room and figured some things out. He slapped the dust off his butts and ran out towards the door, “You guys can slowly chat. I shall no longer accompany you!” As he finished, that nimble small silhouette disappeared in the corner. Liu Cheng chased after him out of the room, but he could no longer see the young child. “Such quick movements, no wonder he is the son of Rong Leng. So young and yet his Kung Fu is not weak.” Liu Cheng muttered. At this instance, the servants outside came to report, “Master and Lady, Xi Que’s body has already been sent to the front yard.” Liu Lyu clan heard and wanted to follow without caring that she was drenched in sweat. Instead, Liu Cheng stalled her, “You wait here. Don’t go out and show your face in public.” “I……” Liu Lyu wanted to say something. But Liu Cheng had already left together with the servant. Liu Lyu clan stomped angrily. She raised her voice and loudly shouted, “Qiao Xin.” Qiao Xin, who was patiently waiting to be called, hurriedly ran out, “My lady?” “You go to the front and have a look. Report back to me if anything happens.” Qiao Xin received the order and hurriedly ran to the front yard. And right then, the front yard was bustling with people. Those servants that were related to the disappearance of Liu Feng was still kneeling in the courtyard. Liu Wei did not mention letting them leave and hence they had to stay. Xi Que’s body was sent over and stopped at the centre of the courtyard. The sky had already darkened fully by then. The lanterns in the courtyard had increased, forcibly making the corpse illuminate an orange tinge. Although the feathered heat that Liu Wei wore could cover her appearance, it still had some inconvenience to her vision. She circled the corpse twice without touching, just analyzing the surface first. Liu Yu stood next to the capital magistrate and softly asked, “What is the background of this Sir Liu?” The capital magistrate also softly replied, “I do not know either. The Lord General brought this young gentleman over this afternoon after I properly organized the records of the cases regarding the disappearance of the children. If you ask what skill he has, I do not know either. I heard that he is a coroner. Lord General thinks highly of him. Although Sir Liu talks impudently, Lord General does not have a single frown. Surely, he must have some sort of real capability. If not, he would not have indulged his impudence.” “What sort of real capability would a coroner have? Has he examined a corpse before?” “He has not since the Yamen I am governing does not always have corpse prepared. But the Lord General had mentioned to go to the Duke of Yue State’s manor and request the Duke to open the coffin of the young child for a re-examination of the corpse.” “What?” Liu Yu's eyes widened. His eyes went past the capital magistrate and landed on Rong Leng who was standing close by, “Opening the coffin for a re-examination of the corpse? No wonder he is a nobility working for the court. His balls are bigger than you and I. Requesting the Duke of Yue State to open the coffin for re-examination, the Old Lady of the Duke would definitely eat him up!” “Who knows. This corpse of the young child has already been buried for half a month. In such a climate, the body would have been rotten after being buried. What’s there to examine?” Liu Yu no longer spoke. Instead, his vision landed on the white-robed gentleman who was still circling non-stop around Xi Que’s body. “Let’s wait and see. Maybe he really has some sort of real capabilities.” And just as he finished, a small figure ran out from the crowd. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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