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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Xiao Li energetically bounced and hopped into the circle. Noticing that his mother was already preparing to examine the corpse, he immediately ran over. “Finally played enough?” Liu Wei shot him a glance. Liu Xiao Li stuck out his tongue and softly said, “Dad, I have a new discovery.” Liu Wei raised her brows, “Hmmm?” Liu Xiao Li moved closer and muttered next to her. After he was done, he asked again, “Dad, do you want to go and have a look?” “No need.” Liu Wei went into deep thought, and opened her hands towards him, “Examine the corpse first. Gloves.” Liu Xiao Li opened his omnipotent mini backpack. He pulled out a pair of gloves and passed it to his mother. Then he took out a notepad and an odd-looking wooden rod from the backpack. He stood next to his mother upright while holding the notepad. The capital magistrate and Liu Yu looked at each other. They walked closer to Rong Leng and carefully asked, “Lord General, the young child is……” “Making records.” Rong Leng had seen this scenario before, and therefore he did not feel anything wrong with it. The capital magistrate and Liu Yu did not comprehend. In their heart they both have the same thought, is this young child the Lord General’s biological son? Who would actually let his own son follow a coroner and wander around a corpse? Ignoring the thoughts of other people, both mother and son had already made preparations. Liu Wei grasped Xi Que’s hand and said, “The gap in the fingernails are black, evident of bloodstains. It has a scent of lotus. The surface of her fingers is wrinkled and peeled, which are evidence of soaking. Additionally, there are some light injuries.” After she finished, Liu Wei looked at the servants who were kneeling at one side, “Before the incident, Xi Que was inside the room making lotus pastries?” The servants looked at each other in dismay. In the end, Yi Hui replied, “Reporting to the lord, whatever happened inside the room, the second-rate servants like us would not know. But indeed, Xi Que had asked us to pick some lotuses this morning and had personally crushed the flowers in the afternoon.” Liu Wei nodded while Liu Xiao Li quickly recorded everything at a tremendous speed. Liu Wei continued upwards and stared at Xi Que’s arm, “The flesh is slightly swelling. For a person who is dead for not more than two hours, this kind of swelling is unnatural, hence it is due to external factors.” She analysed and asked, “Did Xi Que start making the pastries after she was done bathing? She used Poria mushroom instead of Chinese honey locust. But the Poria mushroom soap was mixed with an unusual scent – golden lychee?” (TN: It is a fictional fruit made by the author.) Yi Hui was shocked and nodded, “Yes, Xi Que used the Poria mushroom soap mixed with golden lychee. Golden lychee does not have any weird scent and it is effective. Sister Xi Que has always been attentive in attending the fifth young master. She was afraid that her body was not clean enough, or she has odours that would irritate the fifth young master.” Liu Wei’s eyes moved towards Xi Que’s face. Other than the obvious tyrannical slap mark on her face, her neck had a weird looking bruise. “Linear bruised; as thin as a strand of hair. Light wound without and signs of bleeding. It was not a death threatening wound. The murder weapon must be something like a fishing line. The wound is three inches away from the throat; directly putting pressure on the throat.” Liu Xiao Li listened, raised his head and asked, “A throat is a person's vital location. If there was no intention to kill, why did the culprit put pressure there?” “A person’s vital location is also a location to exhaust their breath. When it is injured, the person would be in pain and sore. She would be busy tending to herself and that is the best moment to abduct someone.” Liu Xiao Li immediately understood. He quickly recorded it down and finally found out something was not right, “Since he already wanted to abduct, why did he want to leave this person’s life?” Liu Wei laughed but she did not explain this time. Obviously, she got the answer in her heart clearly. Liu Xiao Li waited but did not get an answer. He guessed that maybe it was not convenient for his mother to explain since there were so many people around and hence, he did not press on. Liu Wei loosened Xi Que’s robe and her chests were exposed. Xi Que was after all an unmarried lady. This action has made all the men unknowingly turn away. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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