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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei looked at the odd-looking bruise on Xi Que’s body and raised her brows, “Three inches above her chest has an arc-shaped wound due to impact. Badly bruised and constricting her breastbone.” She lightly pressed the wound and narrowed her eyes, “It is made by a cutlass.” Liu Xiao Li flustered. He wedged the notepad under his armpit and bit on the wooden rod that does not need dipping ink to write, while he took out the scalpel. Liu Wei took the scalpel. The tip of the scalpel landed carefully and made a slit in between Xi Que’s bruised chest as she separates the flesh. Immediately, the smell of blood spread the whole room. Liu Xiao Li could not see properly. He walked a little closer, tiptoed and looked inside. Liu Xiao Li was stunned when he saw, “Oh!” Liu Wei asked, “What can you see?” Liu Xiao Li blinked his eyes, “The breastbone was split but not broken. This shows that the culprit’s strength was just nice and did not want her life. But why is that so?” The little boy's head was slowly getting muddled. Xiao Li extended his hands to touch the incision. He widened the incision and tried to take a glimpse inside as if he wanted to make sure that the bone was not broken. The people crowding around paled. Not to mention a child, even the sight of a corpse would make an adult scared. Instead, the boy dared to touch the corpse – unafraid of blood and bones. Am I seeing things? Isn’t this child afraid? Is he not disgusted? Doesn’t he feel like vomiting? The face of Lin Sheng and Liu Yu was bad. Both of them took a glance at Rong Leng who was beside them. Liu Yu could not help but open his mouth, “Lord General, is it alright…… for the young child to do that?” Rong Leng glanced at Liu Yu, “Hmm?” “If the young child touches this kind of filth, I am afraid that he would be tainted too.” Rong Leng replied with an “Oh” and continued, “Just a few corpses. Not as if he did not see before.” Liu Yu's face immediately darkened. What do you mean “not as if he did not see before”? Does the Lord General bring the child to play with a corpse whenever you have nothing to do? The capital magistrate was after all more experienced and knowledgeable. He was upright but his tone remained prudent, “Ancestors have said that children are more likely to attract the spirits. In my humble opinion, I think it is best to not let the child get close to those filthy things. What does the lord think?” Lin Sheng meant with good intentions. But obviously, Rong Leng did not appreciate it, “Xiao Li is Sir’s medical disciple.” The capital magistrate was stunned. After that, his mind went blank. Is there something wrong with the brains of this General Rong of Zheng Ge department? Medical disciple? A coroner’s medical disciple! Then what is he going to be in the future? The next generation’s coroner? A tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs. Even if he is an illegitimate child, he still has the same blood flowing in his veins. Never has he seen anyone insult his own son like this. What kind of occupation is a coroner? To put in bluntly, it is a low-ranked occupation rated equivalent to a butcher. Even though it has a ranked title for working in the Yamen and contributing to the court, it is still the filthiest, the most tiresome and the unluckiest occupation. Which normal person would nurture their innocent child to develop in such a direction? Not to mention to nurture them as a well-educated top scholar, but at least train and discipline them to become a general. Never has he seen anyone who would throw his child to become a coroner. The sons of royalty, especially Rong Leng, must have enjoyed their days so much that they have lost some screws. Liu Yu was shocked too, “The Lord must be joking.” Rong Leng shot him a glance, “I never joke!” As Rong Leng finished, he directly raised his feet and walked towards Liu Wei. Liu Yu's face was darkened. His heart was in a turmoil as if everything was in disorder. The capital magistrate softly asked, “Vice-minister, is that young child the biological son of the Lord General for real?” Liu Yu coldly replied, “General Rong personally admitted. What do you think?” The capital magistrate rubbed his nose. He was unwilling to believe that there is actually someone that would destroy his son’s future like that. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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