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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “How has the investigation been going?” Rong Leng walked to Liu Wei’s side. He looked at the exposed chest of the female corpse and plainly asked. Liu Wei smiled. The thin veil covered her appearance but did not cover the contempt in her words, “She had a very miserable death. The prime minister lady definitely did not have mercy. She is a married woman living in the back residence, yet her methods are more sinister and crueller than that in the jail at the Yamen of the Qu Jiang province.” “Only these?” He had no interest in these shameful secrets of others’ households. What he wanted to know were others. Liu Wei, of course, knew what he wanted to know. She casually said, “There are others too. But these are just assumptions and insufficient. I need to take another look at the fifth young master’s room.” As she said, she continued, “Bring these people too.” Liu Wei pointed at the crowd of suspects that were kneeling on the ground. “Alright.” Rong Leng said and called Liu Yu over. Liu Yu naturally agreed, but asked, “So, we just leave Xi Que’s body here?” Liu Wei removed her gloves and patted her son’s head, “You can just leave the rest to Xiao Li.” Liu Xiao Li was immediately revitalized. He had his chest out and head up – trying extremely hard to make himself look ‘extremely reliable’! Rong Leng stroked his hair as an encouragement. Instead, Liu Yu had a shock, “The young child? Lord General, the young child is still a child. How can he be tasked with such a horrifying and cruel matter?” Liu Xiao Li blinked his eyes. He did not understand why it is horrifying and cruel. But he can hear this person's doubts about his abilities. He was very unhappy, “This uncle does not trust me?” Liu Yu hurriedly smiled and coaxed, “Of course not. Please do not misunderstand, young child. It is just that I am afraid that these filthy matters would taint your body.” “What is there to be tainted? This sister corpse doesn’t smell anyway.” Liu Xiao Li said. He still went up to have a whiff. Indeed, it did not smell. Just a corpse dead two hours ago. Other than the blood stench and the smell of death, there was no other stench. Unlike those that had died ten days to half a month, those were full of flies and breeding maggots everywhere – unsightly and foul-smelling. Liu Yu’s smile stiffened. He unbearably moved half a step back. “Does the vice-minister have any other questions?” Rong Leng asked. Liu Yu awkwardly waved, “No. Please enter my lord.” The surrounding crowd automatically opened a path. It was only when they walked down the corridor that Liu Yu saw that his father was here too. “Father, General Rong said……” “I have heard.” Liu Cheng spoke. He looked at Liu Wei as his eyes were flashed with meaning, “I have never heard before the methodology Sir Liu used to examine corpses. May I know where Sir learns from?” Liu Wei politely cupped her hands, “My skill of examining corpses are inherited from my father. My father had a mediocre lifestyle, he was lecherous by nature and disappointed his wife. He is a real old scoundrel! However, he is a master in examining corpses. Previously, I asked him the reason for his interest in examining corpses. But my father only replied that he had been a murderous dictator half his lifetime and had been smelling hogwash; He wanted to change the flavour and hence he chose the foul smell of corpses. In my opinion, such a scum and degenerate like my father only deserved to smell the fouled corpse stench!” Hearing such a long chatter from Liu Wei, including how he slandered her father, Liu Cheng unhappily frowned. “Sir Liu extremely hates your father?” Liu Wei’s tone was relaxed, “I don't have the time to hate him. But if he is still alive, I wouldn’t mind disgusting him here and there. After all, he has been disgusting me for quite some time already!” http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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