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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “One’s body, hair and skin were bestowed by his parents. How can you speak such dishonourable words?” “I beg to differ, Prime Minister. If every father in the world is such a compassionate father like the Prime Minister, then naturally everyone would be filial to their elders. But there are so many people in the world that do not deserve to be a father. In the end, the ones who suffer the most are those innocent children.” Liu Cheng did not agree nor disagree, “Sir Liu is too extreme. Aren’t you at the peak of your career now? To be able to work under General Rong, you would definitely be in an important position from now on.” As he said this, he flashed a deep glance at Rong Leng. Rong Leng was expressionless and did not comment. Liu Cheng was deep in thought. He thought that Rong Leng is no doubt nurtured personally by the Emperor – increasingly capable in keeping his composure. Liu Wei smiled, “So what if Lord General appreciates me? I am still a lowly-ranked coroner. If only my father was willing to cultivate me last time, I would be educated and perhaps pass the imperial examinations as a known scholar. Then I would not need to work in such a low-ranked occupation that cut and examine corpses. In the end, this is all my father’s fault! That wretched beast should go down to the eighteenth floor of hell and never be reborn!” Liu Cheng did not know why but when Sir Liu scolded his father, he felt uncomfortable from his heads to toes! Liu Cheng awkwardly coughed and sized Liu Wei up and down. He wanted to observe closely the appearance which was separated by the veil. However, the sky was dark, and the veil was meant to cover her appearance. Hence, he did not manage to see anything. “Please enter, Sir.” Liu Cheng said finally. Then he ordered the servant, “Tell the lady to rest in another room.” The servant swiftly ran over. Liu Wei and Rong Leng brought along a line of ‘suspects’ behind them before following Liu’s father and son. They slowly passed through the corridor towards the room. When they reached, the room had no one. Liu Wei nodded as an indication, then entered the room and began to analyse attentively. Previously, she briefly scanned the room to get a general layout. Now, she came to analyse with a motive and hence she was more attentive. Liu Wei first observed the floor, then the table, windows, chairs, bed and even the scattered basket of toys on the floor – not missing out a single area. In the end, Liu Wei lifted the lid of the teapot and noticed that inside was empty. She asked, “Is tea never prepared in the fifth young master room?” Yi Hui who was among the servants honestly replied, “The fifth young master is still young, so he does not drink tea. Hot water is always prepared in the fifth young master room. I was the one who prepared the water tonight — fifteen minutes before the fifth young master went missing.” “Then that’s weird.” Liu Wei lifted the teapot and swung it, “Since the water was placed in the room fifteen minutes before the incident, that means it was drunk and finished within fifteen minutes? If it was finished, why didn’t Xi Que call someone to refill; If it was not finished, where did the water go? When the fifth young master went missing, the servants would be worried, and it would be chaotic. Could it be that someone came into the room to secretly have a drink in the fifth young master room? Or did the Prime Minister and his Lady have a drink in the room just now? But that doesn’t make sense. If someone drank the water, why are the teacups still properly overturned and does not have any evidence of usage? Unless, the person drank it directly from the teapot spout while holding the teapot?” As Liu Wei finished, the room immediately fell into dead silence. Liu Wei inquired Liu Cheng for an answer, “Did the Prime Minister drink the water from the teapot?” Liu Cheng shook his head, “No.” “The Lady too?” Liu Cheng turned and glanced at the servant. The servant ran to the room beside. After he was done asking, he came back, “Master, the Lady said she did not drink from the teapot.” “Then that is really weird.” Liu Wei talked to herself. She then walked to the windows and touched the carvings on the window that was moistened with water, “Oh! Why is it wet here?” Yi Hui, who was standing at the door, answered first, “There are quite a few small camellia shrubs growing just right outside the windows. The fifth young master likes the fragrance of the camelia, and therefore, the servants would carefully water them every early afternoon. The water probably splashed onto the cracks of the windows while watering. The cracks are narrow and once it is damp, it is not easily dried.” “Mm.” Liu Wei plainly nodded and retracted her fingers. But then she pointed at a platform below the windows, “Why is there water here too?” Yi Hui did not know how to answer. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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