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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Everyone remained silent — which meant that they all indeed thought so. Liu Wei sighed, “There is a wound on Xi Que’s neck and chest. Even on her fingers, there are fine wounds too.” “Even so, these cannot explain what Sir has said previously.” Liu Yu said. Checking herself in the mirror, a moment of distraction and the child disappear; how is it possible to observe all these just from the corpse? Liu Wei smiled, “The Vice Minister need not rush to question. I haven’t even finished explaining.” She said and pointed at the patch of water on the window. “Who left these patches of water? The teapot in the room does not have a single drop of water; who poured away the water? The wound on Xi Que’s neck and chest, where did it come from? And where did the culprit hide when he captured the fifth young master?” Seeing that everyone started to ponder, Liu Wei straightaway continued. “The windows had been opened by someone and something slippery had climbed in. My guess, it is a snake. That snake is not big — just a palm long. It first climbed in through the windows’ crack. The water splashed from the watering has yet to dry. Its wet body slithered down the window lattice and left a trace of a water patch on the small table next to the window. And because snakes have their natural oil, the water (mixed with oil) would not dry when it slithered in. It left its trace — entering from the windows, it went into the toy basket at the bottom in the end.” “So, does the Sir mean that the culprit who abducted my fifth brother is a small snake? Does Sir really think this is a paranormal talk?” “Can’t the Vice Minister voice your opinions after I finish explaining?” Liu Wei was unhappy to be interrupted, “Since the Vice Minister is so capable, why don’t you explain instead. I will listen to you.” Liu Cheng’s voice was deep, “Yu Er, let Sir finish explaining.” Liu Yu lowered his head. Liu Wei then continued, “This small snake is not a demon that can change into human form. I am not trying to push the happenings of the fifth young master onto the supernatural. Clearly, at this moment, the culprit is indeed a live person. It is just that the small snake has been trained and brought in a small item into the room. That is what made Xi Que’s neck itch.” “And what is that item?” “I don’t know.” Liu Wei spoke bluntly, “I have never seen nor heard of such an item before. But this item should be something like a thread. That thing climbed onto Xi Que’s neck and led to the happenings later. What happened afterwards, is the main issue.” She turned her gaze to Rong Leng. “General Rong, can you tell us what you saw on the roof beam?” At that moment, everyone’s gaze all turned towards him. Rong Leng replied monotonously, “A trace that someone had hidden there before.” “Explain it in detail.” Although she knew that this General Rong has a habit of simplifying his words and dislike talking too much to others, except for special matters, this was too summarised. Rong Leng looked as if he was rephrasing his words and repeated, “There are footprints on the roof beam not limited to an area.” “Is the culprit?” Liu Yu asked. Liu Wei continued, “Who else other than the culprit? Everyone knows that the culprit always comes and goes without a trace — extremely mysterious and odd. But I do not think so. He left so many clues that could cause him to be arrested immediately. I do not understand — no matter the Capital Magistrate or the Ministry of Justice, did they not realise anything at all from the previous cases?” The second she said that the faces of the two capital patrol guards who were following outside turned red. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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