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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The Magistrate trembled unbearably. All he could feel was a gust of sinister wind blowing under the dimmed rays of the lantern — giving him a terrible headache and making his eyes blur. He quickly moved back. In his heart he thought that the child must have been educated wrongly; if not, why would he be so scary — like a demon from the Gates of Hell that collects the dead. Just then, Liu Xiao Li heard footsteps coming from afar. He swiftly raised his head and immediately saw his mother and Uncle Rong. Liu Xiao Li dropped the corpse and dashed into Liu Wei’s embrace like a small missile. Liu Wei conveniently caught him and hugged, “Charging over so violently, you just simply can’t stay still.” Liu Xiao Li stuck out his tongue. His small head rested on his mother’s shoulders while his arms hung around her neck, acting coquettishly. The Capital Magistrate had his heart up at his throat — this child touched the corpse and did not wash his hands! Liu Wei could not carry the boy since Liu Xiao Li has been having good meals and becoming heavier. After a few breaths, she had enough. She casually threw the child into Rong Leng’s embrace. Rong Leng skillfully carried over and faintly rolled his eyes at a certain lazy bum. Liu Wei pretended not to notice the disdainful eyes of Rong Leng. She turned back and righteously clasped her hands politely towards Liu Cheng and Liu Yu. The two of them returned the greeting, their tone was extremely careful, “If Sir has any news, please do notify the manor.” “That is of course. The two lords need not worry.” In the end, Rong Leng left together with Liu Wei and Liu Xiao Li. The capital magistrate had to stay behind to tidy things up, so he did not leave. Seeing the two big and a small figure disappear, the magistrate prudently asked, “My lords, just now……” “What is the background of that Sir Liu?” Without waiting for the magistrate to finish asking, Liu Cheng had asked first. The magistrate hesitated for a while and quickly answered, “Replying to the lord, that is Sir Liu. Today is also my first time seeing him. Did he do something?” Liu Cheng did not speak. Instead, Liu Yu sighed, “He did a lot. I am not even sure if we have been ill-informed about the affairs. Father, do all coroners from other places handle cases this way?” “If they are all like this, why would Rong Leng think so highly about him.” Liu Cheng called out the name of the Third Prince without restraints. The magistrate naturally pretended to not hear anything. Liu Yu was also obviously used to it and hence did not have any reactions. Liu Yu was still curious, “This Sir Liu is really mysterious that even his appearance is hidden!” He said and asked the Capital Magistrate, “Have you seen his appearance before?” “Of course, I have seen before.” The magistrate replied, “He did not even wear that feathered hat before coming to the Prime Minister manor. But I don't know why after a while, he said he caught a cold and had to wear it.” “A cold? He was here for so long and I did not even hear a single cough. What kind of cold is that? I bet it is General Rong that was not willing to let him show his face. The case of the disappearances of children has been unsolved in the capital for as long as three years, and this had made everyone high on alert; even the Sixteenth Prince is missing. And since this Sir Liu could be the main key to crack the case, he must be properly protected naturally. But, General Rong is so petty that we cannot even have a look; Is it that if we had a look, we would abduct him? Does he distrust our Prime Minister manor, or distrust you, father?” The magistrate heard and immediately felt giddy. He quickly clasped his hands and said, “The two lords slowly chat. I will get going.” As he finished, he quickly fled. Liu Yu softly scoffed, “As timid as a mouse.” “That’s enough.” Liu Cheng deeply said. He was exhausted, “Since there is still a hope that your fifth brother may return, send some people to coax your mother. A few days later, go visit the yamen of the capital magistrate and rush them. Go personally, do not let others feel like you are pressuring them; after all, we are asking them for help right now.” “Yes.” Liu Yu naturally understood this principle. And on the other side, at the main street of the capital. Liu Wei could finally breathe after coming out of Prime Minister manor. Even though she was calm and composed, there was still a shadow in her heart. Liu Wei did not dare to meet the eyes of Liu Cheng and Liu Yu despite having a veil. In the end, she still had some insecurities deep inside her. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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