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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The two people were squabbling on the streets while walking. Liu Xiao Li has long gotten used to this scene and was tired of listening to them. He turned his body to Rong Leng’s other shoulder, almost dozing off. Rong Leng pondered for a while, and then continued, “You are not cracking the case to do me a favour, it is for those parents who lost their child.” The corners of Liu Wei’s lip trembled, “Don’t use that on me.” “If it was Xiao Li who went missing, won’t you be worried?” “My Xiao Li wouldn’t be missing.” As Liu Wei proclaimed, she snatched her son over and carried it on her arms. He was heavy but she clenched her teeth and carried him, “Xiao Li, dad has taught you before. If a bad guy wants to scheme a plan on you, what should you do?” Liu Xiao Li tightly held onto his mother. After making sure that he would not fall, he lazily replied, “Poison to mute him first, then stab his eyes. If there are not many people around, cripple the other party so that he does not dare to mess around. If there are many people, run towards the crowds when the other party is distracted.” Liu Wei scraped the tip of his nose, “Very good.” As she praised Xiao Li, she conceitedly shot a glance at Rong Leng. Rong Leng felt his head aching. However, Liu Wei is shameless. She firmly held onto her principle that she would not work unless she gets paid — insisting on personal benefits rather than the rest of the population! The two of them remained silent for a while. Soon, Liu Wei no longer has the strength to carry the child. She rightfully said, “Xiao Li, you are old enough and you still want dad to carry you? Didn’t you say that no matter how far the journey is, you would walk yourself previously? Now, walk by yourself!” Liu Xiao Li was almost falling asleep. And now that he got ridiculously placed on the ground for no reason, his limbs felt numb and his whole body was extremely uncomfortable. The little boy stickily hugged his mother’s legs and pleaded to be carried! Pleading for a human carriage! Liu Wei was hardly soft-hearted since she is cold and ruthless. In the end, Rong Leng could not stand watching the sight. He extended his arms and carried the boy. Liu Xiao Li immediately felt comfortable. He hung his arms around Uncle Rong’s neck. As his little temper came up, he pouted and gave his mother an angry back view. The three people walked back to the Third Prince Manor just like that. And since Xiao Li was not willing to walk by himself no matter what, Rong Leng eventually sent them back till the entrance of Xi Long courtyard. Xi Xiang and Ming Xiang hurriedly came out to welcome them when they saw their master came back. Ming Xiang carried Xiao Li and entered while Xi Xiang was ordered by Liu Wei to check if the kitchen has anything good. Before Xi Xiang left, she took a glance at the Prince and asked redundantly, “Is the Prince going take a meal here too?” Rong Leng initially did not have that in mind. But since Xi Xiang asked, he naturally permitted, “That’s a good idea too.” Liu Wei was unhappy. But then, she thought that since the ingredients in the kitchen are Rong Leng’s and although she is half the owner of the manor, the expenditures are paid by Rong Leng. Therefore, she could not say much. Inside the hall, the servant girl served them snacks and hot tea. Liu Wei picked up a pastry and put it into her mouth. She finally felt better. This whole night, Liu Wei had starved enough. “Naturally, you should be paid since you want taels. Why don’t I go down to the Ministry of Revenue tomorrow and fill in your information so that they can allocate your taels as soon as possible.” Liu Wei’s eyes shone but she found it weird. Why is this guy so easy to talk to suddenly? “Didn’t you say we have to wait for the emperor to return and ascertain before it could be distributed?” “That is not necessary now.” Rong Leng held his teacup and took a sip, “Today, you helped Liu residence. The prime minister would naturally give you leeway.” (TN: The original text is translated as “selling a face to you” but I think it would be weird so that’s why I changed it slightly. The meaning is still the same though 😊) Liu Wei stunned, “What is your relationship with the Prime Minister?” “The Prime Minister is in charge of the Ministry of Revenue and Personnel.” “……” Liu Wei let out a breath. “You want me to write my details and pass it to Prime Minister Liu for him to ascertain, which only then can my taels be distributed?” “Yes.” Liu Wei threw the half-eaten pastry back onto the plate as a nameless burning rage spread throughout her body — making her whole body exceptionally unbearable! “Later, fill a copy of your personal information for me so that I would not fill it wrongly tomorrow. Remember! Your name; registered birthplace; the number of family members, all needs to be written down clearly. If it does not match with the household register, it would be troublesome.” Rong Leng put down his teacup as he urged leisurely. Liu Wei glared at him ferociously until her eyes turned red! http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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