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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The secret guard thought as his heart sighed helplessly. If the young master could wait a little longer — until when Sir Liu came, he could probably still be alive. But then… “Qiu Er’s body must not be dishonoured by others.” Even though Yan Zhen Li was surprised hearing the story, as a father, he absolutely would not let anyone disturb his son after resting in peace, “Tomorrow morning, send someone over to the Third Prince manor and say that I would not agree to this matter. If he wants to open the coffin to examine the body to find the truth, find others! Don’t find me! Since that culprit only kidnaps children below two, my manor does not have any worries. I am not afraid of him being back. It is the others that are afraid.” In his heart, the secret guard thought that this way of saying is too inhumane, but he could only nod. “Yes.” After Yan Zhen Li finished, he dispatched the guard away. His heart, however, is still in turmoil. Yan Zhen Li circled the study room. Feeling that he had no mood for his official duties, he returned to his room. Before he entered the room, he could smell a sweet but mild fragrance from the room. Yan Zhen Li frowned. He pushed the door open and as expected, he saw his first wife standing in front of the altar while holding Qiu Er’s memorial tablet deep in thought. He sighed and closed the door behind him before walking over. “You are thinking about Qiu Er again?” The duchess Yan Qin clan wiped the tears at the corners of her eyes. Her voice was hoarse, “How can I not think of him? The size of the Duke family is already small. You are not willing to take a concubine; Plus, Pei Er is that way...... Now that Qiu Er is no longer living, the duke’s manor family line would stop here. How am I going to have the face to meet the ancestors in the underworld……” (TN: Not sure if I have explained before, but as of now we don’t know her name yet. Yan is the husband's family name, which the woman would put it in her name when she marries over. And Qin is her family name. That’s why she is called Yan Qin clan as of now.) The moment she said, her tears fell uncontrollably, “The old madam did not say but anyone with eyes could see that she is as grieving as much as me. She is not young anymore and finally recovering a little better these few years. And yet, Qiu Er’s accident made the old madam completely sick. If something is to happen again……” “Alright.” Yan Zhen Li patted his wife’s back and reassured her, “Don’t mention these things anymore.” “Don’t mention? Can I really take it as nothing happened if I don’t mention it? Qiu Er was my only hope. If heavens cannot stand by it, he should let me take upon everything. Why do they want to torture my son? Duke, I am really hateful. That day, I shouldn’t have brought him to pray and make offerings. If he did not leave the manor, these disasters wouldn’t have happened……” The duke frowned, “I said that it is not your fault but you would not listen no matter what.” “You need not use these words to comfort me, I am fine.” The duchess said as she wiped her tears dry. She gently caressed her son’s memorial tablet for a while and lit a fragrant joss stick. She walked away from the altar unwillingly. Yan Zhen Li’s face was tired. He hugged his wife’s shoulders and softly said, “Today, the prime minister manor has also lost a member.” “Hmm?” Yan Qin clan looked at him. “He was missing inside the manor. It was said that there were people standing guard, but then he went missing just like that. So, you can stop blaming yourself. The other manor’s child stayed in his manor could also be kidnapped. This is enough to show that the culprit has plotted it for long. Even if you did not bring Qiu Er to pray, the criminal would have also come to our Duke manor. This is destiny.” Yan Qin clan clutched her chest. She did not feel comforted, “What does the culprit exactly want to do? If he wants to murder or torture someone, why not find an adult! Why does he want to do these to children who are still blabbing!” “Alright. Don’t think about it anymore. We still have Pei Er.” “But……” “We will definitely find a way to cure Pei Er’s illness.” “What kind of way? We have been trying to cure it for twenty plus years!” Yan Qin clan said. She was completely disheartened, “I don’t wish for anything. I only wish for the culprit to be quickly captured to comfort my Qiu Er’s soul in heavens.” Hearing his wife said that, he swallowed back whatever he wanted to say. Opening the coffin to examine the corpse; Even if the lady agrees, the old madam would definitely not agree. To disturb her grandchild's peace again for the others’ benefit, she would be unwilling to do it. He… is unwilling too. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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