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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The next day, at the Third Prince manor. When Liu Wei woke up early in the morning, Xi Xiang came to report from the outside, “Gentleman, the prince has sent someone to ask about the family registry as discussed with you. He asked if you have prepared it already? He is now on the way out to the Ministry of Revenue.” Liu Wei was having breakfast and squeezed the chopsticks. After hearing what she said, Liu Wei viciously said, “Tell your Prince that eliminating wrongdoers is my rightful duty. So, we will delay the matter about the taels and crack the case first.” “Yes.” Just as Xi Xiang was on the way out, Liu Wei stopped her, “While you are at it, ask him if we are still going to the yamen. If not, I will be in the room looking through the records, don’t come and annoy me.” Xi Xiang wiped her cold sweat. She still responded with a “yes”, even though her voice was much softer. After a quarter of an hour, Xi Xiang came back and said that the Prince said that they are not going to the yamen. Liu Wei had already expected it. Since there were no bodies, going to the yamen would be useless. As she was able to chill a little today, her bad mood slowly dissipated. Soon, Liu Xiao Li was also awake and wore his shoes. He rubbed his eyes while he walked over. Xi Xiang took him to wash up. When he returned, Liu Xiao Li was already in high spirits, “Dad, since we don’t need to go to the yamen today, let’s go out and play.” “No.” Liu Wei lazily sat on the chair. There were a few books of records placed next to her hands. “Why not?” Liu Xiao Li ran over and hugged his mother’s leg tightly, “I heard that when mid-autumn is approaching, the whole capital would be bustling and would have a lot of people. Let’s go and check it out, all right?” Liu Wei gently kicked him away, “Let Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang bring you to go.” “I don’t want them. I want dad.” The little boy was not willing to give up. Liu Wei had a headache. She could no longer read the records in her hands. She placed the book aside and carried her son up, “Go eat. Once you finish, I will bring you out. We will come back before noon. Dad needs to read the records in the afternoon, you are not allowed to disturb.” “Alright!” Liu Xiao Li eyes narrowed and smiled exceptionally wide. The capital before the festive season was indeed lively and bustling with people. Most of them were students from all over the states; Afterall, the imperial examinations were near and all of them arrived early. Liu Wei took Liu Xiao Li to stroll around. The little boy was so excited about everything that he charged and dashed among the crowd. Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang followed behind drenched in sweat. Instead, his biological mother, Liu Wei was unhurriedly strolling behind while carrying a bag of honeyed snacks. She knows the character of her son very well — that he definitely would not be bullied. Liu Wei felt so relaxed and happy without her son chattering continuously. When she walked past the herbal shop, she conveniently went in to look. “Gentleman, are you looking for something?” A young medical student put down whatever he had on his hands and greeted the incoming customer. Liu Wei remained silent. She twirled the eternal herbs in front of her and whiffed, “These eternal herbs seemed fresh. When were these harvested?” The medical student replied, “Just two days ago. The shopkeeper had ordered us to dry them for future uses. But it was dark the last few days and we could not dry them. Hence, it was delayed.” “What a waste to dry these good eternal herbs.” Liu Wei tossed the herb and dusted her hands, “I want all these. Wrap them all.” “Sure!” The medical student responded and began to wrap with a yellow packaging. Just then, a brightly sounding male voice suddenly spoke next to her ears, “If eternal herbs do not need to be dried to use, could it be used raw?” Liu Wei turned her head to the side and saw a graceful green-robed gentleman was standing behind her without notice. His gaze laid at the eternal herbs that were piled full on the table. Liu Wei raised her brows, “Eternal herb is a commonly used herb. Dried has its uses; Raw has its uses. “How to use it raw?” “That will depend on the prescription.” “What prescription is this gentleman using?” https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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