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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei held onto the book ‘Record of Living Things’, flipped to one of the pages and said to him, “Millions and thousands of things exist around the world. The south is dark and humid; the north is dry and cold. Differences in geology might have differences in people……” Yuwen Yao quietly listened to her, but he did not hear anything regarding eternal herbs. Liu Wei finished and looked at him, “There are differences between the climate, soil and people of the north and the south. That is why one’s prescription cannot be the same for the others. Inside the book, there are various mentions about the quality of soil and people of different geography. If you read it more, you will understand the differences.” Yuwen Yao was silent. Liu Wei continued, “As a physician, it is not about clinging onto ancient texts. Man can be adapted. Using herbs on different people will, therefore, have a different effect. The eternal herb is just a type of herb which has a bigger difference. There are many others. This book is not written clearly as much as any others. Instead, physicians ought to polish their skills and figure it out themselves. Once polished your skill, you can barely pass as a licensed physician.” Yuwen Yao pursed his lips. He wiped the book cover with his fingers. After a while, he said, “I have asked a few famous physicians in office, but they did not mention these.” “That is not weird.” Liu Wei was not surprised, “You are not their disciple. How is that beneficial to them if they were to say too much? Furthermore, you do not look like you will become a physician. Hence, they feel that it is enough to explain perfunctorily and not sincere in teaching you.” Yuwen Yao smiled, “I don’t think so.” As if he thought it through, Yuwen Yao placed the book onto the table. His tone was heavy, “I believe that they were sincere in their teachings. It is just that I…… do not have the talent for it. I lack the interest in studying meticulously which you mentioned just now.” Liu Wei did not speak any further because they are merely nodding acquaintances. Since their encounter in the herbal shop, he had clung on her the whole journey and was so persistent for an answer. That does not sound like a person who lacks interest in studying meticulously would do. But Liu Wei did not ask further because she could see that the other party did not want to share either. The two of them were silent for a while. Then, Yuwen Yao opened his mouth first, “There are chess boards upstairs. Is the gentleman willing to have a round of friendly competition with me to kill time?” Liu Wei pondered for a second, “Alright.” They went upstairs. It was then Liu Wei realised that half of the area of the second floor was wide-open, which looked like a library. The other half of the area was covered. Inside, there were private rooms separated with doors which prevent others from seeing behind the door. When Yuwen Yao went upstairs, he turned to the child attendant and said, “Arrange a small room.” The young attendant wittily responded and went to the front counter to take a token before returning. The young attendant brought them to the entrance of a private room. The two of them entered. Liu Wei then discovered that the scenery from this spot is not bad together with a light fragrant of gracefulness. Even though no one was in the room previously, there was a sweet scent from the burning incense which would calm the minds of whoever smelling it. “How is it?” Yuwen Yao asked. Liu Wei nodded. She sat at one side of the chessboard, “This is a very good place. I would probably visit often in the future.” “You are extremely welcome here!” The attendant prepared tea and pastries and changed the incense before leaving and closing the door behind. The room immediately quietens. The blacks and whites were in their hands. Liu Wei knows how to play, but she is not skilled. Her chess skills were learnt from her grandfather. After she transmigrated, she occasionally played with Fu Zi Chen. Fu Zi Chen said that she is lazy by nature, and could not observe the big picture from the chessboard — which is why her chess would be a basket of blunder for a lifetime. Liu Wei was not angry since it is just playing chess. It is just a hobby and excessively dedicated would instead lose her interest. Yuwen Yao is skilled in chess. He feels that Liu Wei has an aura of deep profound wisdom. Hence, he suggested a round of chess to test her out. Usually, people who know the arts of chess are more treacherous. And, he thinks that Liu Wei is this kind of person. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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