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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort But after a round of chess, he knew that he was wrong. In fact, after a quarter of an hour, the winner was already revealed. But, Liu Wei did not realise that. Yuwen Yao did not remind her too. Therefore, they continued for two-quarters of an hour, on a game of finished chess, because Yuwen Yao did not collect the chess piece. In the end, Yuwen Yao was speechless. He was only curious if this person really did not notice that the chess was already finished. Or is he purposely acting like a pig to eat a tiger? After all, they are not familiar with each other. However, people with deeper thoughts would indeed intentionally hide when others are testing them out. Is the person in front hiding? Yuwen Yao observed for a long time. Eventually, he gave up that idea. No, it definitely was not intentional because after the opponent ate a few chess pieces of his, the opponent revealed an extremely pleased expression. Even if the other party tried to mask it, he could still see that. Yuwen Yao wanted to laugh, he said, “Your chess is out of the ordinary.” Liu Wei pursed her lips and smiled. She picked up a cup of tea at the side and took a sip. She said, “I am not good at chess. But it looks like Gentleman Yuwen is worse than me. Like that, we can compete with each other for a long time.” Yuwen Yao smiled but did not comment. Right at this moment, there was a commotion outside. Yuwen Yao called, “Attendant.” The young attendant who was waiting outside immediately entered. Yuwen Yao asked, “What is happening outside?” The attendant replied, “It is the people from the Zhen Ge department, they are arresting the criminal!” “Zhen Ge department?” Liu Wei raised her brows and blurted out. Yuwen Yao looked at her, “Brother Liu, you know people from Zhen Ge department?” “No, I don’t. But I heard of them before.” Liu Wei said and asked the young attendant, “What kind of criminal is the Zhen Ge department arresting? Did a prisoner escape from the jail?” Yuwen Yao said, “Zhen Ge department belongs to the imperial family. Even if a criminal were to escape from the jail, it would not have alarmed the Zhen Ge department. Unless something happened in the palace?” The child attendant replied, “I heard it was because Princess Yuehai was ambushed by an assassin while outdoors. She had pleaded for a decree to transfer the people of Zhen Ge department. Liu Wei’s expression was subtle. Yuwen Yao nodded and asked the attendant to leave before turning to Liu Wei and said, “Princess Yuehai lives in the palace, hence it is normal for the Zhen Ge department to intervene when something happened. But never would I have thought she hates you so much to actually transfer the people of Zhen Ge department for her private usage. After this, the Empress would definitely reprimand her.” “Didn’t they say she asked for a decree?” Yuwen Yao smiled with profound mystery, “Princess Yuehai is neither well-mannered nor rule-abiding. Furthermore, how is it possible to plead for a decree in such a short time?” Currently, the Emperor is not in the capital and the Empress and the Empress Dowager are in the harem. To request for a decree, they would need to go to the palace and return. All these would take up an unknowingly amount of time. How can it be so quick? Liu Wei did not speak, but she was extremely conflicted. Now that it has alarmed the Zhen Ge department, how is she going to leave later? Should she send someone to inform Rong Leng? But then again, who can she send? She glanced at Yuwen Yao who was sitting opposite of her. Liu Wei shook her head in her heart. This person’s identity is unknown, hence, he cannot be trusted. She was starting to regret it. If she knew this would happen, she would never have separated with her son. Accompanying Xiao Li to buy sugared hawthorn is better than encountering such a troublesome matter out of nowhere. As she continued her deep thoughts, the commotion outside became louder. It was becoming noisier. Yuwen Yao stood up and said, “I am going out to have a look. You, wait in the room.” He said and left. Liu Wei quietly waited in the room. She walked to the windows, pushed it open and took a look downstairs. She was shocked when she saw the whole street was filled with armoured troops. Did they know that she is in Yi Ya pavilion and purposely came to block her way? But how would they know she entered Yi Ya pavilion for no reason and cause? Yuwen Yao brought her in from the backdoor, so no one would have discovered her. Liu Wei was pondering while closing the windows. Then, Yuwen Yao entered. He saw Liu Wei and said, “I think this would be hard to settle. Princess Yuehai had people surrounded Yi Ya pavilion, saying that someone had seen you entering this place.” Liu Wei massaged her temples, “Forget it. I will go out. Things would need to be settled sooner or later.” As she said, she was going to leave. Just as she was going to push the door open, Yuwen Yao grabbed her wrists. Liu Wei looked at him. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

MelonBunz's Remarks:

its been awhile since I talked to you guys. As I have a full-time job now, I might not be able to upload as frequently as before. Nevertheless, please do continue to support this novel! <3 Stay Safe and thank you for reading it! I’ll reply to your comment on the XiAiNovel web if I chanced upon it! :) P.S. Seems like there will be a drama of this novel coming soon. -MelonBunz

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