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“I scolded you for your good. Me, your mom, is a court official penned by the emperor’s royal edict. If someone realized that I am a woman, it means lying to the monarch. Do you want to follow me and flee for our lives?” Liu XiaoLi was unsatisfied, “I see that there was no one, that’s why I shouted.” As he spoke, he toned down his voice, “Can’t I secretly shout?” Liu Wei sighed. She felt that her son is too finicky. He is already four-years-old, why does he still love to throw a tantrum. She squatted, poking his small arms, “Is it not good to call dad? It doesn’t matter what you call me, you are still my son.” Liu XiaoLi does not respond, he refused to speak, unhappily. The people outside called out loudly again, “Sir Liu, the lord is requesting your presence, saying it is something important.” Liu Wei already guessed what is it, she replied, “Coming”, and tugged on her son’s sleeves, coaxing, “Alright, next time before we sleep, I allow you to secretly call me once, is that okay?” Liu XiaoLi glanced at her sadly, seeing that it did not seem like a lie, he nodded his head. But because of this small matter, the boy’s eyes were red. Liu Wei felt guilty. She did not want him to walk himself, hence, she bent and picked him up. Liu XiaoLi was aware. He obediently curled himself in his mother’s embrace. His lotus-like arms circled his mother’s neck. To be honest, it was not that he must call her mom. It was because he does not like to call dad. Uncle Fu had said that his dad was a bad guy who abandoned his mother and him. Hence, he did not like the term ‘dad’ all along. At the anteroom, the magistrate was not around. Only the advisor was there. As he saw her, the advisor immediately said, “Sir Liu, we found another body. It is in the same state as Xiao Juan. What should we do, is the murderer still in the Fu Ping county?” Such a demonic murderer living in the county which could show up anytime beside them. At the thought of that, the advisor shivered, as his sweat continues to drip profusely. Instead, Liu Wei knew that the murderer was within the Fu Ping county. If not, she would not have stayed here. Although the Fu Ping county magistrate said that they had to wait for the Qu Jiang government to confirm their identity before releasing them, if she insists on leaving, no one can stop her. “Is the corpse male or female?” She asked. “Female, it is female.” “Where has it been found?” “The Li family village outskirts next to the lake.” Liu Wei narrowed her eyes, “The same location where Xiao Juan was found?” The advisor repeatedly nodded, “Yes, that is the place. The one who delivered the body is Li Ping again, which is the Li family village chief. And this time too, they found another stranger.” At this moment, Liu Wei became more interested, “Who are they?” “Total of three people, they claimed to be passing merchants. Sir Liu, could I trouble you to proceed to the hall to examine the body. We do not have any coroner in the Fu Ping county. Usually, we let experienced bailiffs examine, but since you are here, we would not dare to touch it.” Liu Wei was responsible for this case and would naturally have to look at the corpses. She heard and agreed, put down her son and let him follow her. As they reached the curtains at the side of the main court, the advisor turned his head uneasily, “Sir Liu, is your son coming together with us?” This is a court, not a playground. “He is my disciple.” Have you encountered a chubby four-year-old child as a disciple? Raising a crow, then educating his son this way. This Sir Liu, no matter how he looks, he seems abnormal. But since solving the case is more important, the advisor did not say anything. He lifted the curtains and went in first. He walked towards the county magistrate and mumbled. The magistrate acknowledged and explained to the court, “This case is extremely significant. I have invited a great coroner to examine the body on the spot. If you all are innocent, I will not be wronged you all.” As the county magistrate speak, the public viewers looked outside the curtains. An elegant and gentlemanly figure slowly walked into the room. It was a gentleman aged around twenty. His facial expressions were calm; his actions were collected. Following behind was a pleasant-looking four-five-years-old child. The boy’s face was chubby and pink, so tender as if water could come out if one were to pinch it. The two of them came in. Li Ping opened his eyes widely in shock. He could never understand how these two suspects from days ago became the “great coroner”? The previous trial was odd. The county magistrate was weak and did not recover after he saw Xiao Juan’s body. He dispersed the court, kept the body and drove Li Ping and the villagers out, saying to postpone the trial on another day. In the end, they waited until today. Today, he brought another body who died in the same village. Her name is Xiao Hong. She was discovered in the morning today at the exact location where Xiao Juan’s body was found. The villagers who found the body saw three strangers passing by, which they then stopped them and brought them to Yamen to report the case. Liu Wei stepped out, and the first person she sees was Li Ping. The village chief gave her a strong impression previously. However, she only calmly stared at him for a while before retracting her gaze to look at the three other people in the court. These three people were the passing-by suspects. These three people are males. Standing in the middle, was an old man aged at least sixty. On his left, was a respectful servant with no beard, aged about the thirties to forties. On his right, was a young man with an aura of nobility. Even though the young man wore plainly, and his face looks ordinary, Liu Wei immediately noticed that he was definitely out of ordinary. Especially with his standing posture, Liu Wei knew that he was well-trained in martial arts.

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